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  1. Welcome to the club Kath and good choice.
  2. Welcome to the club Paul and nice collection 👍
  3. Welcome to the club and a GT86! very nice 👍
  4. Fun little item that 😁
  5. Thanks Bob, wrote bat makes down 👍
  6. Hand brake and N for me, P is a hassle even if P would change the engine but only if it needs it at the time? i just stick with handbrake and N all the time.
  7. @Mick F thanks for the info and pictures 👍 so you would just replace it after a few years like you would in a non hybrid 👍
  8. @Martswain thanks for the info 👍 and nice GRMN! , asked about them when i got my GR and they said all sold out but was looking more at the GR as it was mainly for short trips to work with few weekend summer trips, great car on the country bends and 59mpg at moment.
  9. With being new to Hybrid cars i was wondering if they is a secondary battery to power lights ect with there being no lead acid battery you would find on a normal petrol car? and if so the life expectancy compared to a normal lead acid battery, any information would be helpful 👍
  10. Nearly same as what Shavestick said but i did more short journey's in my 1.33, use to get 48-58mpg out of her.
  11. Hello George and welcome to TOC, love my Yaris's good choice 👍
  12. Hi Jon welcome to the club.
  13. Welcome to the club Tanner.