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  1. Hi James I forgot to mention that the old film footage was about Newcastle
  2. Hi Paul, I’ve just read the first page re your Carina. I think that was a car that never was abused, and when I get to reading all your other posts I’ll probably find that it was well serviced throughout the years. I would also probably find that you have removed the seats and carpets and investigated the condition of the floor pan internal tin work. Low mileage for the years also hopefully genuine. Will check out the rest of your posts on your Carina. Regards, Bernard
  3. Thanks for your welcome James, I saw a nice bit of old film footage on BBC breakfast programme this morning. Not sure if the whole historical film will be shown later. Bernard.
  4. Hi All, my name is Bernard, I have just taken ownership of a new 2019 Yaris Hybrid, I have previously owned lot of different makes of cars since the late 1960’s, including four Toyota Corolla’s. I look forward to being a member Bernard