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  1. MPG and 2.5 ltr engine is great for company car drivers, I pocked about £140 a month against the amount of money I put in the tank 😄 just don’t tell my finance director !
  2. Hi, Barjo will make you one made to measure but at considerable cost. Would one from the 2018 model year fit ?
  3. Glad you got a result and are happy with the result. Mine are so much better that even on dark country lanes I do not need to go onto high beam now. I do now wonder if they come into the U.K. not set correctly, all appear to be the drivers side as well which appears to be a little bit odd.
  4. Hi, Yes you can do it, I thought you turned the knob by the dials but perhaps you have it set to the brightness setting and then hold it down, can’t quite remember but I did work it out. I’ll check again tonight to refresh my memory and advise.
  5. Mine is a leased car and the supplying dealer did not make much on an effort I am afraid even the SatNav and my T Toyota was not set up. I had another car from Japan many years ago where the headlights were not set up correctly so I did have my suspicions. It seems odd that at least 2 cars have had the issue with the drivers side being out.
  6. Just had a drive around some dark country lanes and I can confirm my lights are a lot better following the adjustment at the garage this morning, I would suggest everyone who has concerns gets theirs checked, perhaps they are all set incorrectly in Japan which may be a concern
  7. They seem to get them in the US on either side to the lower front rear wheel arch location
  8. Mine did not but I believe poster “ daiashthomas “ has the AWD emblem, I think there is a picture somewhere but I cannot find it. ( that might stand for All Welsh Drive coming from Wales of course )
  9. A quick update, I had my lights adjusted this morning and as I thought, the drivers side did need adjusting which was done on the MOT light testing machine. i’ll let you know how they now compare once I have driven at night a couple of times.
  10. Did you manage to adjust your lights ?
  11. Look for a post from - tomfromfife, I think there are a couple of photos on a post somewhere
  12. Update just out for those interested
  13. You can, it will be in the manual or settings in the drivers central area next to the petrol gauge
  14. The info screen in AUS is the same and they are RHD, why could we not have this in the UK rather than the EUR version. Having said that my previous BMW was the same so a cost saving exercise although that does not make sense if there exists another and in the is RHD version - come on Toyota UK sort it out !
  15. Underneath the mat there is the power for it but the replacement mat is quite expensive, others have purchased a mat from ebay powered by usb, I think there is a post about it on the forums somewhere