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  1. Good point, I know BMW and Audi tend to do this, it does imply they seem a bit lazy when it comes to U.K. models however. I have long arms so not really an issue for me and I guess quite a few buttons are on the steering wheel, just an oddity though.
  2. An interesting snippet. I notice on U.K. models the on / off switch and menu buttons are on the left hand side whilst Australian models the same buttons are on the right hand side of the screen even though the wheel is on the right as per U.K. models - what’s that one about ?
  3. Hi Mike, I was a bit frustrated that it was not included, had it been a deal breaker for me I would have ordered something else, others may have had other options and gone elsewhere of course. My post was intended to show the way Toyota appear to be heading in other parts of the world on this subject and commenced “ for those interested “ , for those not interested it is of no interest of course. All is beyond our control of course, we shall have to wait and see what happens - a bit like Brexit !
  4. For those interested, here is a snippet from the Australian press “ Toyota Australia has confirmed the RAV4 will be the first recipient of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto in its line-up – though the change won’t come online until September. Customers who purchase before then will qualify for a free software upgrade to install the technology.
  5. Hi, Mine was ordered on the 28th March, AWD, Silver with Black Leather & the JBL stereo / parking camera. I was told the 15th July so similar times to your time frame so perhaps mine might turn up early as well. Enjoy your new wheels.
  6. Hi Ashley, Did you test drive the 2WD before ordering, if so how does the AWD compare ?
  7. Quite an interesting e brochure from the US, shows all the things the U.K. misses out on.
  8. I have a full size spare tyre, just off to the gym to get it removed ! Sorry, could not resist Martin
  9. Thanks Scott, no news really then so will have to just wait and see.
  10. Southern Softy

    USB ports

    That’s disappointing if that is the case. I normally have an iPod plugged in and stored in the arm rest out of the way. Perhaps I will be able to stream via Bluetooth, will have to wait and see.
  11. Hi Mike, I realise that might be a concern but given the amount of motor manufacturers on board I am sure they have satisfied themselves over this already, it does not explain the availability in the US however and not in the U.K. / EU. I am sure all will become clear in due course. I did read today that the Camry is having a software update available now in the US to add Apple Carplay for cars from 2018 onwards I believe so things seem to be moving now. It is a software update at the dealership taking about 30 mins.
  12. Thanks for the update Oscar, I guess we will just have to wait and see. I have managed without it in my current BMW so it was not a deal breaker for me when looking at the RAV4 more a disappointment, but I just can’t understand why Toyota have been slow off the mark here in the U.K. and Europe, perhaps a licence issue with Apple Given it is a new model I think it is a serious error of judgement on their part especially if they are looking to attract a younger buyer.
  13. Hi Ashley,


    Can  you confirm how many USB sockets you have, are there a couple in the central consul ?

  14. Southern Softy

    USB ports

    Do you have 2 for the rear passengers ?