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  1. Yaris with longer lasting parts and tires also more easy to get in and out with being a higher up car, Aygo also has a hard to get just right biting point easily the car i have stalled the most.
  2. Hello Colin and welcome to the club.
  3. Same as Bob after a wet drive i clean it for next time, does get dirty really easily? wonder if other makes of car have same problem or does it just depend on car design and placement of camera?
  4. Hi Dave welcome to the club and the Yaris 👍
  5. Welcome to the club Geoff 👍
  6. MPG up to nearly 52 now 😁 on the Yaris GR 1.5 auto guess after running the engine in a bit and the weather that bit warmer.
  7. My 1.5 Icon Tech Manual petrol gave me 46 MPG on short 8 mile round trips with couple of hills to work and back and the odd long run out. My Yaris GR Sport Hybrid Auto is giving me the same at the moment but has only done 700 miles and weather cold, Toyota Aygo 1ltr Manual was the best at around 52-55 mpg.
  8. Welcome to the club Robin.
  9. Welcome to the club Rob 👍
  10. Hi Pete welcome to the club.
  11. Welcome to the club Jonathan.
  12. I would not be happy with that size gap on any car, am with Catlover here get onto them till it is sorted.