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  1. I collected my new leased RAV4 on Friday and today I tried to set up the Touch 2 navigation as the supplying dealer did not set it all up for me when I collected the car. I called into my local dealership hoping to get some help and there tech guy was not up to speed on the new RAV4, not ideal but he did offer some help so not a wasted visit. As I am new to Toyota I have not found the process that easy to be honest but think I am just about sorted now but just wanted some reassurance on the version I have loaded to the car. I have set up a Toyota ID so I can now do quite a few things on line, alter a few settings, down load apps etc. I seem to be able to get the TomTom live sat nav with my phone acting as the wi-fi hot spot so just need to clarify I have downloaded the correct Touch 2 version. I was told to download the “ Toyota Touch 2 Plus 17 MM Toy “ satnav version as listed on the Toyota Website page, so can anyone confirm this is correct, many thanks
  2. Collected last night, all seems good. Enjoyed using the adaptive cruise on the M25 !
  3. Keith, if you log onto the Portbury dock website you can check for ships arriving, I cannot see anything at present though or due tomorrow. Mine came on Triton Leader.
  4. Good news, I had a call from my dealer yesterday, car has just arrived and I will be collecting it late tomorrow afternoon. Ordered 29 March, expected 15 July so it arrived a bit earlier than expected ( AWD, JBL, PVM. )
  5. PeteB has a full size spare, details on this if you read through the posts
  6. Hi, The ships arrive at Portbury docks, details on page 6 posted by tomfromfife should help.
  7. Paul, PeteB posted photos of his due. Page 9 of the delivery times post. hope this helps
  8. Maybe due to dealer allocation or perhaps Japan are big fans of Tom Jones !
  9. Adrian, A vehicle carrier arrived at Portbury docks on Sat. My dealer has confirmed mine is now in the U.K. for delivery on the 15 July, ordered late March. I guess your location will account for the extra weeks delivery.
  10. Good afternoon all, Whilst in my local dealership this afternoon the service manager made mention of a new App being on the way, this may be old news to those in the know of course. Does anyone have more info ?
  11. Pete, That’s a nice and frosty temp you like there ! I could never get away with that with my wife in the car, she’s a year round thermal wearer including bed socks ! I certainly like it cooler nowadays, stops me from nodding off !
  12. Have a look at available vehicles on the Toyota website, they have quite a few new models with 500 miles on the clock upward, you may find something that suits. Mine is due in a few weeks ( company lease ) but if I was a private buyer I would not consider waiting more than 3 months, I would either choose an ex-demo or another make. Best of luck with your search
  13. Pete, Thank you for the photos of your dash cam, I will give this some thought especially as I have had 4 people drive / reverse into me over the last 3 years !
  14. Hi Adrian, I ordered an Excel AWD with the JBL and fancy camera
  15. Triton Leader vehicle carrier is due in Avonmouth tomorrow morning so I am hoping my Rav4 will be onboard - delivery due 15 July so seems about right to me, fingers crossed 🤞