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  1. iand12

    I'm converted!

    Let me start by saying a big 'thank you' to Suzuki! Nine months ago I took delivery of a Suzuki Vitara and in that nine months it's been back in the workshop nine times (it's in there now and has been for the last two weeks). Anyway I got so fed up with the hassle that I decided to get a new car. I live in the High Lands of Scotland and I need a car that isn't going to break down all the time. Anyway I ended up in a Toyota dealership and taking a C-HR for a test drive. I fell in love with it straight away and have ordered a new one, which I get on the 1st March. The dealer has kindly loaned me one until mine arrives and in the last few days I've come to love the car. It's just so comfortable, easy to drive and does amazing M.P.G. My grand daughter calls it a 'teddy car' because the back lights stick out like a teddies ears! If my last car hadn't been so rubbish I would never have found this amazing vehicle. I just hope that you other guys who own these cars feel as I do about them? Ian
  2. Just wanted to say 'Hi'. I've just got a new C-HR having never owned a hybrid before, and i'm pretty chuffed with it. It definitely changes your driving style for the better and if nothing else makes you more chilled out. Perhaps everyone should get one and then there'd be less stressed out people behind the wheel!? Anyway, I hope to be an active member of this club and welcome any comments from other members. Oh, I live in the North East of Scotland. Ian