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  1. Welcome to the TOC Josh, lots of expertise available on here.
  2. Hi Bob, welcome to the TOC.
  3. Hi Matt, welcome to the TOC, I’m sure your knowledge will be very helpful 👏🚘
  4. Not necessarily ask them to correct it and initial it at the next service, and to correct it in the online service record if entered wrong there too.
  5. Welcome Jim to the TOC, a couple of your countrymen have bought Toyota Avensis and joined recently also.
  6. Welcome James to the TOC, have you been given a delivery date?
  7. What exactly do you mean by inside the door?? Is it actually on the door??. On the bottom of the door??. On the sill?? On the floor of the vehicle??. Is it a normally hinged door??. A photo would help if you can.
  8. Welcome to the TOC, enjoy your Toyota Corolla, do you have a delivery date?
  9. Wow I didn’t think that they could clone it at that distance, if that’s that is so they must have tried the nearby houses??
  10. I think Cyker and Tony HSD have given as good an answer as you’re gonna get. Mine is the same, and I have to get used to it and it’s only for a brief period. Given all the excellent characteristics of the Mark4 Yaris Hybrid I willingly turn a deaf ear.
  11. From the comments on this topic, it’s clear that subtle changes in temperatures and types of roads the Yaris Hybrid is driven on and the manner it’s driven in, has a major influence on the mpg achieved. Goes to show also the accuracy of the modern technology that is incorporated in the Yaris Hybrid.👏👏🚗.
  12. There’s comedy in every tragedy. Thank goodness nobody was badly hurt
  13. I’ve been there done that, driving new cars from the central storage back to the dealership a 170 miles trip.👍
  14. Further update on Yaris Hybrid MPG, on the most recent check on mpg the Yaris Hybrid churned out 71.45mpg. Considering it was a mixture of short and long runs on twisting hilly roads in Donegal and Mayo and fully loaded for over half of the mileage covered, really pleased with that. So I’m sure I’ll get a little bit more mpg as the weather warms up.
  15. Yep I’m a great believer in the old adage “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” !!!
  16. Hi MT, welcome to the TOC.
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