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  1. Hello everyone, I have been looking around for a while now for a new driver seat for my car as the sliding mechanism has broken on my current one. im struggling to find any that are cheap enough and i was wondering if there were any particular places i could try to look for parts? i have tried breakers yards and Toyota themselves (although that wasn't fun after they gave me a quote for a new seat that was well over £1000) as well as a few spares websites. essentially i'm just wondering: 1. Can i get a new seat for less than a couple of hundred pounds (and if i can, then someone pointing in the correct direction would be an absolute hero) 2. or get a new seat mechanism and fit it myself onto my current seat? (Also if anyone has an idea of how hard to fit this on a 3-door seat, that would be much appreciated!) - this seems like it would be the cheaper option