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  1. Good decision and good luck. This is the part number for the fuel filter I bought which I suspect is the one you need (suggest you double check though): 503820027
  2. I doubt anyone will be able to diagnose with certainty because as you say it's weird and intermittent. When you say it cuts out do you mean when you're driving the engine just stops and the car comes to a halt or do you mean on long journeys when you restart the car it sometimes doesn't start? The latter is much more common and speaking from experience is likely to be fixable (it's now over two months since I hopefully fixed this and it hasn't recurred yet). For under £500 I'd take the gamble, roll my sleeves up and have a little fun trying to sort it. I'd probably start by cleaning all the electrical contacts to make sure everything is getting the power it needs, because weird intermittent faults tend to be electrical in my experience. The fuel filter (in the engine bay) is easy to change but messy and can be done at the same time as you take the airbox out to clean the electrics if you wish - but I'd try and do one at a time (and I wouldn't be inclined to believe the filter is the likely culprit so you may be wasting your time - unless it needs a new filter anyway). I hope this is of some help.
  3. I found wrapping the starter helped but then it started to not start from cold (you'd turn the key and get nothing!) I have now thoroughly cleaned the battery connections and both the earth cables - there is one off the negative terminal of the battery onto the chassis and one under the air filter (you have remove this to get at it - easy to do). Since then I have had no issues, it is great from cold and just slightly sluggish when hot but it fires up! The four things I did to 'fix' it were: Cleaned earth Replaced battery Replaced starter Wrapped starter
  4. I love the idea that Toyota warn you not to use tyres where you don't know how they were used previously. On that basis they would need to replace most of the tyres on their used vehicles in order to comply with this requirement, because who knows how it was used for those (tens of) thousands of miles!
  5. Quick update - I have done four long journeys all over 100miles and all at fast motorway speeds so engine gets nice and hot. So far the starter motor has performed better than ever, so I remain optimistic that wrapping the motor helps.
  6. Thanks for the input guys. Based upon my research the term relay and solenoid seem to get interchanged as they perform a similar function so although you probably know this here's what I've found: I think there is a starter relay slot in the relay box under the bonnet (labelled ST) - but this has a pass-through cover on it. I was hoping I could buy/replace a relay and just slot it in and beef up the power going to the starter but sadly not. Therefore, the solenoid on the starter is responsible for delivering the high power required for starting. I have wrapped the solenoid and starter to try and keep it cooler; I take the point about heat dissipation and I guess I will soon find out if it makes it better or worse. From my research it's quite common in US/Australia to heat shield the starter so that gives me a little comfort. Thanks for the contributions and I'll let you know how I get on.
  7. Thanks - I have just been out and bought some heat shield to wrap the starter motor - seems the symptoms of hot start can be linked to a heat soak issue. If that doesn't work I will give them a call - thanks for the recommendation.
  8. I have been having the hot start issue with my car, changed the motor and it masked the problem but still isn't right (but it's better). Yesterday the car was hot and when I turned the key the starter did nothing (battery is fine). About 30mins later and after many attempts it fired up, and subsequent starts were fine too. It could be a one off or could be a sign of things to come.... So my question/request for help - does anyone know where the starter relay is for the 1CD FTV engine in the Rav4? I have taken the cover off the fuses/relays under the bonnet and the slot that I think might be the starter relay (labelled ST) has a white cover and doesn't look like a relay. Anyone know if this is the right place, anybody kind enough to take a picture of their relays just to see if it's the same? Thanks in advance!
  9. I had the same issue and replaced the battery and starter motor with a 2.2KW unit a couple of months ago. This seemed to fix it but in the last few weeks I've noticed it's getting worse again, the car fires up perfectly from cold but when warm it's definitely a longer crank (but it starts and that's an improvement on before!) So if you're happy with the problem being masked but making the car usable I'd change the motor. I don't think there is a known fix for this but if it gets worse I'll be considering injectors/fuel pump as likely candidates for the issue.
  10. I've just experienced this problem - very inconvenient not being able to start a car when the engine is hot! For me this issue was fixed by changing the starter motor (which is a DIY job but quite fiddly). I put in a 2.2kw version and it doesn't hesitate to start whether it's hot or cold. Before I tried doing the motor I did also buy a bigger battery and change the fuel fllter, but because I changed one thing at a time I know it was the starter that finally did the trick.