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  1. How's the turbocharger performing? Coud be you're not getting sufficient air for proper combustion.
  2. Please don't try this! 😲
  3. Looks like the old adage of buy cheap buy twice is correct! Or even thrice on this occasion.
  4. Totally random, but it's good to see a cooling water temp. gauge rather than warning lights.
  5. At 43degC. I've checked!
  6. I've had to register using mrpj1 because after a computer reset the previous log in details were lost and I haven't saved them. It was "mrpj". How can I retrieve these? Even using forgotten password doesn't work because whichever e-mail I used, which can only be one of six!, is not recognised. I don't even know if using mrpj is the correct username for logging in. Can a moderator help? I don't want to start from scratch. Thank in advance. Scrub that, sorry, I found the required information.🙄