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  1. Hi, I have ordered the Excel AWD in Silver Blade with Black leather and the JBL / PVM. White Pearl is nice but not if you live in the country !
  2. I did like the look of the CRV but the BIK is high compared to the RAV 4 and as company car driver I did not consider it.
  3. I have ordered the AWD due to lots of muddy lanes where I live and the hills in Devon when I visit one of my daughters. In my youff I had a AWD Subaru ( Silver and no Gold wheels thank goodness ) and it was very reassuring in the wet around greasy roundabouts and the like. Better for towing as well I guess.
  4. Hi Pete, Thank you for your feedback, I can confirm the sun does effect the speedo a bit when out, it is low at present of course, more the angle of the Perspex I think. The digital rear view mirror looks great to me on the US version, wonder if there might be an option of a retro fit ? Regarding trims, I have not seen the memory function on the Dynamic models I have sat in so I am presuming the specs are correct at present. The lack of a HUD was a concern to me but as the mini map direction is between the 2 outer displays I found that quite easy to follow, more in my eye line than my BMW. Hi Guy, regarding the satnav my comparison against the BMW was on the quality of the graphics and operation via a control knob, the actual directions seemed spot on to me. I to do around 30k pa with around 20k being company mileage so at 22 ppm mile I hope to be quids in when I fill out my company expense form 😊, just hope the finance director does not twig the 2.5 ltr engine size !
  5. Good evening all, Newbie here, I have just joined the forum so thought I would say hello and add my bit to this thread. I had been toying with a company lease on a Mini Countryman PHEV due to BIK etc and the other option on my supplied list that appealed was the Rav 4. Anyway, I had an extended 2 day loan of a mini PHEV, nice and quick, nice materials etc and a great sat nav ( being BMW based ), but maybe a bit small for my needs. I had drafted a company e mail with spec etc and was planning on sending it over to order today but thought I would wait a week until the Rav 4 was available to drive down south ( 1st March ). Having seen it in the local showroom about 2 weeks ago I thought how well laid out it was and being 6’ I just fitted it in better I guess. I was not too keen on the reports about the CVT or the Satnav but thought I would give it ago so I had an accompanied test drive for about 30 mins on Friday 1st March and was very impressed, just easy to drive and stress free ( maybe a few too many lights and safety systems for my taste ) but overall very nice. I then managed to get another 2 hour drive in the mini in the afternoon which backed up my original thoughts about it being a bit small and a bit to hard a ride for very long journeys etc. At another Toyota dealer today I arranged an hour unaccompanied test drive in a Dynamic model and again was very impressed. The ride is good, easy to get in and out and a nice place to spend a few hours in most days, the Sat nav is still not great but you do get directions in the driver display and the maps do auto zoom at junctions so in the end a bit better than I had expected. The gearbox seems generally fine to me as long as you don’t thrash it so that was a bonus. Anyway, long story short I have this afternoon ordered one through our company leasing company and hope for a June delivery. I have ordered the Excel spec in AWD, Silver Blade with Black leather interior with the JBL / PVM options added. The Excel trim level seems the best value to me if you don’t want to much glossy trims. Final bonus, I can claim 21ppm as it is a 2.5 ltr engine as opposed to the Minis 14 ppm for the 1.5 ltr engine so I end up about £1000 better off in the forthcoming tax year. Regards Martin