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  1. ok thanks. just what i wanted to hear. I've got the rav4 technical manual and it says take the engine out! I was sure there was another way....as long as i have clearance it will be ok. At this stage I'm guessing the solid flywheel shud be ok . I don't have a garage, I'll have to work outside, which makes it a little more taxing, Cheers
  2. Thanks @Mike169 - I'll ask them who they're supplier is - I'm thinking it's just new - old stock they haven't shifted. The place is a genuine auto parts place......small though.... Wyn
  3. Yes I have the tool. Can you explain the big variance in price for the kit? From 70 to nearly 200! Were talking blueprint, valeo, exedy (which I think is OEM)..... Borg and beck is 90....from a supplier close to me in Exeter....B & B reference number HK2156 for rav4 mk 2 2.0 petrol...vvti 2005, Cheers Wyn
  4. Any suggestions on good clutch kits / parts supplier. I've sourced a borg and beck for 90 quid, but seem many more far more expensive.
  5. sure is, but I've source a borg and beck clutch kit, for my engine number so pretty confident it's right. Just a little concerned as the price for parts varies so much! Just glad it's petrol so no DMF!
  6. its a good garage, local and rural top guys. They;ve done work for me before on labour only. Of course they do markup parts, that's what trade is all about. Mind you when i was sparkie, I hated it when customer wanted to supply the parts....it took some profit away from me!
  7. thanks for the reply @Mike169 Can't find video of clutch change, do have a big workshop manual for the RAV. I've been fixing my cars since i was 16, now 57, had a recce and it looks quite easy, no engine removal, and as the gearbox is bolted to the left of the engine a lot of the work is above. - I seen a video on flywheel change, so its very similar process to get at the clutch. I've got all the tools, jacks, axle stands, strops etc, got to give it a go. I feel confident on this one, at least its clean, and no rusty bolts to get out. Found a borg and beck clutch kit for 85 quid.....
  8. I just aint got the money, I'm not working to care for my mother and father. Another option is local garage will do the labour only if I get the parts - which is kind of them
  9. ok - solid flywheel it is, and judging by pictures i've seen, just need to lower the gearbox and transfer box
  10. I has this problem too. Got round it by buying just the rubber strip from local motor factors, and replacing in situ. Not ideal I know, but it worked. saved me faffing with getting the arm off I found replacement blades / arms did not have to same design / aerodynamics, did want to change the look as it was very neatly done wyn
  11. Can I change the clutch myself, in the garage with some ramps, and some assistance? Does the engine need to come out? Does the petrol 2.0 vvti have a solid flywheel, not DMF, as the diesels do? The clutch has been intermittently juddering in 1st on take off, so guessing it's on its way out...... Best place to buy clutch kit. thanks
  12. SORTED: Car had an outstanding recall on driver airbag. Booked it in to dealership in Honiton, Devon. Asked about locking wheel nut key - they said send us a picture of the locking wheel nut and we'll sort one out for you. Bingo! Cost £15 pound, same price of most of them on ebay. Took the car in, they sorted the recall out, and cleaned the car inside and out - took 1 hour. (all for free, and they did a vehicle safety check that threw up some minor issues that I've already got in hand) Can't fault the service from Snows of Honiton. Great service! wyn
  13. Sadly no card or box, just bought the car, noticed the key missing, don't want to get caught out with a flat and no way to change it! If I had the card that identifies the key type, right? Don't wanna go busting off 5 locking nuts if i can find the key though. Sure I can get them off at home, using an old socket and lump hammer...plenty on ebay used but trying to figure out the locking key pattern is not so easy, and I've read that there were quite a few shapes used, as supplied by mcguard to toyota thanks for the reply wyn
  14. Hi, Can not find my wheel nut key, did a search and it seems there are quite a few around. Does anyone have one to sell or can point me in the direction of a trusted supplier.... pic included many thanks wyn
  15. thanks for the tip @IanML wyn