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  1. Hi, It was indeed the same problem. This is what I found after removing the air filter box: No gear position sensor as far as the eye can see! After some searching I found it a bit further to the left and down, below the grey cable: (you can see the attachment point lit up in the bottom part of the picture). After reconnecting it the error vanished and everyone is happy :)
  2. Thank you for the informative pictures. I understand where and what to look for now! I will check the connection during the weekend and see if that was in case the problem. Cheers, Per
  3. Hi, I had my gear box and clutch replaced, and got the "Check parking brake system" the day after I got the car back. That's why I'm suspecting it's the same issue that you had, plus the system itself is working fine without any issues (auto release, EPB button etc). I'm no expert on cars however so I find it difficult to locate the switch.. Do you suggest taking the car to a Toyota dealership to verify the error code before checking the gear position sensor? Cheers, Per
  4. Hi Konrad, I think my Avensis has the exact same issue that you are describing. I want to try your solution but I'm a bit confused about what the pictures are showing? Can we see the loose gear position sensor in the pictures? Also, is the "air filter box" the black box between the engine block and the fuse box? Thanks, Per