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  1. On 16s so will go canny and just pump them up tad higher 👍
  2. Will try 38f and 36r 👍 also found handling a little spongy even when am not in pocket rocket mode.
  3. Am still getting used to mine on first start up, feels like a Tractor but as Cyker said just the MK 4 doing it's thing or things.
  4. Heard too many bad stories about cheaper breakdown firms so i now only use the AA or RAC whichever one offers the best deal at the time, the Toyota one is run by the AA but you can not transfer your policy over to your new car and have to start a new policy with them as far as i know.
  5. 👍Looks mint and good video.
  6. Same here E5 for winter only tried ESSO Synergy Supreme+99 so far then back to BP E10 soon as weather warms up with it being the UK around July 😂
  7. One way to get the MPG up 🤔 but a lack of hair has me putting the heater on in the Yaris! unless put a wooly hat on 😁
  8. Hope they keep as much of the design if not all for the production model as it looks great 👍
  9. Still liking MK 4 as well even if an Aygo would probably be getting around the same MPG as a winter time running Yaris Hybrid.
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