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  1. I have used Blueprint parts on various toyotas that I have owned. I find the quality good and the prices reasonable too. They have a good selection of replacement parts. https://www.blue-print.de/home/
  2. There are lots of Rav4's breaking for spares on Ebay that should be suitable if you are considering a used part.
  3. HS78

    Wheel Trims

    Hi I looked on Ebay and used 'toyota corolla wheel trims' in the search bar. Another menu will then come up called 'Find parts for your car' where you can enter all of your car details and hopefully find a set that will match, maybe you have seen this already. Even if the wheel trims aren't a perfect fit you could use white or black cable ties to make them secure if you don't mind the appearance too much. Stops them falling off or someone removing them quickly.
  4. Good to know as I have the 1.2t engine in my auris too. Will you be able to get the cost refunded from Toyota perhaps? Hope you can it's a lot of money.
  5. You may find that a previous owner has removed the light bulb from the dash or used electrical tape to cover over where the light would illuminate. As a former driving examiner I saw a few cars coming to the test centre where the driving instructor had used electrical tape to cover over various dash lights including air bag lights in an attempt to deceive the examiner . . .
  6. Is your car still within warranty (5years/100,000 miles) ?
  7. It depends on how high the biting point is. Potentially the clutch friction plate could be nearing a replacement soon. It may also just be related to you becoming acclimatised with a new car too.
  8. HS78

    Help with connector

    If your car doesn't have VSC then fitting a VSC 'Off button' is unlikely to work. VSC is a system which uses various sensors and an ECU to operate. Your Auris year model possibly didn't have VSC as standard or maybe it was an option?
  9. That's not so good if there is no space for a spare wheel. I don't like the puncture repair kits that some cars come with these days.
  10. HS78

    More faults!

    For a car that's 10 years old 115k miles could be considered average miles for year. It's not unreasonable that at this point it will require items such as wheel bearings. If your car hasn't needed these parts until higher mileage then that's fortunate to have lasted so well. The history of the car and driver(s) has an impact on when and what needs replaced.
  11. How much would a spare wheel cost for the C-RV if it is an optional extra?
  12. HS78

    More faults!

    Is 115 thousand miles regarded as low mileage? Replacement clutch at this mileage is acceptable nothing unusual there. Flywheel may have been changed as an over cautious measure by the garage, The gearbox service may just have been an oil change. It does sound like a front wheel bearing. You could jack up the front wheels and check for any significant free play and rotate the wheels by hand and check for any roughness.
  13. Another option would to have the front wheels balanced at a garage. This would also enable a visual inspection of the tyre at high speed to see if it is out of shape when rotated. The original poster mentioned vibration so potentially wheel balancing issues. Worth checking as wheel balancing is quick and reasonably cost effective.
  14. Yes on isolated occasions higher mpg figures are always achievable. As you rightly say a more accurate review over the course of a year it averaged at 42-45mpg which is helpful to know. HonestJohn user reviews of the auris SR180 have a 'Real' mpg average of 38.1mpg.
  15. Toyota estimate that the fuel economy on the 2.2 sr180 is around 45-47mpg on average. To get near 60mpg from this engine would prove difficult. I used to have an auris 58 plate with the 1.4 d4d engine and the economy was usually around 60mpg. This was mainly motorway driving at 55-60mph most of the time.