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  1. Welcome to the forum David, enjoy the Toyota Yaris.
  2. Welcome to the forum Chris. I have one of “those quirky little chaps” also. A good all round very reliable car. I’ve had quite a few Toyota’s and this is first one I’ve had that didn’t have niggley little minor issues. Never, apart from it’s annual service has it been back with the dealership. Maybe that was because by 2019 any minor issues had been addressed by Toyota. I’ve had a test drive in the new Yaris and found I didn’t like it for several reasons, so I won’t be changing anytime soon. Enjoy your Yaris it’s a great wee car.
  3. I have trawled the internet try to find a video depicting how to change the headlight bulbs on my 2019 Yaris Hybrid, projector headlights. Can anyone help and point me in the right direction thanks 🙏.
  4. Lots of questions pop up re your problem battery. Age of battery ? Is it getting charged properly ie is the alternator working correctly ?. Are the connections on the poles clean and tight ?. An aging battery in a weakened condition will definitely be seriously affected by the cold weather.
  5. Sam I once had a Vauxhall Astra from new, that needed an offside track rod end at 30,000 miles, and in later years I had another Astra from new and had 80,000 miles on it and required nothing replaced, except tyres, so you cannot second guess what you might need.
  6. I think it may have to be put on a diagnostic test.
  7. S You have probably checked the condition of the spark plugs ??.
  8. Welcome to the forum Paul, that’s the ideal way to buy any car, knowing it’s full history and the type of owners it’s had. Enjoy the car and the forum 🚗👍
  9. 33 psi front and 32 psi back. 35 & 36 psi are when the car is fully loaded.
  10. Yep it happened to my wife’s 2015 petrol Yaris. Exactly the same way, battery near end of life. Or if you are not driving much it needs to be fully charged up.
  11. Welcome to the forum lots of advice available from the forum members.
  12. Sorry as you are non-uk warranty may have just expired. However the same thing applies, virtually impossible to detect from afar. One thing I will say is ensure all storage facilities in the car are completely empty when testing for the rattle.
  13. One of the most difficult things to trace a rattle in any part of the car 😡. Without being on site virtually impossible, and the car is still under warranty so take it to Mr. Toyota, and someone at the dealership may help.
  14. First thing you can do is buy yourself a good quality tyre pressure gauge, do not rely on garage airlines being exact, and you will get many years of use out of it. Tyre pressures are very important and must be taken before commencing a journey when the tyres are cold. The correct pressure for your tyres are in your vehicles handbook. Any airlines will do but in conjunction with the accurate new pressure gauge.
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