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  1. Toyota and other car manufacturers have spent millions of $s £s on Research & Development to bring a new model through all its stages of testing etc into production, let it be a fully plugin electric, a self charging hybrid or a plugin hybrid, using the best automotive brains and technology available to them. Therefore I think its highly unlikely that an individual would be able to improve on that, no disrespect intended. Enjoy your new lovely Toyota Corrolla.
  2. So correct my if Im not getting your info correct. Next time after washing and using the waterless polish, Apply Carplan No1 polish to seal and protect the paintwork ?. I remember in the late sixties / early seventies buying Carplan polish in Woolworths / Wellworths supermarkets. I thought it a good product in those days then I changed to Turtlewax before ending up with Autoglym products of which I have all of them.
  3. Hi Joe, Ive always been very particular about washing and polishing my cars, and I used to use Turtle Wax products. For about 15yrs now Ive always bought new cars on average every two years, the last 6 being Toyotas, all Corrolas and my current one the Yaris Hybrid (BLACK) I know its a colour you are not fond of, and I use Autoglym Products, Super Resin polish, followed by Autoglym Polish Protector. Ive recently washed and polished bout our Yaris cars, my wife has a 1lt 2015 petrol. I didn't put the Polish Protector on my wifes car. Because tting in my garage was a waterless car cleaning polish bought in Aldi a couple of years ago by my son a 750ml spray bottle. So I decided to try that instead on her car as a polish protector.. Well I got the surprise of my life on using it. It is so easy to apply, so easy to apply and can finish the car in half the time, requiring little effort. Which suits a 70yr old + vat right down to the ground. I would never have thought to use it if I hadn't read your post so thanks for that.
  4. Johnny, Celica’s with low mileage, and full recorded NCT and main dealer service history in Ireland are as rare as hens teeth. I would leave the car exactly as is, make sure it has a long as possible NNT, and put it on the several used car sites which are readily available in Ireland. You shouldn’t have any bother naming your price and getting it, beware of tyre kickers, scammers, and chatterboxes. Cash is king.
  5. Still awaiting more information
  6. Final update, Battery fully charged, Light on the little gizmo turned green. Thanks Bob for your input
  7. You should be able to get a reconditioned one, from your nearest auto parts store. Happened to my wife’s car Yaris 08 and our local Toyota dealer fitted a reconditioned one for €150.
  8. Thanks for your prompt and informative replies Bob. It’s a little gizmo about 1&1/2 inches wide by about six inches long and automatically detects which sort of battery it’s hooked up to, and the red light goes green when it has fully charged the battery. And if my memory serves me correctly it will go into maintenance mode. Mind you as I’m a 70+vat, the old memory is nothing to boast about 🤔🤣. Anyhow I’m leaving it on until I can see a green light. Stay safe in these trying times.
  9. Haven’t a clue what a battery tender is Bob. However I went out to the garage it was still being charged, the green light hadn’t come on to indicate a full charge. So I disconnected the charger from the battery, turned on the ignition and it fired up immediately. I reconnected the charger and left it on. It’s a cheap modern trickle charger, which goes into maintenance mode when the battery is fully charged. I guess I’m too lazy to take out the battery, but I look forward to learning what a battery tender is. Thanks for your prompt reply Bob.
  10. Hi All, Was cleaning the interior of my wifes Yaris as one does when (cocooned) in lockdown and having nothing better to do. I was listening to the radio all the time about 4hrs, and lo and behold the battery would not start the car, Flat battery. I was not too surprised as the car is generally used for very short runs and has the original battery. So without disconnecting anything I hooked up a low amp charger and left it there. Now I think that firstly that it should charge it up if left overnight, could some of you guys/gals chime in with your thoughts on what I did.
  11. Hi Roger, we need more information. What distance journeys you. Fan will not come on until the engine needs cooling, and fans on some cars will remain running to cool the engine, even after you have switched off the engine and has locked the car.
  12. Welcome to the forum Mason, from the Emerald Isle. For one so young you seem to have an old head on your shoulders 👏. Great members on here and are generous in helping with their expertise. Enjoy the ride, stay safe 👍
  13. Best way to charge the battery quickly is to take it out for a half hour spin. If unable to do that, to answer your question yes you can put it on the battery charger without disconnecting from the car. Connect + terminal first and low amp charge is best.
  14. Very interesting reading John and I see quite a few Mk1s still driving around this part of Ireland.
  15. I’m also based in Ireland and consumer rights are similar to those in U.K. I would definitely be sueing for a new car if Toyota is not guaranteeing the rebuilt engine. Or a replacement new engine for your car and all costs involved including a courtesy car while the case is being pursued. You should be made whole and left in the same position as you were before you purchased their petrol. We offer you moral support, and would be very interested in the outcome.