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  1. Thanks for this tip , I banged a hammer with screwbit on it with some oil , with a little ratchet came off a treat 🙂
  2. Thanks guys I didn’t trust my car dealer friends original diagnosis so went to a mechanic Not sure if the mechanic adjusted correctly but the clutch now engages about halfway and he did say it was really tight , so clearly never adjusted , symptoms were that you really needed to rev car especially on hills , now the clutch seems to hold much better and I can stall the car a little easier. The car will only do 1000 miles or so this year as I’m abroad but on return I’ll take to Toyota for them to check but this mechanic said there should be 3-4mm play in cable. Though regardless I would welcome opinions on clutch brands. I did change front discs and pads to brembo myself which was ok only the two 17mm bolts was a pain though a breaker bar solved it. tips hammer the torx screw a little and plenty wd40 , but I think most DIY folk can do the job with a brake piston winder tool.
  3. Hi All My clutch allegedly has gone at only 30,000 and I’m not sure which one to buy my mate whose a car dealer says LUK but I read the exedy uprated ones are also good. which ones would you guys recommend? Also is there anyway to determine the clutch is 100% gone and it’s not a cable adjustment issue ? thanks in advance for your help
  4. Hi All Pardon me if this has been asked before but i did a quick search and couldn't find a definitive answer. I have a 2008 Aygo where the master 2 button key doesnt lock and unlock the car using the buttons , have the manually insert keyblade. Starts car just fine though so transponder seems ok touch wood. My question is can i just buy a new used or blank key transponder and pair it to car manually without special software ? I have seen some procedures online but not sure which one is correct or whether its possible to program a new transponder to start car and unlock / lock. Also where can i buy the grey valet key or originally what keys would have come with this car as i was only supplied the one i have (2 button fob) Any help is much appreciated
  5. Excellent I’m gonna wait till summer and hopefully down here in south rust won’t progress , I’ll try clean off as much as I can with a wire brush and hope it’s not too deep shocks seem toast but I’ll be touch with Arnold Clark in Glasgow (Toyota dealer) saying why wasn’t it replaced under warranty as clearly it’s been like this a while , see what they say but I won’t hold much hope I may also speak to Toyota HQ and threaten small claims court action as items such as shocks shouldn’t suffer that level of corrosion within 8 years of normal use and low mileage
  6. thanks for your replies guys no rust on bodywork thus far , I’m just concerned if structurally the car would be comprised in accident etc as my wife will drive the car mostly I’m sure it’s fine but I was just concerned seeing that amount of rust I did have booked in to Toyota for next month to have a visual check done and I’ll chat to the tech and see what he says just annoying that rust could (hopefully not) kill the car and not other things Would a spray of wd40 help for now in terms of protecting against further rust or should I not bother ?
  7. I was told by toyota tech that each key can only be programmed once although not sure if he was telling porkies i suspect he was but cant be sure https://specialistautokey.wixsite.com/locksmiths You can get replacements for £180 via auto locksmiths long as you have a original to copy
  8. Hi All Long time reader , first time poster , so i moved over from Lexus and bought the wife and myself a 2010 Auris Hybrid I bought the car from auction via an Arnold Clark Scotland sale Im not sure what to think as i took it to my local mechanic whom showed me underneath the car , whilst mechanically he said it was solid there was a lot of rust on the underside , to me it looked bad and he said its a lot more than usual and the car has come from a seaside town. The front shocks are quite rusty as well as the connections (not what what they are called) but he did say it has had new brake pipes all round and exhaust is rust free. My question is 2 fold firstly why is a 9 year old car even if its been at the seaside so rusty ? Secondly should i keep the car ? Mechanic said that the shocks are too far gone to save but rest could be helped by a clean and underseal which we agreed he could do in the summer. I love the car and how it drives whilst im getting 50mpg which i dont know if its good but coming from a lexus ct200 (2nd revision) seems ok I would welcome any thoughts can upload pics if needed thanks in advance
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