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  1. All the lights go of no hazards. They all work without ignition on. Or am I missing something. Tried to move it this morning and it was worse. Clicking behind glove box while not starting.
  2. Bit weird this. 08 2.2d4d Driving along tonight and everything turns off. I mean everything. Engine off, all electrics off no lights or hazards. No power steering. Just coasting in a straight line in the dark. Pulls up, ignition off and she starts first turn as if nothing has happened. No eml. 5 miles later happens again. Drive home 10 more miles no repeat. Code scan shows nothing not even the obligatory egr fault. Anyone else had this happen. Will get battery checked tomorrow. Would normally suspect an earth but had that happen before and it wasn't this dramatic.
  3. Just been through the same thing. 122k and the engine starts mixing coolant and oil. I have ended up with a replacement engine from a 2009. The people who did mine said the only way to know which engine fits is by the BHP output as they are all(non Dcat) called 2AD FTV. The ECU doesn't match and I think (may be wrong) after 2009 there was the addition of a DPF. New engine for mine cost 1400 with a new clutch. Fitted. You have to deal in the murky world of breakers. Is it running at the moment, yes. Will the problem surface again,who knows. Apart from the engine the car is tidy so seemed a waste not to get it done. Still feels a big gamble. If I had known about the engine issues would I have purchased the car ...... Definitely not.
  4. Found a 2011 engine in a breakers. It comes bare so will need all injectors turbo etc switching over. Looks like I need to get to the bottom of are all 2ad ftv engines the same. Hopefully there is someone with this knowledge on here. Finding an 08 (or earlier) engine and fitting it seems pointless given the known faults.
  5. Bought the car cheap sold as seen aware there would be problems. Wasn't aware how bad this engine is. I think the only sensible solution is throwing a engine in from a breakers. Considering getting one from after 2009 as it seems the problem was solved/reduced after this production date. Question for the techies, this engine has more power but is still numbered 2ad ftv will it fit in a 2008 without problems?.
  6. Hi, new here and hoping someone who had suffered with the 2ad ftv known engine problem might be able to offer advice. OK, admission of guilt I'm an idiot. New to Toyota's and bought a car without doing the proper research. Done it many times before and been ok. Buy at the right price and get anything nasty fixed. How bad can it be!!. Bought a nice tidy Rav 4 08 2.2d4d nice and cheap expecting problems. On drive home heater refused to blow warm - coolant leak/ head gasket. Not concerned at this point head off new gasket and skim £600 ish still got a cheap car. Checked the next day header full of oil. Right get it sorted. Usual mechanic wont touch it too busy. Go to local Toyota specialist. £1600 min could be as much as £2400. Cheap car but £2400 makes it a write off. Time to get some research done. Now fully aware of the 2ad engine issues. The car hasn't had any previous work under warranty and now it has failed.I see my options as follows; 1 - get some one willing to take off head and do the work. not easy as at the moment cant find anyone willing to take it on. Open cheque book that could go as high as £2500. 2 - Replace the engine - a massive can of worms. Easy to find dodgy operators willing to throw an engine in for £1400. Can't find an accredited engine re-manufacturer who can offer the 2ad engine apparently it is that bad it has been classified as uneconomical to recondition. Get engine from breaker?. 3 - Get a quote from breaker to scrap the car and take the hit. Apart from needing a spring and a couple of tyres the rest of the car is very tidy. Anyone else been in this position?. Anyone know of a Toyota engine specialist who could be relied on to do the work?. Seems a massive shame to scrap a tidy car, but the engine problem is making this a border line case.