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  1. If you bought the car in a Toyota dealership less than a year ago, they usually have a year warranty on their used Toyota’s. Otherwise my money is on a release bearing.
  2. Take Joe’s advice get it back to the garage where you bought it ASAP. If you bought it privately then Buyer Beware. Not much you can do from a legal viewpoint. Also check if a recall is live on this model wit a Toyota Dealer in Clare.
  3. Driving for over 50 years and also my first automatic car. To get used to not using the clutch I used to tuck my left foot under the seat. Was not long until I got cramp. So lesson learned quickly 😂. On long journeys you will not be as tired as driving a stick shift. So welcome to the forum and enjoy your Corolla.
  4. Lots of reasons for decreasing mpg. Need a service?. You say it is a recent happening, has your driving routes changed?. Have you done anything different recently, like carrying more luggage, or passengers?. More information needed.
  5. Cat lover has you covered, all his questions are relevant to clutch wear.
  6. Maybe the Toyota dealer might be able to extend a longer time lapse of the stop/start function?
  7. Sorry for your loss and condolences to you and all your family.
  8. Like previous posts, towing the the trailer had absolutely nothing to do with the unfortunate event of oil loss. That car is more than capable of towing that weight. When changing the oil filter previously the large o ring may not have came off with the old filter and was stuck on to the car, and so you might have ended up with two o rings which when under pressure could caused the oil leak. Therefore gradually losing oil and eventually the filter working loose and blowing off. That could be another explanation for your oil loss.
  9. Welcome Ann, is this your first Hybrid?
  10. Following my post on dash cams. As you may have read I’ve had my front and rear hard wired dash cams fitted with Halfords own brand by Halfords. Only lasted six months and Halfords immediately replaced it with a new unit but would not extend the warranty. The new unit lasted about 10 days so back to Halfords again, this time informed me that they would fit new Nexus units as their own brand gave them a lot of trouble. Made an appointment and they rewired and fitted new Nexus units which seem much clearer. Halfords staff were very apologetic and helpful at all times and I would have no hesitation in shopping there again. So the message is that Halfords own brand of dash cams are prone to giving bother.
  11. With noisy braking and brake light flashing I would suspect worn brake pads.
  12. Enjoy your new Yaris, whether petrol or diesel it should be accelerator first, Diesel engine will not stall as quick as petrol.
  13. You’re almost there Mick, keep ‘er 🔥 lit.
  14. Welcome to the forum from Ireland. The early Toyota was prone to the dreaded rust, as were most Japanese cars. But their engineering was first class. I’ve been to your beautiful country and had a fantastic time in Tallin. Good luck with your project.