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  1. Thanks for posting this. The Toyota Hybrid Battery Extended Cover Terms state something different for taxis - Extended Cover will not be provided for: e) vehicles which are not technically fault free. and f) vehicles which are professionally used as taxis and already have had five Hybrid Battery Health Checks. The Toyota Hybrid Battery Extended Cover T&C's document can be viewed here if interested - https://www.toyota.co.uk/download/cms/gben/Toyota Hybrid Battery Extended Cover Terms_tcm-3060-1563365.pdf
  2. My Toyota 5 year warranty expires soon. As mentioned, I have the 1.2T petrol engine so no hybrid battery fitted. Also I am a qualified technician and in the unlikely event a problem occurs, I am fortunate to be able to remedy myself. Good luck with your future car choice.
  3. Not sure why this statement would need to be repeated but for anyone that missed it first time . . A 15 year warranty is great! - Provided you meet all of the terms and conditions as set out in the Toyota extended warranty. Cars used as a taxi do not qualify unfortunately. Neither will any car that misses, or is late being serviced potentially at the discretion of Toyota. It also means you are tied into paying a dealership 15 years worth of servicing to be eligible for the warranty. For the majority of Toyota owners, I'm sure they will be happy with this arrangement. For myse
  4. Hi Joe All good points made by the hybrid owners. I have a petrol 1.2t Auris so my findings for my own car are - Reasonably low emissions (£30 per year road fund licence), My average mpg is 51 used in a mixture of road and traffic conditions, it has a full size spare wheel which isn't always included in a hybrid car due to the large and heavy hybrid battery taking up vehicle space. The petrol versions are usually less expensive than the hybrid equivalent. I personally find a manual gearbox better for me than an automatic. The hybrid vehicles require a hybrid battery check every
  5. Hi Elliot A Celica would be a nice first car. How much is the insurance for a 17 year old? Regards
  6. Hi Robin Although the service book indicates a brake fluid change at 20,000 miles, this is not always necessary. The fluid should be visually inspected and then an instrument can check the boiling point of the fluid. If it is satisfactory then there is no real requirement to change the fluid. You could request the brake fluid to be changed but this would be an additional cost to the service charge. Brake fluid will generally last a lot longer than 20,000 miles, especially the original fluid. If the fluid level is between the minimum and maximum then that's satisfactory. When br
  7. HS78

    Spare Wheel?

    I wouldn't consider changing from any Toyota model to another as a 'downgrade', they are just 'different' in their own way. Wooster may consider that changing from a 2010 car to a much newer model (2015 - 2018) is an improvement regardless of what model is chosen. With regards to the original question of a spare wheel - My Auris has a full size spare and plenty of space for other accessories. I have the 1.2 petrol model so no hybrid battery taking additional space.
  8. Have any IQ owners with this issue remedied this with white vinyl on the roof and bonnet? Are other panels on the car affected?
  9. I have an SD card from my previous Avensis TR 1.8 (2011 model). If anybody requires one, let me know.
  10. Hi MJ Hope I could help - It is only my advice. Highway code rule 267 - "Overtake only on the right" Highway code rule 268 - "Do not overtake on the left" As I mentioned, if you use lane 1 to pass traffic on lane 2 you may have a vehicle returning to lane 1 that hasn't seen you because of a lack of awareness of you are in their blind spot. It's a good poll regarding defensive driving. People who vote in favour of 'not slowing down' have a certain personality trait.
  11. This is true to a point. The hazard perception test has been part of the theory test for many years now. It is designed to teach inexperienced drivers how, and when to react to hazards. When we drive in lane 1 of a motorway, an experienced driver will always expect, and plan ahead for vehicles merging from the left. A slip road onto a motorway is in it's simplest terms just a junction like a T-junction, roundabout etc. Where another vehicle emerges in front of us incorrectly, as a competent driver we use our skills to react to these situations. However, people bring their pers
  12. Thanks for sharing your video - As a former DVSA driving examiner, clips of driving can be viewed in various ways but here is my view if interested: At the start of the clip you are driving in lane 1 of the motorway. You proceed to undertake the van in lane 2 which has can have serious consequences. What if the van had decided to move back to lane 1 at the point where you were in his blind spot area undertaking him? We cant't see what was going on prior to the undertake but something to consider . . The Mercedes car that was moving from the slip road to join the motorway - Yes
  13. Hi Nigel Are you going for the 2.0 or 3.0 litre engine? I'm sure either will be great. I remember seeing the original supra back in the early 1990's, it was a real head turner. Good luck with your new car
  14. This is the issue with a minor / interim service. The oil and filter can be changed quickly, 10 - 15 minutes. The rest of the 29 minute service that your car received would have been used for checks such as tyre pressures, filling washer reservoir etc. This is where a garage will make the best profit - servicing nearly new cars that they know will have no faults with them unless there is a known recall for something. They are able to service new cars quickly in comparison to older cars which may require additional work to be remedied. Unfortunately service costs are set prices rath
  15. I would disagree with this statement - This is from the MOT manual Section 6.1.3 Fire risk due to fuel tank shield or exhaust shield missing where fitted as original equipment Dangerous If the tester believes that a heat shield was fitted previously but has been removed then this can be a assessed as a serious defect due to the potential of a fire risk. There are many items on a car that are tested and visually inspected. For example if a car has one or more wheel bolts missing, brake fluid reservoir cap missing etc. The main point is - if it was fitted from the fa
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