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  1. Wellsy18SR

    My Little 1.8 SR

    41k on clock Performance custom 3.5inch exhaust Racechip throttle tuner fitted K&N typhoon induction kit finally fitted and engine bay cover sprayed back to black New spoiler & Alloys Performance Tuning box added for good measure, getting lovely pops and bangs now when i dip clutch👍😁
  2. My front passenger door was same, just one weird circle in middle of door, oh and all my alloys are goosed! paint/lacquer bubbling around centre caps. Seems to be a common thing with toyota alloys. Me dads rav4 and my uncle's landcruiser both have the same issue.
  3. Sorry didn't read your paragraph at bottom, if you're buying a stereo that'll have all RCA built in. You might need a wiring adapter, mine on my 2008 plate needed one and a steering wheel remote wiring adapter so the steering wheel buttons still worked. better to check now and have them ready, nothing worse than waiting for delivery when you have all fancy sub & head unit. Oh and you'll need a sub/amp wiring kit they're around £20 at halfords or amazon. !Removed! adapters and wiring kits will end up costing you £50!!!!, i needed a new fascia for mine which cost £60🙈😂 unreal pal
  4. Shouldn't be to hard pal. Just take your time. You might just need an adaptor if your stereo doesn't have rca fitments in back and you might find it easier getting a live sub with amp already built in, less wires all over place. I've found a video on youtube, should hopefully help you get your head around it. https://youtu.be/z5DtmfJxslY
  5. I Fitted a K&N Typhoon system on my mk2 yaris other week, Cant feel much difference to the standard K&N induction system i had on if I'm honest!! So don't waste £350, just get the £100 kit pal. Youll definitely feel a difference in the way it drives and feels.
  6. My old mazda 2 1.4 handled like that until i invested in a Koni str.t sports suspension kit, lowers car by 30mm all round and handled like a go cart after, it'll blow ur mind!! Around £300 on demontweeks website. Performance mods : k&n induction kit around £80-100 and have a look into a racechip throttle controller theyre expensive (cheaper makes on ebay) but i love mine in me yaris work great! Bang it in sport+ or race+ mode and throttles on steroids, wheel spinning down road😂
  7. I went for an under the seat subwoofer, due to the boot being tiny to start with:) This 150watt Pioneer works great attached to my double din unit and it weirdly gets power from my headunit so all i did was earth it and plug the appropriate wires into my head unit, oh and it fits great under drivers chair. Piece of cake😉
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