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  1. Thx for replying. The engine seems to come from the factory like that. The car have FSH. Engine never been opened. Only when I replace the clutch plate now a week ago. The mechanics who replace the clutch and pressure plate pick it up and called me to witness the amount the crankshaft moving. It shifting a 1/4”. I was shocked. I told them to carry on replacing the clutch and pressure plate. I will first get more history on this problem. Now that I know of the play on the crankshaft l’m afraid to drive it. After the clutch and pressure plate was replaced there was no more play on the crankshaft and the engine runs smooth. No noises. I know it sounds unbelievable but I have read that company ‘s did make mistakes to forget to put thrust bearings in. If it is the case that toyota forget to put thrust bearings in are they reliable for installing it. They never picked up any metal shavings or pieces in the oil changes. The engine have now 226321kms on the clock. Thank you again. Best regards. God bless. Toyota Verso forever!!!
  2. Does the refs sometimes moving slowly up and down when you stand still?
  3. To be honest I have the same diagnoses and also couldn’t believe it is the engine thrust bearings. Seeing is believing. Mine is always running fine. I also haven’t done anything to it yet. I’m driving it like this for years without any problems except the sticky first gear changes. We both definitely experience the same problem.
  4. I’m having the same problem. I discovered my engine thrust bearings worn and fell out. The crankshaft is shifting almost a 1/4” sideways.