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  1. I was "guilty" of that more than once. Stupid MMT tansmission, E mode, refusing to change up from 1st gear.
  2. Which makes the below incorrect? " a passenger seat" which would indicate to me, any passenger seat, front and rear? That's from the owner's manual.
  3. Except when on the brow of a hill when the "dipped projectors" are directly aimed at oncoming traffic.
  4. As I wrote, Mike, not really paid much attention to them. Without actually confirming, I'm almost certain all three light, in my car, by just entering through the driver's door and starting the machine. It's not often I'm right and probably wrong again! This doesn't explain fully about the three lights either. "Passenger detection sensor and passenger seat belt reminder  If luggage is placed on a passenger seat, the passenger detection sensor may cause the warning light to flash even if a passenger is not sitting in the seat.  If a cushion is placed on the seat, the sensor may not detect a passen- ger, and the warning light may not operate properly"
  5. Not paid that much attention, but I think that's what happens in mine. I also keep the outer belts "clicked" in place when the rear seats are unoccupied. However, not the centre belt and I think the centre l.e.d. does remain illuminated.
  6. Use a different "mechanic"! That's the design of some ATE (Teves) callipers. Like these https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/332616556327?hash=item4d717ddf27:g:YbQAAOSwRHleb6UM&amdata=enc%3AAQAHAAAA4Gq7hAaJfur%2F1i55IO1fcIqDPrgtHkpZlR2meYRDYyq959a7Ihq485b1TKKBXBCXjmjOxFFRBqP79%2FmtFmC41YecN%2FjEdx%2FUjYQAbc%2Fm3GTh4CymnOLintcr1ndtAR614mdNcfcXH4fEDj8JoTV71vfubUmzaigswtwdPPY%2Fqv6IC%2BduLqr7X2zOlmjLVjriQ2hIUB8Se5G%2BBaIiromhbFKh20sBEon8Ki9TtC2TNhP17S5Stj8sF89ZP9kCZjkYtfq%2FgNmxUTkMksShWuTLP4SDp0zbkM5DcnYuHDWmvQVR|tkp%3ABFBMuKmKwJlg The end opposite the threaded will be for a hex. key (Allen), usually 7mm. My front brakes are ATE and use those pins.
  7. I will have to agree to disagree. My car was in for service one week before the 5 years warranty expired. Reported, by phone, that the engine rear main seal was leaking, "That will be £700+ to change sir." When I pointed out the car was still within the 5 years and surely covered. "Oh, I'll phone back." It then changed to "Our "Master Tech" has just checked and it's fine!" Never entered their portal again, coffee and biscuits, free wifi or not. Oil level, with my engine, cold or a few minutes after stopping, level ground, still shows different on each side of the dipstick.
  8. Sorry, late response! Thanks both.
  9. I did have an item similar to that in the link. However, for a tidier alternative I fitted the small diplay and u.s.b. outlets shown in the pictures. It is fitted in a once blanked spare switch "hole" to the left of the speedometer cluster. It also leaves the 12v outlet free for something else, if necessary. Not as easy as plugging in something though! It does require an ignition switched supply and earth. Cables are provided along with an inline fuse.
  10. 1.33 litre petrol. I usually tighten the engine oil drain plug by "feel" bearing in mind it's an aluminium sump and very easy to go all gorilla when tightening! I have tried a search, nothing came up, but what is the correct tightening torque when using a new (Toyota) sealing washer?
  11. Similarly with R.A.C cover purchased using a large supermarket chain's vouchers. No membership card at all. E-mail confirmation only too. Hopefully, if I need assistance, my membership can be confirmed by name and address, no way can I remember the number unless written somewhere available. Personal cover so car registration mark would only be useful for identifying the car I'm in!
  12. Things have massively changed in the last 60 years with regards rust and build quality though.
  13. Coincidentally just finished mine. Using the "Moonshine" shampoo (1 capful/bucket of water) and will follow up with the quick detailer later. Both excellent products.
  14. Not if the, used to be, carbon disc/bearing is pivoted which those properly designed did and operated equally on the leaf springs. Somewhat like the Watt Linkage on a beam engine. Does it matter if there's a hole in the bell housing to accomodate the actuating lever? That should have a concertina type rubber cover.
  15. Re-inventing the wheel again!
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