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  1. Welcome to T.O.C Johno, I've got an 19 plate Aygo X-Trend , fun to drive and great on fuel 👍
  2. X-Play, X-Trend, JBL Edition and X-Clusiv are they on build your Toyota Aygo.
  3. Welcome to the club Kenny, great little car the Aygo is 👍
  4. Looks even better, when she is all done she going to look mint Paul and i thought she looked canny in white but the stickers make all the difference.
  5. Welcome to the club Chris.
  6. Welcome to the club Christian.
  7. You can definitely hear it more in an Aygo for some reason? possibly lack of sound insulation? but works fine.
  8. Welcome back to the club Frankie.
  9. Welcome to the club Rob.
  10. Welcome to the club Davis.