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  1. Welcome to the club James 👍
  2. Welcome to the club Swede 👍
  3. @wharfhouse Lithium-ion battery on next Gen Yaris from looks of it, a good idea 😁👍
  4. Sounds spot on Bernard, have had mine up to 54-57 on a real long summer run out otherwise short runs and winter very much like yours, could do with a better battery possible the next Gen Yaris out next year will have one? but was expected a tad better will be going for a 1 litre Yaris next time unless new Yaris improves on the battery. Current mileage on mine (A GR Sport but driven smooth and not like am in a race) is 5600 approx.
  5. @martswain spot on about having normal heating on too high (with air con button off) stops EV mode kicking in as quickly.
  6. As for the mist up mine does but leave the air con button on as you heat the car works a treat then switch off when screen clear.
  7. Had mine nearly a year and it does help as you get used to driving it but at the moment on short trips around 47mpg which compared to my old Yaris 1.5 manual is about the same! but is winter time with heater on more and batteries are better in warmer conditions, summer time it was up to around 51mpg on short trips which is better just shame winter levels are not great, for me it works more like a stop start system and my next Yaris will be a 1 litre as it will get the same MPG for mainly short trips to work without paying the extra for Hybrid.
  8. Good club and loving your Christmas logo 😁 and Frostyballs sure sums up this time of year well 😄 roll on summer drives but great to know bulletproof Toyota won't let you down in the winter 💪 all best for Christmas and the new year.
  9. Really liking the GR but having to watch the rims near kerbs when parking 🙄 Toyota did a really good job with the GR, new Corolla looks good and next Gen Yaris out next year also good to see Toyota making their cars good to drive but still would only buy bulletproof Toyota 🚗 👍
  10. Welcome to the club Steve, reminds me definitely a blue Toyota next time, very nice 👍
  11. Welcome to the club Laurence 👍