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  1. I'm working with Chargemaster for my charge point installation, and am not hugely impressed. They're something of a mixed ability group, and I never seem to talk to the same person twice. It's all over their website that a new installation is free for new applicants, I'm now being told this is only the case for new or ex demo vehicles. Anyone care to share their Chargemaster experience, good, bad or indifferent?
  2. I've done the same as Geoff, agree it does what it says on the tin (pouch). Don't forget the spare keys!
  3. I got my Gen2 new in Jan 2007, and 12 years & 107K virtually trouble-free miles later have just handed it on to my newly-married daughter. I say virtually as a couple of years ago the ABS warning lights came on, but this turned out to be a problem with the sensor and not an ABS fault. I've replaced the 12v battery once and the exhaust system once. There's no way I would give my daughter a car that I didn't think was totally reliable. No technical info to share, but for what it's worth in my view if you've got £5K to spend on a 2nd hand car, you could do a hell of a lot worse than a Gen 2 Prius.
  4. Thanks for all the feedback, I've started to use front & rear defoggers on start up, then after a minute or 2 switch to auto, this works fine unless it's really cold. Been driving about a month now and I've been looking out for other Gen4 PHEVs, but yet to see one, are they really that rare? Mind you north Cheshire is very much SUV country 😕, a Range Rover round here is like a clitoris, every ****'s got one. I'll keep looking though.....
  5. Hi, I've been a Prius owner for 12 years but just stepped up to a 2018 PHEV Excel. Working my way through an owners manual that makes War and Peace look like The Beano. I'll be browsing the forums for helpful shortcuts!
  6. After much navel gazing I swapped my 2007 Gen2 Prius for Gen4 Prius PHEV 3 weeks ago, and am highly delighted.... mostly. Agree with others on here, not having an off switch for the auto headlamps is a big oversight. One thing I notice, the windows steam up much more readily than my Gen2 after a few minutes, particularly rear side windows. I've faffed about with the fan settings etc but maybe I'm too much of a newbie to get it right... any tips gratefully received! 😊