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  1. If I was you I'd do a quick clean of the two earthing cables (a couple of my previous posts on the hot start issue outline where the cables are). It takes 30-45mins and is fairly simple (and free!) so worth doing; mine showed similar problems starting from both and and cold and cleaning the cables 6months ago has made it faultless. That said not running smooth is a not a problem I encountered but I'd still clean the contacts as electrical faults can cause odd behaviour;.
  2. I believe so, yes. I've never programmed a key but if the immobiliser is happy then I would say you've done everything you need to on that front. What exactly does the car do when you turn the key eg Does the dash light up? Can you hear the engine making it's priming noises before you actually try to start the engine? Do the dials do anything eg do you see the revs go up due to the start motor? Does the engine try to turn over? Anything you can share would help. I know it seems coincidental but it's possible the issue is unrelated to the key.
  3. What does the immobiliser light do when you put the key in and try to start the car? Does it stop flashing?
  4. You may want to check how tightly the coolant lid is screwed on. I had an issue (different engine) where it was too tight and as a result got slightly out of shape on the screw thread and when hot the coolant pressure built up and escaped. The solution was just too loosen it off a little bit.
  5. I refer you to my post immediately preceding yours, my car has been faultless for the past 4-5 months; and when it was bad it was really bad! If I had my time again I'd start by spending 30mins cleaning the earthing cable connections (battery to chassis and chassis to engine block) and see if that solves/improves things. It may sound implausible but sometimes the simplest things can cause the biggest of issues. Good luck!
  6. good point, I read it is bars, not rails
  7. Have you tried plugging your car and a mk2 into the Halford site to see if it recommends the same feet and bar length? Mine is a mk2 and I use the Exodus Foot Pack FP7 and Exodus A120 bars. Hope that helps, but if you want pics of mk2 bars so you can compare or want any measurements just ask.
  8. Hi My diesel is the older 2.0 engine and I get some serious dust out of the back if I give it some welly and that does look a little like smoke, so please excuse the question but are you sure it's blue smoke? If you are sure, I believe blue smoke is a sign of oil being burnt so I'd start checking your oil level regularly to see how quickly it is getting consumed. I'd also be inclined to change it to check it has the correct grade. I have read you can use a slightly higher viscosity (still in line with what's in the hand book) but sometimes a slightly thicker oil will help if the issue is worn piston rings. And yes a quick google suggest it could be the turbo but I have no personal experience of that so can't comment. Good luck
  9. Hi, I had this with my RAV; I replaced the battery, replaced the starter, heat shielded the starter and cleaned all the electrical terminals (in that order). The first three masked the problem to some extent but in the end I think the main thing that sorted it was cleaning the electrical connections. I do quite high mileage so I've done approx 5k miles in that time with plenty of hot starts and it's not recurred once. The first connection between the negative terminal on the battery and chassis is easy to find, the cable is only about 6 inches long and you just need to unbolt them and clean with wire brush or similar (I also took the paint off the chassis to help the connection as I think it relied on the bolt). One day I'll pop a little battery paste on them connections to prevent corrosion. The second cable is found under the air filter box and it's a hose connector and three bolts to remove this., Underneath you'll find another cable and you need to clean it up as before. I'd start with that as it's free and takes about 30-45mins. Good luck!
  10. RAV4-D4D

    4.3 Tyres

    I run winters all year round (Nexen Winguard SnowG WH2) they are a fairly cheap tyre but do a decent job. I've done 17k mostly motorway miles on them and they have 7mm remaining so wear rate is very good and road noise is low. If the RAV4 was a sports car I'd rotate summer and winter tyres but it's built with as different purpose. So for ease I have gone with tyres that gives me the best traction in the winter when it's more likely you can come unstuck.
  11. The MAF sensor may cause your symptoms and I believe you can unplug it and drive the car as it will fall back to a default setting which allows you to see if the problem persists.
  12. Good decision and good luck. This is the part number for the fuel filter I bought which I suspect is the one you need (suggest you double check though): 503820027
  13. I doubt anyone will be able to diagnose with certainty because as you say it's weird and intermittent. When you say it cuts out do you mean when you're driving the engine just stops and the car comes to a halt or do you mean on long journeys when you restart the car it sometimes doesn't start? The latter is much more common and speaking from experience is likely to be fixable (it's now over two months since I hopefully fixed this and it hasn't recurred yet). For under £500 I'd take the gamble, roll my sleeves up and have a little fun trying to sort it. I'd probably start by cleaning all the electrical contacts to make sure everything is getting the power it needs, because weird intermittent faults tend to be electrical in my experience. The fuel filter (in the engine bay) is easy to change but messy and can be done at the same time as you take the airbox out to clean the electrics if you wish - but I'd try and do one at a time (and I wouldn't be inclined to believe the filter is the likely culprit so you may be wasting your time - unless it needs a new filter anyway). I hope this is of some help.
  14. I found wrapping the starter helped but then it started to not start from cold (you'd turn the key and get nothing!) I have now thoroughly cleaned the battery connections and both the earth cables - there is one off the negative terminal of the battery onto the chassis and one under the air filter (you have remove this to get at it - easy to do). Since then I have had no issues, it is great from cold and just slightly sluggish when hot but it fires up! The four things I did to 'fix' it were: Cleaned earth Replaced battery Replaced starter Wrapped starter
  15. I love the idea that Toyota warn you not to use tyres where you don't know how they were used previously. On that basis they would need to replace most of the tyres on their used vehicles in order to comply with this requirement, because who knows how it was used for those (tens of) thousands of miles!