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  1. On Friday I took my wife’s 2011 Aygo into the dealership for a recall on the rear windows. The job was done but it was not until we got home that I took a proper look. I have added a photo and to be honest the job looks a bit unfinished and not really professional looking. Would anyone know if this is as it should be? It looks to me like there should be a bit of finishing trim but to be honest I cannot recall what it was like before but I feel if it was like this I would have noticed. Any help would be very much appreciated. Robin Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  2. Hi to all, I’m not new but my details are no longer valid. I did own Toyota Avensis in 2009 but sold it on a couple of years later. My wife has a 2011 Toyota Aygo Go we purchased new but it’s now beginning to cost us money so with that in mind I thought I would renew my membership, plus I have a question. So hello from a very sunny Norfolk where it’s like a summers day. Robin Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk