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  1. Ok, so do a history check on the car service record. Others posters more knowledgeable than I will chime in and tell you how to do this. Toyota warranty may depend on servicing being carried out by any Toyota dealerships anywhere in Europe. The car should have been serviced every 12 months or every 10,000 miles whichever comes first. Frosty has great knowledge on this stuff, that’s why he was looking for more details.
  2. Your question is a bit vague. However in GB Toyota has a 5 year warranty.
  3. And fools seldom differ 😂🤣 Sorry I couldn’t resist 😡my bad😡
  4. Could be the 12 volt battery is coming to the end of its life ?
  5. Cannot speak for GB cars, here in Ireland cars need to be at least 30 years old before being regarded as a Classic for insurance purposes and must pass the NCT (MOT) up until the car is at least 40 years old, at which point road tax is reduced to €50 vintage tax.
  6. Congratulations on your choice, my sister has exactly the same car, very reliable lots of toys, enjoy 👍🚗
  7. Probably not is the answer, however there should have been two keys with the car.
  8. Tony has you spot on, have you 2 Toyota Prius ‘s as in your post it’s 2010 and in your profile it’s 2021 ??.
  9. Great outcome Bill, but feeling blame for not checking the car for damage doesn’t make sense. Abused women have the same feeling. I would leave the car back with them and it’s their responsibility to get the repair done as they caused the damage in the first place and have admitted that responsibility. We all like to be nice friendly people, but we should still be able to stand up for ourselves.
  10. The cause of noises are very difficult to find unless one is on site. Even then it can be frustrating. As it occurs going slowly over speed bumps it could be squeaky suspension springs or dampers. Did you buy from a private seller or a car dealership. If from a dealership then take it back and have them look at it. If from a private seller it’s “buyer beware “ . I would like to think that with a car that has low mileage, it’s not serious. Have you had a history check on the car??
  11. This is not really fair or right. If Toyota Ireland dealerships can supply two remote control keys, then surely GB Toyota dealerships can do likewise. One key is not sufficient in the event of anything untoward happening to the single key. Don’t give up the fight easily Gibson, a single key is absolutely ridiculous.
  12. My new Yaris that I collected recently came with two remotes.
  13. Michael you have no need to worry, only as earlier posted, it would need to be thrashed to the extreme for long sustained periods to do harm. BTW if it allays your misgivings just don’t push it to the end of the power spectrum and you will still have enough power and speed to climb that particular hill.
  14. Yes Roy you’ve nailed it spot on. That’s similar to how mine behaves. On a really cold morning 3 or 4Cel, on reversing out of the driveway the car moves about 10yds and the ice cuts in. So the temperatures in Michael’s must have been reasonably high and the car sitting in the sun all day. The ice is a 3 cylinder and warms up quicker than a 4pot. Pushing it to the top of the energy rating for a short time will not cause undue harm in the circumstances described, and as Tony said the levels of engineering and lubrications will cope. However if pushed to the limits for a regular and sustained per
  15. If you have read both my and Frosty’s you would have seen that the 4th generation Yaris Hybrid production started in 6th July 2020. Your middle name is not Thomas of the doubting variety hopefully 😂🤣. Stay safe Alan 🚗
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