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  1. Hi there! Below I'm posting some links of the head unit: Pic #1 Pic #2 Pic #3 It's a fairly basic set. It has no LCD screen or maps functionality, if that's what you meant. And yes, I am in Greece. Lastly, I contacted the Toyota dealership I got the car from (used). I submitted the same questions to a big Greek forum (#1 on Google search) and it was deleted with no explanation or way to contact the admins. Once again, thank you for taking an interest in this.
  2. Hello there. Thanks for the response. Unfortunately there is no "General>System Information" option in my menu. Under the "Setup Enter" button the available options are: Sound settings Radio TEL Bluetooth None of those lead to a General menu. The more I looked through the options available the more it looked hobbled. Maybe I'll have to ask the dealership what is up with that. Also, I already contacted a Greek dealership and all they had to say was that it's impossible to repair this, but maybe I could switch the to Greek and see if the works. Apart from the fact that I don't care to, as I stated above, there also no way to. 😕 Still open to advice and troubleshooting suggestions. Again, thanks for the interest and the effort.
  3. Thank you for this suggestion. I am not sure how to check for that.
  4. Hello, I just signed up to this forum so I can keep up to date and discuss everything about my car with the aim of getting the most satisfaction out of it. I just got it last Friday. It's only lightly used and I've loved every moment I've had in it thus far. It's certainly an upgrade from my Peugeot 307. What I'm here to discuss is that when I connect my Android phone over Bluetooth, the car's central console screen displays all the latin characters and the symbols in contacts perfectly, but all Greek letters come out as full-stops, e.g. '..........., .......... (.......)' . Why is that and what can I do to repair it? Thanks in advance to anyone who is willing to tackle this with me. Cheers!