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  1. I have an issue with the rear seats, the brackets are different but the person who I bought them off doesn't have the brackets. Is there any way of getting the brackets. Toyota doesn't have them too.
  2. Mine are broken so no point I've found some for 200 just wanna know if anyone has some or knows anyone
  3. Hi Does anyone know if I can get a hold of the seats in the picture I've tried everywhere and no one seems to have them.
  4. Is it easy to access the bolts or do I need to remove some things
  5. To slow down the consumption can other oil be used besides 5w30 I have a 1.6 2007 and its showing as half after driving 2000 miles and I only just did an oil change 2500 miles ago.
  6. My car does the same thing I have an auris 07 1.6 and I cannot figure out what it is as it feels like a misfire. I have looked online and people have replaced the intake manifold gasket and that's sorted it but I don't know.
  7. I will need to check I think fujitsu
  8. This is what I bought from DynamicSounds. https://www.dynamicsounds.co.uk/toyota-auris-2007-car-stereo-fitting-kit-fascia-and-steering-stalk-control-silver.html KMM-BT506DAB / DAB-A1
  9. Hi, I have the UK built Auris and previously Toyota had installed bluetooth in the car so I don't know if that has messed it up. The model of the stereo is kenwood kmm-bt506dab. I'm not into electrics so I don't know what to do. If there was someone local to Manchester that I could take it to I can do that but I don't know who can have a look at it and sort it out.
  10. I have the same steering control box but a kenwood stereo When the purple wire is connected to the stereo the volume goes max even if they touch, I have tried another steering control box but the same thing happens. No idea what to do so I have left the wires in the car and use the stereo without the steering wheel.
  11. Can you show me how you connected your stereo from the back as my steering controls don't seem to work
  12. I've ordered some Heko ones that should be coming soon. I'll let you know how they are.
  13. Let me know if your steering wheel control works as when I plug in the purple wire my volume goes to max and it is unusable and I have not managed to sort it.
  14. I have a 1.6 vvti and can confirm it works.
  15. Hi, I have had this issue for quite some time now where the seats and engine are vibrating on idle when the car has warmed up, on the OBD its fluctuating between 640 and 660 RPM and the engine does not feel smooth. The car has been serviced a month ago with new spark plugs and filters, Throttle body has been cleaned but the MAF sensor has not been cleaned and I don't think there has been an idle relearn. I don't know what to check now as I am at a roadblock and would like to get the engine running smooth again. Please can someone help regarding this issue or is it a normal thing for these cars. When I put my hand on the engine you can see the vibrations through my hand and the air filter box is also moving because of the vibration from the engine.
  16. My mileage is only 69k I may ask him to have a look at it and update you on what he did as I am intrigued as what would take half a day and not require me to replace any parts.
  17. So the misfire started after the car had been sitting for 4 months due to an accident. I did a service and after the service the car started misfiring. I have replaced the spark plugs twice now and I have just serviced the car replacing plugs, filters and oil. when replacing the oil it is thinner than usual and i use 5w 30. In terms of oil consumption it goes between min and max after 3000 miles and it just stays there. If the weather is cold outside there is a lot of white smoke even when the engine has heated up but i think the car has a known problem of high oil consumption due to the piston rings. A mechanic has offered to fix the misfiring issue for £50 but will take half a day but he has not mentioned where the fault is as he has fixed another Auris with the same issues before. The previous spark plugs that i used were burnt out and only had been but it a couple of months back and they were OEM DENSO plugs from Toyota. If you need more information then please let me know.
  18. Replaced the water pump and now its gone but the car misfires like hell even before replacing the pump. No codes, Plugs have been replaced but cannot figure out why it misfires but there is high oil consumption.
  19. I have had the pulleys checked but they are not the cause. Maybe its a tappet sound. https://www.carthrottle.com/post/whats-causes-a-tappety-engine-and-how-can-it-be-fixed/ it sounds similar to this.
  20. Hi, The issue started 1 week ago when the car was started on cold and a loud grinding noise occured. I have had the Timing Belt, Alternator and tentioners checked out but the noise is not coming from there. It sounds like it is coming from the Camshafts. Please see videos below for the sound. WhatsApp_Video_2020-05-30_at_16_33_11.mp4 WhatsApp_Video_2020-05-30_at_16_38_26.mp4
  21. In the video I pressed the pedal down and kept it steady at 1100 rpm so the sound is constant. The only time the sound appears is when you start the engine an it idles over 1100rpm and then it slowly lowers to 600 rpm.
  22. Hi it's a 1.6vvti 2007 The ac is never on when the car is started. The sound doesn't appear on first start in the morning only when I have been driving and the engine cools down to cold temperature the sound appears.
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