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  1. Den, I am glad you got there in the end but this shows the weakness with Toyota tech, it should be made clear by them, how are we supposed to guess this especially if some of us are not so tech savvy as others. It reminds me of old Microsoft operating systems from about 30 years ago !
  2. Would you consider an ex demo once the 20.5 variants are available, you could then review how it all works and maybe get a slight saving which would off set any price increase.
  3. Thanks Martin, I will try turning them off in FM and on in DAB so see if TP comes on in the radio home screen, I know it does when in FM but cannot see that is does in DAB. I am not too fussed but do wonder if it might be a software or hardware issue with the head unit. I will try to compare it with another RAV4 when in for a service in 2 weeks and see if that clarifies things
  4. Hi Martin, I have all these settings set to “ on “ and don’t recall ever getting a TA message. Whilst on FM I see the TP in the source screen but not when on DAB - should there be a TP ? Are all your settings set to “ on “ ?
  5. Good evening all, I have managed to get traffic announcements ( TP ) on FM but as I always listen via DAB I would like to enable this but am struggling to find out how to do it, can anyone offer any advice ?
  6. Me-two on another forum who is based in Australia just had his 2019 RAV4 upgraded at his dealer, here’s what he had to say : Had the Apple Carplay/Android Auto installed today The changes are BezelMap Lamp and Microphone Assy replaced (old microphone not compatible with Siri) 2 software updates One for the navigation software (40 minutes) The other one for Carplay/Android Auto (40 minutes)
  7. I’ve seen a replacement unit on a US forum so will post a couple of photos when I get chance
  8. Good result Phil, yaki dah ! Watch out for all them sheep, you’ll be able to se them now !
  9. Just tried the recall checker, does not recognise Reg or VIN, normal Toyota crap software experience !
  10. Not me but I will ask them to do this at 10k service if the leasing company agree.
  11. Lee, As I thought but strange how the mobile app is saying otherwise, I will raise it when in for my service, Thanks
  12. This may be of interest From Toyota Australia : https://www.toyota.com.au/news/toyota-introduces-apple-carplay-android-auto-on-select-vehicles
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