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  1. Enjoy your new Yaris, whether petrol or diesel it should be accelerator first, Diesel engine will not stall as quick as petrol.
  2. You’re almost there Mick, keep ‘er 🔥 lit.
  3. Welcome to the forum from Ireland. The early Toyota was prone to the dreaded rust, as were most Japanese cars. But their engineering was first class. I’ve been to your beautiful country and had a fantastic time in Tallin. Good luck with your project.
  4. Hi Nico, 2007 Corolla D4D is a great car providing it has been regularly serviced.
  5. Welcome to the forum Ian, great choice, bullet proof car
  6. Welcome to the forum Tom, I think you have made a great choice. Well done on keeping the Fiesta, an excellent car, and if I didn’t buy the Yaris Hybrid the Fiesta would have been my second choice.
  7. I suppose that’s true, mine is front & rear. Their technician did a great job, no wires to be seen. I assume that as they advertise fitting by the store they train up their staff to be efficient.
  8. Hi Jer, welcome to the club from Donegal
  9. Got mine in Halfords, hard wired and installed very professionally by their expert who did a great job. I would recommend them 👍
  10. Check the little holes in end of the jets, they can clog up with polish or dirt, before you do anything else.
  11. What is grotesque in one persons eyes can be beautiful in another’s. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder 🤔
  12. Not available in Ireland either
  13. Welcome Mark guys with your experience & expertise are always a great asset to our club.
  14. No way a car with that mileage should be guzzling oil, unless it has been badly neglected re servicing. Have you ever tried to do a service history check. Others more knowledgeable than I will chip in with more information. Have you checked that 2 1/2 let’s is the correct amount for top up ?. Is the oil you’re putting in the correct oil for that model ?.
  15. Hi Armen, welcome to the club. I have noticed that the Toyota Prius is a popular car in the USA. NC is beautiful part of your country, almost as nice as Donegal. I got cousins in NC and Philadelphia who I’m visiting in Autumn. No harm in being a member of the UK club also.