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  1. The wiper jet shot a lot further across the windscreen some time ago, but now the water does not shoot far enough for the wiper blade to spread it across the screen to clean it, so there is a fault somewhere. Thanks though for your reply.
  2. Thanks for your advice. I will check it out.
  3. Hi all, my wife owns a 2013 Toyota Yaris with the single front wiper blade which has the washer jet fixed to the blade. When the washer switch is operated the water emits from the jet but only shoots about 20cm from the jet in quite a dense flow. The jet is clear. I have disconnected the plastic tubes and blown them through with no improvement. If i squeeze the disconnected pipe end and operate the washer switch the water shoots a long way, as it used to when the washer system was operating correctly. Has something blown out of the jet allowing the water pressure at the jet to be low and thus the distance it shoots to be reduced? Will a new washer jet cure the problem or could it be caused by something else (?). Any help will be appreciated. Alan
  4. Hi all, cleaned out EGR valve and checked with a meter that the contacts associated with the opening and closing of the valve were working. Reassembled and refitted valve. Alarms came on again but after stopping and starting again, they disappeared. So car passed MOT with no advisories and now back on the road. Looks like it was the starter motor all along. Thanks to all who contributed to this issue.
  5. Hi again, just to let you know I found the OBD 11 connector on the car (mut go to specsavers - obvious when you get down on your knees!!!! Ha, ha) and it's got P0400 code which is EGR Flow Malfunction. Not sure yet what's causing this, but I did remove the EGR and pipework, so don't know whether it is an electrical connector problem. Will look tomorrow.
  6. Hi Kennycab and m456an, thankyou very much for your replies. Much appreciated. The only way I could see how to remove it was very similar to what m456an had said - removing other items to gain access to the bottom bolt which was very tight and think I would never have loosened it from below with extension tools and 1/2" universal unions, and even if I had I could see no way that the motor could be removed from below. So ended up disconnecting the inlet tube and removing the inlet manifold, to get a good clearance for leverage with a 6 sided 17mm socket on an extension bar. So longer job than I thought, but got new motor, installed it yesterday and refitted all other bits today. Engine started OK but engine light on dash. Do you know where the OBD 11 socket is on this car - might need to reset the electronics after the battery has been removed for a time? Cheers
  7. Could omeone please let me know which is the best way to remove the starter motor from my 2006 Avensis 2.2 D4D. I have removed the battery and battery base plate and loosened the top bolt. I can see the bottom bolt after removing the bottom engine covers, but a) how do you get a spanner or socket onto this bottom bolt and b) how do you remove the motor and solenoid without removing loads of other items that are above the motor. I can remove all the items but do I have to. Any help would be truly appreciated.
  8. Hi Mike, yes, I do have an OB2 reader - it's only a cheap one but has sorted my son's problem on his VW golf car and his girl friends Mini Cooper. No faults found on my car. Cheers Mike Hi Joe, thanks for the advice on how to put photos/videos onto this site. I will take a short video clip showing the start problem and see if I can upload it. Cheers Joe.
  9. Hi again, Matt, I do it every time now, as it seems as though there is more chance of it starting either first or second time of operation of the key, before I feel that the battery starts to struggle. So I'm wondering if there is also a fuel flow, or fuel pressure, problem as well. When you get a combination of things causing problems it makes it more difficult to sort. I'm going to start with the starter motor, then glowplugs, then get at local garage to check out the fuel system - I'm sure they can put a high pressure gauge, which I haven't got, onto the fuel system and see what's happening. I'm sure it will get sorted in the near future. Thanks for your interest. Cheers Alan
  10. Hi Matt, this is very similar to what my car is doing. Have you sorted the starting problem out yet. I have not had time to get to the bottom of what's causing my problem and keep carrying out the same starting procedure that gets it started - pressing the fuel priming button and allowing the glowplugs 2 tries before turning the key fully clockwise. I also keep the battery on trickle charge. I'll get round to fixing it when I've had my kitchen fitted - soon I hope. Thanks for the video clip.
  11. This happened on my daughter's Yaris. Luckily the nuts holding the shield to the underside unscrewed reasonably easy. I then pop rivetted on some thin aluminium pieces to the heat shield which I had moulded to the same shape as the original with a round headed hammer. Had to do all 3 shields. Good as new. It is a 09 reg car so quite surprised I managed to get the nuts off.
  12. Hi Joe, thanks for the lowdown on the Archoil. Alan
  13. Hi Rupert Huxley, thankyou very much for your message. This sounds very much like my problem, although the car starts straight away at times. I have had the battery checked twice - it is a Bosch one now about 3 years old, and I have just found one of the glowplugs failed. Did you replace yours yourself or take it to a garage? I intended to take the starter motor off at the weekend but ran out of time and it looks quite a difficult job to remove. Did you have to remove loads of other things to take it out? Cheers again.
  14. Hi Scott, not sure how I drop you a PM from this forum, sorry.
  15. Can I please ask if anyone has used the fuel additive called Archoil AR6400-D MAX to clean any deposits of carbon in the diesel fuel system if they are having problems. The information that goes with it says it can clean up EGRs, DPFs, CATs and improve performance. BUT does it work, because it is quite expensive.
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