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  1. I have a Verso 2010 2.0l D4D. I started having issues while driving when the power steering cut out, soon after that the car would not start. The battery was fully charged and I have also tried a brand new battery. When I try to start the car the ignition lights come on and then when I turn the key to start it just clicks and then all the electrics fail, by this I mean the car is totally dead, no ignition lights, courtesy lights central locking - everything is dead. If I disconnect and reconnect the battery the power comes back but as soon as i turn the key it goes dead again. I have taken the starter off and tested it off the car. It functions and seems pretty lively. I cleaned all the contacts and put it back on - same issue, turn the key, click and then dead. 😞 . Not messed around with Toyotas so dont know much about them. My thoughts are bad earth somewhere or short in the ignition switch. Does anyone have any ideas or experienced anything similar