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  1. I was hoping you guys might be able to help. My parents have an import Toyota Surf 1994 and up until recently the Clifford Concept 300 alarm that was fitted in it caused no problems, then the remote for the central locking worked, but the immobiliser stop working. In other words there was no response at all. Also, the light on the dash would not illuminate. My parents changed the batteries in the remote in an effort to rectify the situation but the immobiliser would still not allow the vehicle to start. Following this they contacted an 'alarm specialist' who came out to inspect the vehicle. He said that the alarm has never worked and disabled it, unfortunately the vehicle battery was low because they had tried to start it so many times. The specialist told them to charge the battery overnight, use Easy Start and it should didn't. Finally a mechanic came out to have a look but couldn't come up with any answers as to why the vehicle wouldn't start. Has anyone else experience similar problems? Thanks in advance.