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  1. How can I be 100% certain that its not a head gasket issue? Last thing I want is buying a car with a H.G problem and then it costs me £800+ to fix. Usually milky desposits like this would suggest a head gasket problem.
  2. Hi guys, new here so would appreciate the help. Over the weekend I went to view two Toyota IQ’s to buy, one one on Saturday and one on Sunday. Both I left for the very same reason, they had yellow milky frothy type substance on the engine oil cap, which immediately shouted Head Gasket symptoms to me. Both were 2010 and both had about 80k on the clock. The photos attached are from each of the IQ’s engine oil cap. Has anyone experienced this before? Am I right to think this is a head gasket symptom? Or is it just normal? Please help as was looking to buy the IQ now thinking twice (or is just my bad luck, twice in two days!) Thank you in advance!!