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  1. Yes it's a handheld device and it did generate the full code for the lambda sensor ie which bank and sensor will try clearing it and then disconnecting the battery
  2. boattinker

    Obd code

    Puzzled I had two error codes on my rav4 mk 2 vvti one was oxygen sensor which I sorted the other which won't clear just shows as Manufacturer code? Any ideas on what is going on
  3. Cheers all for the advice sensor turned up today from autodoc
  4. Cheers Gower Boy... i guess sensor 1 and sensor 2 are the same lambda sensor as in length and thread
  5. Hi i have a faulty lambda sensor on my 2000 mk2 vvti obd reader says o2 sensor heater circuit bank 2 sensor 2..so is that before or after the cat ? and where do i need to look to find it? any help most welcome
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