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  1. Eddie G

    Hybrid long term?

    Good points and info Anthony, thank you.
  2. Eddie G

    Live after ford and opel

    Welcome to the club 👍
  3. Eddie G


    Welcome to the club.
  4. Eddie G

    New user

    Welcome to the club.
  5. Eddie G

    Hybrid long term?

    Thank you Joe, good to know 👍
  6. Eddie G

    Hybrid long term?

    Just about to get my first Toyota Yaris Hybrid and was wondering if anyone has any advice about keeping one long term, will the batteries last ok? or need replacing after say 12 years? any tips or advice would also be appreciated.
  7. Eddie G

    Hello from snowy Finland

    Welcome to the club.
  8. Eddie G

    The Legend Returns - The New Toyota GR Supra

    Looks fantastic, love the direction Toyota are going in with this and bringing back the Corolla name to uk 👍
  9. Eddie G

    New member

    Hi James and welcome to the club.
  10. Eddie G

    New Owner Hello

    Welcome to the club Doug and nice line up 👍
  11. Eddie G

    Warning Light

    In that case they sure picked the right spot then lol, just anyone real old going looking for it may find it but not get back up in a hurry, could have put in a bit higher up or near the auto head light switch or i am just starting to get old lol.
  12. Eddie G

    C-HR Hybrid question

    Always hated the Auris name, so a good choice going back to Corolla.
  13. Eddie G

    New Auris owner

    Hello and welcome to the club, getting my first Hybrid soon too 😁
  14. Eddie G

    New member from Cumbria

    Hello and welcome to the club, i have only been on just over a week and great information already and seem a good bunch, Toyota owners for you 👍
  15. Eddie G

    Warning Light

    What Mike F said, it is a black button with SET in white letters next to it and yeah goodness knows why it is under there!