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  1. So if your after a Manual Toyota with a petrol engine only your choice is very limited and that is the reason i changed to another manufacturer.
  2. 20k for a small car is a tad expensive to say the least.
  3. Some cars have 7 year warranties and in my Renault's case a 5 year one so i am not losing sleep.
  4. The red one may be the same one i saw 😂 could be with the price they are asking for them!
  5. Gutless? it has a turbo! the 30-60 mid range is very good and i've owned a GR Yaris before which felt no quicker mid range wise, engine fine and not eating loads of petrol so far with 50 miles done and still saying full fuel.£6000 more for CVT gear box and hybrid tec is way too much i've only seen one new Yaris on the roads and am not expecting to see anymore anytime soon at the prices they are asking.
  6. Good engine the 1.5 far better then the 1.33 and good colour 👍
  7. In 5-6 years people will be looking at full EV not hybrid, manual gears are far more involving in a good way, it's a car not just a mode of transportation to get me from A to B.
  8. Better sound insulation, good MPG, bigger, great ride and feels like a bigger car, 5 year 100,000 warranty and £6000 less to buy i also like the design far better. The new Yaris is only available with CVT and in hybrid form, i don't cover large amount of miles and am no fan of CVT, yet both the new Yaris and Corolla are only available this way along with the price it was a no brainer to jump to another make.
  9. New one in Iconic spec with manual gears, enjoyed the club👍
  10. The new Yaris is probably the best bet but 20k is ridiculous i ended up getting a pre reg Renault Clio 100 TCE and love it also saved £6000 over the Yaris anyways am outta here with having the Clio now.
  11. Some people are just T*** Paul hope you can get parts ok and at a good price and if not your next car is super too 👍
  12. Thanks Paul, had a Clio mark 2 for my second car many years back and really liked it and really like the interior and outside style of the new one 👍
  13. Changing to a Renault Clio DCe 100 Iconic next week a shame the new Yaris did not come with a manual gear box, normal engine without hybrid and better sound insulation from reviews i've seen so far, the GR may have been an option but too dear, if the french turn out to be unreliable! it will be back to Toyota.I will follow the Carina journey on You Tube and thanks for the warm welcome to club Paul when i first joined 👍 stay safe.
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