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  1. Not necessarily- My first car was a Corolla Gt-i16. It had an issue with jumping out of 5th gear - this is a well documented issue with these cars. The 5th gear synchro mesh was worn and had to be replaced by a specialist.
  2. For a 14 year old car things like this happen, it's not unreasonable. A corolla is generally a reliable car, I have had several different models with little or no issues. There are numerous steering components listed on Ebay, some new and some used. They are significantly less expensive than the price you mentioned above.
  3. Investigate the reason why the lights are staying illuminated after the engine is running perhaps?
  4. As Iceman29 rightly mentions you can get these parts you are selling from ECP for £78.57 with FREE delivery. For a buyer to pay for postage to you it would likely be quite expensive due to the size and weight of the oil. Are you looking for offers around £60 + postage costs?
  5. Not necessarily - Brake fluid change is easily done under an hour at a garage. Put vehicle on ramp and use mechanical fluid change equipment (different brands are available) which connects to an air supply. The fluid is actually pushed through the lines with air pressure rather than 'sucked out' as mentioned above. Using a clear bottle connected by tube to the caliper bleed valve, you can see when the fluid runs clear. Do this for all 4 braking corners. Procedure time less than an hour and an easy method.
  6. If it is indeed a gearbox issue then it will potentially be an expensive repair. The dealer you bought the car from should be your first call, especially if you have only recently bought the car.
  7. Hi Nathan The best option is to make contact with the dealer and explain the issues that you are having. They will examine the car for the defect rather than people trying to guess on a forum. Regards
  8. Alternatively, Ebay has quite a few corollas breaking for spares of the same model years that you have which would work for you.
  9. HS78

    P0 codes

    Hi Out of interest regarding Toyota TechStream, how much is the subscription and do you find that it's a useful piece of equipment/software to own? Regards
  10. HS78

    leaks 2NZFE

    Whilst it could be related to the steering pump, black oil would usually indicate engine oil. Steering fluid should be a varying shade of red. Perhaps the steering fluid has never been changed and the viscosity is significantly deteriorated?
  11. I would disagree with this statement. Your car is 9 years old so having a coil spring and drop-link replaced is nothing unusual even with the reasonably low mileage. Who knows what type of surfaces your car has been driven on prior to your ownership. The previous owner may have lived on a farm or similar. While I'm sure it's possible, most cars regardless of make and model will have coil springs replaced and drop links at some point of the vehicle's life.
  12. HS78

    Bumper damaged

    After looking at the pictures of the damage, I believe there is a likelihood that the car would be written off. Your Auris is a 2007 model and has a relatively low market value. An insurance assessment would likely not consider repairing this car as being 'economic'. Where repair costs are more than 50% of the vehicle value (all insurance companies have their own % but 50% is one of the more common ones used), the decision unfortunately, is to write the vehicle off. Good luck!
  13. HS78

    Bumper damaged

    I would be concerned about potential suspension damage too. Maybe getting your car on a ramp to have a look underneath would help to check for any other damage. The car has been hit at reasonable speed so a complete inspection would help you decide what to do with the car. Silver paintwork can be difficult to match should you decide to repair the car. What I dislike the most is how deceptive people try to be. A neighbour not having the decency to admit to you what happened and take responsibility.
  14. Hi Dave Have the rules recently changed to allow driving from Scotland to England and back again? Maybe I missed the changes . . .