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  1. I am certainly spinning in eco mode...! Its a pity cross-climate will not be available for 18" rims. Does anyone have experience with Primacy 4 tyres ? are they any better than 3s ? When i was last in the local Dealership a few weeks ago I noticed that the new cars were fitted with Bridgestones, anyone have experience of them ? I will need new tyres soon, already 17K on my car after 9 months, usually get 20-25K between tyre changes, so will need to decide what to buy soon.
  2. Hello All, My CH-R came with Michelin Primacy 3 tyres which I seriously do not like. I have had them on previous cars and their performance is very poor. Please consider that I am not a fast driver but do drive between 400 and 600 miles a week. I find the traction control cutting in if i drive over manholes or drain covers, I can wheel spin on roads with gravel on them and have poor traction in the wet. I drive in Eco mode to get better fuel economy - i did the same in my previous MY14 Prius - and would appreciate any input from other owners. I am looking to move to Michelin Cross-Climate as I have previously found them to be the best overall tyre for grip in all conditions as soon as the Primacy 3's wear out and am happy to live with 2-3 drop in MPG