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  1. So headrests and 3 point belts are all options I guess? Hmm, that's a bit annoying. Oh well. Thanks!
  2. I'm heavily considering buying an imported early year Mk3 Estima, and although it's not the most pressing requirement, I would like it to have 3 point seatbelts and headrests on all seats. It also needs to have 8 seats. Looking at various listings, I see many variations, with seemingly no pattern, some don't have any middle headrests, some only the third row has no middle headrest, some with lap belts in the middle, some with 8 three point belts. Year doesn't seem to matter much either, some 2010s have lapbelts and no middle headrests, while some 2006s have 3 point belts and headrests all the way! What determines all of this? Is there some trim level list somewhere explaining this? Doesn't help the fact I don't see many trim levels attached to these listings, I still don't know what Aeras means. Thank you.
  3. This forum is kinda a last resort for me on finding specific info on a potential new Mk3 Toyota Estima.