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    Hi everyone, can I ask if there is anyone who can actually say for certain, an answer to the Rav4,2002 auto box problems, wifey's seems to pull away in third and has a harsh clunk into reverse, very sluggish pulling away and a steep hill it will not go up from a stand still, on the flat have to use 2500 rpm to pull away, there are so many things being said about them it really is a mine fiels, please, please somebody say " I really know what that is ". many many thanks..David.
  2. Many Thanks Paulinho T
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    Hi Del, my apologies for not getting back sooner, it is only giving 20 mpg, engine temp is always normal but their seems to be no lower end exceleration, feel like in trying to pull away in 2nd or even 3rd and with the harsh clunking going into reverse, I have searched you tube and many, many people are saying it is the resistors on the ECU board are loosing their solder joints due to heat running through them, so, I took the ECU out and resoldered all of the R10s, R330s and 820s, I then feeling really pleased to have done that, put it back in the car just to get no change what so ever.
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    Hi again everyone, Wife's Rav 4VX 5 door auto is consuming fuel like its a penny a gallon, I know they are not good on fuel and I was wondering if there is a more fuel efficient engine swap/gearbox and loom, the auto has to stay, she is in love with the beast, the four wheeled one that is, so if you have any suggestions and ideas I would be very interested.
  5. Hi to everyone using this club, most probably me being a numpty but I cannot find another way in for introducing myself, if I am wrong taking this route? could someone please enlighten this lost and confused soul. Many thanks. David