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  1. Thanks everyone for their input. I am unable to test drive the car as I am a disabled driver and I am getting the car on a motability scheme. None of the dealer have a car which has event the basic controls which would allow me to test drive the car. I have now ordered the Icon Tech mainly because it comes with the reversing sensors as standard. On the ford I have key less entry as standard. On Yaris, I would have had to get the Excel model which has a down payment, then pay for the sensors and key less entry as separate components, adding £800 to my bill. And all this without even test diving the car. I just hope the driving experience isn't too different from the Ford.
  2. I realise this and I am not looking for an exact scientifically based answer. I am just looking for some guidance
  3. I own 14 reg Titanium X. I am just about to reach 27,000 on the clock and that includes daily commute to work and usual trips around town in the weekend. I did have a look at Honest John and it would seem to suggest I could average at 55 mpg, so 15 more than what I am doing now. There are lots of contradictory reviews from users about how to drive it for optimum performance
  4. I have an automatic 1 litre eco boost engine. I have read the reviews on Honest John but still undecided
  5. Hi Heidi, Thanks. My work commute is mainly urban, around 12 miles each way and the usual weekend runaround in town. I have had the fiesta close to 5 years and its just about to reach 27000 miles on the clock.
  6. Hi I am new so apologies if I make any silly mistakes. I currently drive a Fiesta Titanium X and am looking to get the Excel as its the only one that has similar features of the Titanium. I am having trouble deciding whether it will give me any real savings on the mpg. My titanium currently averages out at 40 mpg every two weeks on a full tank which costs me around £40. I have heard countless number of people say I would need to drive it less than 30 mph to get any real savings, but this isn't practical on my commute. Can anyone please tell me what your real mpg is on the Excel or the Icon Tech (another model I am considering) and how long an average tank costs and lasts? I have also read reviews where they say it's not a very exciting car to drive compared to the Fiesta. I don't get over excited while going to work but I just need to know what they mean by this. Thank you in advance 🙂