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  1. Electric Windows are done and working great. For those who plan to do this all you need is: *Window regulators *Door looms *Just the passenger side Relay ( its is a RED colour relay fitted behind the glovebox, just remove glovebox and you will see it easily) Drivers side should already be fitted as mine was. *Window switches. It was so great to see them working, all that hard work finally paid off. Strange how the simpliest things can make you happy.
  2. I tried the switches and they dont work. i have had a look and i do believe I need the relays and fuses so will go to this guy I know who is breaking a corolla to get the bits soon. will keep posted
  3. Hi haven't posted on here for a while so I first want to say Happy New year to all. Now I would like to ask for some advice. I have a 98 Corolla E11 hatch. The story is I obtained the electric window kit from a salvage corolla E11 (Regulators & loom) and have just fitted them but not working. Anyone hav any experience in this or know whether I need any special relays or fuses? I am a total noob and I am having a mind block right now.
  4. Hi mate what parts do you have for the E11?
  5. Looking at the rear it seems to me that maybe Lexus used the rear lights of the 2000GT to inspire the original Lexus Crystal rear clusters. What do you you guys think? BTW. I knew it was an expensive car but £245,000!!!
  6. Check it out http://www.carandclassic.com/car/C110129/
  7. Tell me about it, well fingers crossed!
  8. Want the skirts so please let me know if anyone has them!
  9. Just want to give a massive thumbs up! As a fellow E11 driver this is truly the ultimate E11 made!
  10. Want the skirts so please let me know if anyone has them!
  11. Hi guys does anyone know anyone who is breaking a G6R? Really want the side skirts! Thanks peeps!
  12. Hi guys I am selling up my Corolla E12 collection so please follow link to the for sale page. http://toyotaownersclub.com/forums/index.p...howtopic=107058 :D :D :D
  13. Well the car is idling quite unstable, its funny because when I switch my dim lights on the idling is much smoother as it sits at about 800rpm, sometimes I feel like just driving all day with the lights on. Well I wanted to service everything together to make it run more efficiently since I will be doing a lot of driving on the motorways etc. To be honest I had a Micra 1.0 which as a official record would do 46mpg, the corolla 1.4 figure is 42mpg but it feels more like I am doing 30mpg with the corolla, trust me you can not drive slower then me, I am a driving instructor in the day and so I never go over 30mph in the city and always try to get to the high gears. Anyhow at this rate I will end up selling this car, I don't think its as good as my old E11.
  14. Hi guys, I just did an oil change on my car, changed the usual bits and changed the injectors along with it. Improved the idling quite a bit. I wanted to change the fuel filter as well but couldn't find where the hell it is! I tried to look online but no luck, then called Toyota to ask but they said its built in to the fuel pump and is not a part you can service. But, I have bought the part which is supplied by Toyota separately so surely it can be changed otherwise they would have just sold me the whole fuel pump system. Has anyone changed this part on their car? If so anyone know where it is located and how to do it? I'm trying my best to get better MPG from my motor, the injectors really didn't do anything even doe it was supposed to help by up to 30% as some websites stated! P.S My engines the T3 1.4 4ZZ-FE engine.
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