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  1. Red Dexs

    Power loss

    Thank you very much Phil.
  2. Red Dexs

    Power loss

    What compression figures am I hoping to expect when I eventually do a test. Thank you.
  3. Red Dexs

    Power loss

    Thank you Lee and Mick. Apart from the occasional trip to Heraklion airport ( I live on Crete) most of my runs are short so perhaps a carbon build up could be a contender. I'm waiting delivery on a compression tester.
  4. Red Dexs

    Power loss

    I have a 2010 Yaris 1.3 manual and it is slowly losing power, when once I could zip up hills in 6th gear I'm now changing down to 4th gear. The car has only done 81500KMs I have had it from new, and it has a full service record. It is now starting to hunt whilst idling and sometimes cuts out on me when waiting at road junctions etc. Thinking the obvious I ran a full tank of petrol mixed with injector cleaner and this has achieved nothing, I am now running a second tank full to try again. I took it back to the agent and they said it was the fuel /air sensor and we tried a new one but it was exactly the same ( there are no dash warning lights showing by the way). The spark plugs are fairly new and have been checked and tested, the air filter is clean. Anyone experienced this before?
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