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  1. I worked in the tyre industry years ago and they leave that extra bit so that it will wear down to the level of the tread of the tyre. A repair that close to the sidewall wasn’t allowed when I was doing tyres, the repair plug needs to flex and as someone said there is no flex in the sidewall. Things might of changed by now but I’d defiantly take it to another garage for a second opinion.
  2. Recently whenever I start a new journey in my car the traffic update reverts to “traffic via radio” and I have to manually select “traffic via internet.” Is there a knack, trick or anything I can do to keep the setting on “traffic via internet”? I have my phone setup to automatically connect via Bluetooth and work as an internet connection for the Touch 2 go. its a 2017 Auris Hybrid if that helps.
  3. I have just one more question about this car, it’s a 2017 Hybrid and if I leave the car parked for a couple of days, the brakes are seized on. Just spoken to the dealer and they reckon this is normal and their demo models do it also, is this right? I left the car parked for 3 days last week and had to sit on the drive with it in reverse and foot to the floor for about 10 seconds before the clunk and release of brakes. I’m just sounds a little extreme to me, if left for weeks I could understand it. thanks
  4. Ok cool.. Thanks for the reassurance, I’ll leave them as they are and just keep an eye on them for the next few days. Loving the car so far, few little things I’m not sure if they should be happening or not but a great car.
  5. Hi all, just got my first Toyota so this is my first post. Toyota wanted £120 to supply and fit 4 mud flaps so ended up getting some oem ones and fit them myself, got em all fitted but have a question about the front ones. According to the instructions, you screw into the “grommet screws” that are already in the trim, I’ve done this but the screws don’t go completely tight, anyone know if this is normal and ok? Don’t want the screws coming out and ending up in my tyre 🙂 looking at the grommet screws online, if I take them out, it would leave a large square hole so the screws wouldn’t fit. Tried ringing the local Toyota garage for clarification but they weren’t helpful unless I wanted to pay them to fit them.