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  1. Hi Jon welcome to the club.
  2. Welcome to the club Tanner.
  3. A good tip is to lift off the accelerator a tad when your up to speed( around the 30mph mark, speeds higher and normal engine only is available to use) and it gets the electric motor to kick back in more quickly, took me a bit to get used to it and the auto gears, drive it smooth and it's fantastic, the GT86 steering wheel it comes with feels great and the sports seats are super too, build quality is excellent feels well put together 👍
  4. @Alan You will love the GR sport excellent on country roads and for town driving, use mine mainly for short trips to work with the odd few weekend long runs out getting 56.6 MPG at moment with approx 2900 miles on clock, my first hybrid too 😁
  5. Hi Racheal and welcome to the club, definitely good place for info 👍
  6. Hi Chris welcome to the club, new Corolla looks great definitely going to take look at one come change time.
  7. Hi Sam, AA insurance has always been very good but depends on area, age, car, you could try Go Compare.
  8. Apart from a bit of a wheel scrape after a idiot cut a corner she is doing excellent, handles and grips very well and 57 MPG when doing long trips in with regular short ones to work, definitely a long term keeper, wash time for her tomorrow it's been over a week lol, look after her and she will look after you which you do so well with yours 👍
  9. Also agree with you Wass, it amazers me seeing people look at their phones before crossing roads some with head phones in and it would surprise me if they switched the volume off before crossing roads.
  10. Agree with Mick F spot on points, what happened to Stop Look And Listen! do people just get more lazy minded as they get older?
  11. Hi Kim welcome to the club, great to see the Corolla name back in the UK, looks great and also drives well I've heard 👍
  12. She's looking good Paul, you did better then me at the jet wash i ran around like an idiot incase time ran out lol 👍
  13. Hello John and welcome to the club, the new Corolla looks great and is supose to be good to drive as well, definitely going to take a look at one when time comes for a change 👍
  14. Luckly the new Corolla seems a lot lot better.
  15. Hi welcome to the club and nice Celica 👍
  16. Used to drive me nuts on my Icon Tec if i remember righty their was a button really far down under the steering wheel near the foot pedals which turned it on and off?, Yaris i have now only has a rear camera so can't double check for you, it took some finding out and afterwards i though what a silly place to put it must be incase you hit the button by accident so not easy to access.
  17. Hi Niko and Welcome to the club.
  18. Hi Mads and welcome to the club have not long had my first Toyota Hybrid a Yaris and really like it.
  19. Eddie G


    Welcome back to the club, had a Ford for a short time but soon came back to Toyota also with another Yaris.
  20. Welcome to the club Mateusz 👍
  21. Thanks Joe and for the space saver info Peter 👍
  22. Never thought about using one of those at side of the road but will probley go with the space saver thanks 👍