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  1. Hi guys I've bled the brakes again, pumping a liter of fluid through the system no air bubbles. I checked the the non return valve and it seams to be working. So I've eliminated the master brake cylinder and the brake booster and if there's any leaks in the system. Yet the peddle still sinks after the car has stopped. The only other thing connected to the system is the abs. I have no dash lights coming on and there is no codes(I only have a basic reader). Any other thoughts on this?
  2. Thanks Bernard I saw one that uses the spare wheel to supply the pressure, that I might get. Thanks for your time.
  3. Thanks flash, I definitely will do. Is it as easy as pulling the pipe off, checking it and replacing it? And if it is faulty can you direct me where to get a new one? I'm struggling to find one on the Web. I'm gona get it done this coming weekend and will let u know the result. Thanks for the help.
  4. Thanks to all have replied, if anyone has more info to help along it is appreciated.
  5. Thanks bernard I bled the brake many times, last when I changed the master cylinder. But I think I might get a pressure bleeder and try it again before I look into a booster, they so expensive. Thanks
  6. thanks flash 22 I pump the brake then the car is off and the peddle goes hard, sinks again when I start the car. doent this mean its ok?, ive heard something about a atmospheric valve in it that can be faulty, but it was a quick read on another feed. And its a 1.8 petrol. thanks for the help
  7. thanks Greg the car has passed the mot end of November. I recall something about this on the preface lift models, and as I say the fluid has not dropped so I ruled out a leak. but I will into this and im willing to look into all possibilities. thanks again
  8. hi every one, I hope u guys can help. I have a 2006 avensis with braking issues. the brake peddle sinks to the floor after the car stops, but please read for the full description. I have had the master cylinder changed but the issue stays. 2006 avensis with traction control and stability control and abs. brand new OEM master cylinder on it, and brakes blead at the same point. brake fluid has not dropped in the reservoir. when the car is started and I pump the brakes the peddle starts to firm up, only to sink again(while pressure is still been applied, but not been pumped) when the car is off and I pump the brakes the peddle firms up and stays firm, only to sink when I start the car(this tells me booster is working correctly??) its my wifes car and the issue seams to be getting worse. all the info I came across leads me to the mater cylinder or a leak somewhere, but I don't think so as ive had the master replaced and the fluid has not dropped. any help in the right direction to follow would be a absolute god send. so if anyone knows anything like my situation help would be truly appreciated. many thanks jonathan
  9. Hi everyone, I have a squeak coming from the left wheel location. Its not loud but its noticeable. I don't think it's the suspension or cv joint but think it's rather something to do with the anti roll bar. I've taken the wheel off today, but I don't see any obvious signs of damage. All the rods and bushes look OK. Once the car is in the air I can't bounce it to pinpoint the noise. Can any help? Maybe just a point to where I need to focus my attention first. Help is appreciated. Thanks all
  10. thanks Jim, ill leave it in that case. I appreciate the reply.
  11. hi guys, im planning on doing a service on my 2006 1.8lt petrol avensis. I cant find the location of the petrol filter. I find info on the disiel but not petrol. can any one please help me. thanks j
  12. Hi guys. I installed parking sensors on my 2006 avensis hatchback. I just want to let people know it was a pretty straight forward process, that most can do themselves with a little homework. The process only took about an hour(learning on the job). I took nothing off the car. just thought others might be thinking of doing the same.
  13. glad to be here, I bought a 2006 avensis hatback acouple of months ago.