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  1. Ok great, many thanks for the reply. Makes total sense. You're correct on the car - it was first registered September 2014, so I'm assuming it runs out September this year.
  2. Will getting an MOT (without a service) somewhere other than a Toyota authorised garage void the 5 year warranty on my car? TIA.
  3. Thanks for the input! I'll see how I get on after a few fills, and probably check the tire pressures at some point (clutching at straws, but couldn't hurt). Then maybe consider the ECU reset later. Cheers.
  4. I understand what you're saying, but I don't think this is the case. In the old car I'd be changing up through the gears much earlier than in this one, and what's more, at cruising speed on the motorway revs are about 2k in 6th in the new one, versus about 3k in 5th in the old one.
  5. Just filled up and gotten 59mpg (33.65L, 441.6 miles). Disappointing, but could be worse.
  6. I would've thought the 6th gear would help a lot more! Anyway, will see what it does once I've filled up next.
  7. Hi, first time poster so forgive me for not doing a search first - hoping for some quick thoughts on my situation. I've just changed cars from a 52 plate d4d Yaris where I'd comfortably average 62-67mpg for a commute which is 70% motorway, 52 mile round trip per day. Currently on my first full tank with my new 64 plate (pre facelift) d4d Yaris which is currently projecting 61mpg as an absolute best case scenario, but I'm thinking even this is optimistic. Purely based on where the fuel gauge is compared to the mileage I've done on this tank, 330 miles and the first line above quarter tank. In the old car I'd have done at least 300 miles when the gauge reached halfway. Does the consumption of the new one seem worse than expected for this car? TIA. Edit: new car has just under 38,000 miles on the clock.