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  1. I never tried it, but I’m sure if activate the rear window heater then they should be warm to the touch, and touch each element to see if it’s heating up. Try that.
  2. James do you really think that de-badging the Auris Hybrid will help. These guys who are doing the despicable deed would know the cars to target blindfolded, even without the badge.
  3. Could be the mixture is too rich, is the engine consuming a lot of oil?
  4. Ok Mike, keep us informed of your progress.
  5. New battery in the key fob needed, any auto shop will put in a new one for a couple of quid.
  6. To be of help to you we will need more information. When & where & how the shake occurs. Usually you can pinpoint where the shake is. Is the steering wheel shaking from side to side, is the transmission vibrating etc. Try and be more precise when describing your problem. There’s a lot of experience and knowledgeable guys here who if they have all the right information can help.
  7. My wife and I both Yaris hers a 1ltr petrol which I rarely drive. We are in the same age category as your good self. On my Yaris Hybrid I meticulously keep mpg records and being of a light foot I try every trick I know to get as many mpg as possible driving normally. Calculations are done on full tank to full tank basis using a calculator not the car computer figures.: For the months of December, January, February, the average mpg = 45.1 mpg and for the months of June, July, August the average mpg 56.8 mpg. All figures were on short runs around town. The best mpg achieved was on a long 300 mile round trip was 64.9 mpg in the month of August, which didn’t include a motorway, just two lane A roads. ps glad you made a full recovery from your op.
  8. I’m a little confused Alan, you say in the post a 2018 Prius, yet under your profile name you state 2016 Prius??. As Frosty says if you bought the car in UK, it’s still under the warranty.
  9. That’s something I will check out on my Yaris Hybrid, thanks Keith.
  10. I would take it to a local Toyota dealer, it should still be under warranty
  11. Bernard Foy

    Sad Ending

    Sadly you are correct re brand loyalty Bob, it now means that you are screwed again by the same people 😡😡
  12. Bernard Foy

    Sad Ending

    Hi Chris, as you have a good relationship with your dealer, who has serviced your car over the years and who know you, might I suggest you get a letter from them outlining the car’s history and what happened to it. Then armed with that write to Toyota GB asking if they would consider having their technical team examine the engine as to why it failed after such care and low mileage, and would they contribute toward the cost of a replacement engine or repair to the failure of your own engine. It can’t hurt and you never know what they will do.
  13. Great post, and great pictures Konrad👏👏