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  1. Hi, Friends. Just a quick response to the thread to thank you for your advice. Alas, the damn problem hasn't reoccurred since we last corresponded, so I'm still in the same situation: RAV runs great and starts almost always, except we're now paranoid about it, LOL! I do think the advice about the brake light switch may be on the money, but haven't had a chance to monitor it. Murphy's Law lives, indeed. So thanks again and if/when I find out more I'll let you know what happens. Jim
  2. I asked about brake light switch, because thats the one what computer is reading is the brake pushed and if not then it wont start. That are the brakes working have nothing to do with this. Park it somewhere so that when next time it fails to start, you can vetify from rear view mirror that are the break lights on. Just dont release brake between. Okay, thanks. Sorry for my misunderstanding of what you meant. I'll try that next time.
  3. Thanks for the kind welcome, and advice. I realize there may be differences - just hoping for an answer from somewhere, since my dealership seems useless. And that said, the tranny is in Park (and apparently won’t come out until the engine starts) and the foot is definitely pressing the brake. I’ve driven many push start/stop cars in my work, and this one is no different (other than the issue, of course). It’s quite annoying. cheers, Jim
  4. Hi. Thanks for responding. I don't think that's the problem (the vehicle still stops fine, LOL) but I'll certainly check into it. cheers Jim
  5. Hello, folks. Newbie from Canada here. We bought a 2013 RAV4 Limited about six months ago (98,000 km now) and every so often when we press the start/stop button all the systems come on (audio, hoax, IP warning lights, etc.) but the engine doesn’t even crank. It’s as if the power isn’t getting from the button to the starter. We have a brand new (3 weeks) battery and we had a remote starter that we removed, to no avail. Key fob batteries are new, btw. The RAV usually starts again after a few minutes, but last week it wouldn’t and we had to leave it overnight in a parking lot. Quite annoying. Naturally, when the tow truck arrived it started just fine and the Toyota dealer couldn’t reproduce the problem. There was a workaround in the owners manual (put it into accessory mode, then press the brake and hold the button down for 15 seconds) and it worked the first time I tried it, but not this last time. Any suggestions would be very appreciated. Thanks in advance! cheers, Jim