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    Hi I'm new here

    Hi Tom and welcome to the club 👍
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    Hi Derek and welcome to the club 👍
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    Good afternoon, I just bought a Toyota

    Hi Kurtis welcome to TOC.
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    Hi Everyone

    Welcome to TOC Paul 👍
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    Good Afternoon :)

    I have the GT86 seats and stearing wheel in my Yaris GR Sport and they alone are fantastic never mind the rest of the GT86! may have pushed the boat out on the insurance and fuel if i did not need a car for daily shortish drives to work, great looking car and suppose to drive as well as she looks 👍
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    Good Afternoon :)

    Welcome to the club Cade and a GT86 very nice 👍
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    Hello people :) !

    Hello Steve, welcome to TOC 👍
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    Obligatory new member post

    Welcome to TOC Kar.
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    2018 Hybrid & 2017 Hybrid: driving & economy

    Yeah not much difference in weight but enough along with wider tyres on the Yaris for less MPG over a Aygo?
  10. Eddie G

    2018 Hybrid & 2017 Hybrid: driving & economy

    Depends on your type of driving, hilly areas and people in car. I love the 1.5 ltr engine so with the Hybrid is a good mix, the Aygo is not as good a quality as a Yaris in my opinion and a 1 ltr engine in a Yaris might feel sluggish on hills and getting up to speed with it being more heavy then a Aygo.
  11. Eddie G

    2018 Hybrid & 2017 Hybrid: driving & economy

    More power needed to drive the car through the air with bigger wheels i remember reading somewhere but size of tyre makes a difference, The Aygo I ltr has thin tyres and is around 860 kg, a Yaris 1 ltr around 1040 kg so mainly better MPG out the Aygo with it being lighter?
  12. Eddie G

    2018 Hybrid & 2017 Hybrid: driving & economy

    Good points Jack, my GR Yaris has 17 inch wheels and is getting 46 mpg at the moment on mainly short trips but it is winter time but did expect it to be more like your series 2 yaris as my EV light only comes on under 20 mph, guess will get the real benifits in the summer because it is more like a stop start system at the moment!. Good point about the 1lt engine especially in a Aygo you would get better MPG, giving the price difference over a hybrid the 1lt is the better option if your mainly after MPG for your money.
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    Greetings from Welsh Marches

    Welcome to TOC Sandy 👍
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    New Estima Owner

    Welcome to TOC Chris 👍
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    Eh up

    Welcome to TOC Mark 👍
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    evening all

    Welcome to the club Graeme.
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    Welcome to the club Gjorgi 👍
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    Welcome to the club Bruce and good call on the sat nav prob 👍
  20. My last Yaris an Icon Tech came with a space saver spare wheel but my new Yaris a GR Sport has a tyre repair kit, was wondering what is the best option as am used to having a space tyre. I know it is to save weight and to do with emissions but heard some punches are too bad for the kit to work and some garages refused to do puncher repairs because of all the gunk in the tyre after using the tyre repair kit?
  21. Eddie G

    Space saver spare tyre or tyre repair kit?

    Good points Mike 👍 and agree the space saver tyre is sill the better all round option.
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    Hi Margaret and welcome to the club.
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    Space saver spare tyre or tyre repair kit?

    Thanks Scott 👍 i was also thinking that could be the case but only ever bought a spare for an Aygo and the 17in wheels look beasty on the GR which is nice 😁 but they seem massive compared to a space saver, Toyota said £110 but have just taking a service plan out so should get 10% of that price or may take a look on E-Bay. The tyre kit gunk according to the service guy is now water based so can be cleaned out for a puncher but would still rather have spare tyre and the bottle of gunk is around £35 at Toyota! to replace every 4 years.
  24. Eddie G

    Yaris Hybrid owners, what MPG are you achieving?

    Agree with Catlover, even if am only getting 48mpg out of my Yaris GR at the moment, love the tec and cleaner driving and the MPG will be better in the summer.