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  1. 2.49 an hour or 2grand for a year they no how to rip people off feel used and abused now 😞
  2. bladeliker

    water pump

    hi all iv brought a new pump as its leaking like crazy phoned up the garage since i cant find a repair manual or even a video giving me a full step by step guild on how to install one been quoted from 350 to 550. my car is a 2.2 d4d verso 57 reg is there any manuals out there or tools i need to do it my self i have most tools accept cam belt any links to ebay or amazon would do
  3. Hi ive taken of the bumper the bonnet slam panel now cant get the raid out whats going on its stupidity found a massive hole iv found a spar rad from donor car but the expanstion bottle diffrent and the code on the raidator is diffrent as well Model name : Corolla Verso Model code : AUR10 Variant : Engine : 2AD- FT
  4. so how do you remove the radiator then
  5. my mistake on the v5 is T2 D-4D 2.2
  6. Hello all im new to Toyota as i never had one before iv been having problems locating Haynes manual for the car and so i phoned today and found out they dont do a manual for the car and has left me stumped even you-tube videos there are none and im thinking is this a ghost car that no one ever wanted or loved that its my first mpv in two years. so basically the thermostat has gone on it blowing cold air and small leaking radiator but still holding water so im after any information in removing the thermostat and radiator hopeful the raid weld can help fix it on the cheap side any suggestions would be grateful