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  1. Hi Dave, I double checked at the weekend, turning 'phone audio on' which turned off volume control on the steering wheel, then turning 'phone audio off' which turned volume control back on on the steering wheel. Tried it with three different iphones and it worked every time. Interestingly when volume control can be changed on the steering wheel, volume cannot be changed on the bluetooth box/interface. Sorry it didn't work for you. Nick
  2. Of course my 13 year old son solved the problem, its the voice command 'phone audio off', we now are able to once again control the volume from the steering wheel. Don't know how or why it got set to 'on' but its working again so the wife is happy. Dash, hope this helps.
  3. Hope someone can offer a solution to our problem. We have a 2010 IQ with the factory fitted Bluetooth hands free system fitted. Until recently the volume could be controlled of anything connected to the Bluetooth via the steering wheel volume control, but now the only way to control the volume is via the phone connected or the up and down volume on the hands free system box. Radio volume can still be controlled via the steering wheel volume control. I know its not the end of the world but it would be nice to get it working properly again, I suspect its a setting somewhere, have looked through the owners manual and the manual for the hands free system but have had no success. Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated.