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  1. I have a 2013 Scion IQ (auto/cvt). I had the 'check engine' and 'trac control' lights come on a few years ago.. I was driving on city streets. All I noticed was that the car didn't respond as it should when I gave it gas. ( nothing drastic ) I ran the codes. It said the gas pedal was the problem. I removed the pedal assembly. (it's easier to unplug it that way. I unplugged it and looked at the inside of the plug. All looked fine. Plugged the pedal back in and all was good then. (I'm sure I avoided a $500 bill ) Same problem just occurred a few years later. I didn't bother running the codes. I just unplugged/re-plugged the pedal. Saved another $500. Here's a scary one. I was driving the car the first light snow of the year. On a city street, going slow on level road. Just maintaining speed..... not slowing ..... not speeding up...... not turning. All of a sudden the car snapped sideways and I'm heading towards the curb. The damn stability control had a brain !Removed! and applied the brakes in such a fashion as to throw me sideways !!!!!!!!!! Luckily it released the brakes in time for me to save the car. Of course the dealer thought I was full of it. They recommended I put new tires on it ( only 15K on them ) If I was on the highway or my car sent me into oncoming traffic , the results could have had deadly results.