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  1. Hi mecheng46- My Toyota 2001 Yaris cdx 1.3 litre petrol engine NZ2 . Car misfiring, with high fuel consumption, suspect ignition coil requires replacing. Alternator is noisy. Hydraulic clutch seems to slip and suspect system need bleeding. A coil spring on bonnet is broken and needs replacing. Second return indicator lamp requires replacement bulb. This is what is happening, but until I pay for a diagnostic test, unsure what they will suggest is wrong!
  2. Thanks for taking the time to answer. I have not really found a regular garage that I trust to give me the correct advice. I am looking on U Tube to see what they say about various problems it might be in the hope I can go to a garage and say what I think is wrong. Sometimes these Diagnostic Tests are a waste of time but we still have to pay for them.
  3. Hi My 2001 Toyota Yaris is due to have a MOT in February. I am aware that due to it using far too much fuel recently and other things happening , it has been suggested I will need to have a replacement ignition coil and also a new Alternator. My little car has run very well over the years, but I appreciate it is getting old. I just wanted to know, would it be best if I buy the parts myself, and ask a mechanic to fit them, or do I take it to a garage and get them to get it through the MOT and repair it? To be quite honest I have no large amounts in the Bank and am afraid that it will be an expensive job! Does anyone know a reasonable mechanic in the Ipswich area? Any idea what I am expected to be charged for this type of repair? I really do not know what is the best option. Any advice would be very welcome. Thanks in advance!