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  1. I guess once the technology improves, the battery can be replaced with one that has higher capacity and thus making the car more of an EV.
  2. I usually drive on busy roads with lots of traffic, I'm deciding between a Yaris Hybrid/Kia Picanto/Honda Jazz but I'm leaning more towards Yaris because of higher MPG and no road tax.
  3. That's great to hear, the last used car that I bought (Skoda Citigo) had an engine failure just after 12 months forcing me to scrap it, so I'm being more careful this time around. I'm deciding between a Yaris Hybrid/Kia Picanto/Honda Jazz, so far Yaris seems to be the better option.
  4. Since you have had experience with 2 different Yaris cars, would you recommend the hybrid model? I'm considering buying a 2014 model for around £9k.
  5. Title says it all, I'm interested in finding out the average MPG performance of your Yaris over time.
  6. I noticed that the combined mpg for Icon+ is around 5mpg higher than the Trend model, I was wondering if anyone here has had experience with that and knows if the 5mpg does actually translate to on-road results? Also, which one would you recommend buying? Thanks