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  1. Hi everyone, I have a squeak coming from the left wheel location. Its not loud but its noticeable. I don't think it's the suspension or cv joint but think it's rather something to do with the anti roll bar. I've taken the wheel off today, but I don't see any obvious signs of damage. All the rods and bushes look OK. Once the car is in the air I can't bounce it to pinpoint the noise. Can any help? Maybe just a point to where I need to focus my attention first. Help is appreciated. Thanks all
  2. thanks Jim, ill leave it in that case. I appreciate the reply.
  3. hi guys, im planning on doing a service on my 2006 1.8lt petrol avensis. I cant find the location of the petrol filter. I find info on the disiel but not petrol. can any one please help me. thanks j
  4. Hi guys. I installed parking sensors on my 2006 avensis hatchback. I just want to let people know it was a pretty straight forward process, that most can do themselves with a little homework. The process only took about an hour(learning on the job). I took nothing off the car. just thought others might be thinking of doing the same.
  5. glad to be here, I bought a 2006 avensis hatback acouple of months ago.