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  1. Must admit I am surprised the cooler air intake isn't in the wheel arch or under the car somewhere - keep the battery a lot cooler, or would it over-cool it on freezing days. Thanks all for the many replies - been interesting reading. Geoff.
  2. You can always try a Catsafe unit - clamps and cables. Clamps fitted either side of the Cat with special bolts then cables running through the clamps and around the chassis and locked together with a special fitting. Cheapest about £125 most expensive well over £300. Fit yourself or get you local garage to do so. Don't forget to tell your insurance company who shouldn't charge you extra - anyway you could ask for a reduction as the Cat is less likely to be stolen! Geoff.
  3. Final (?) questions of course are what is the price of each type of replacement battery and how long lasting are each type - my 2012 Prius (non - plug-in) seems to have a battery as good as new and my previous V2 Prius also about 7 to 8 years old also had a superb battery? Geoff PS. Lots of good and interesting answers to mull over - thanks.
  4. I cannot believe that there is not some to fix it in such a way to make it very difficult to remove - hardened steel bars around the cat bolted through the bodywork accessible only from inside the car, the cat in a steel shroud, again only accessible from inside the car with a fan system to keep it cool if needed, - an alarm system fitted to the cat or removing the cat destroying it unless it is done in a particular way. Best answer of course is 50k volts through the thing but that would put you in prison for not allowing it to be stolen and injuring/killing the thief!
  5. That's interesting - obviously the plug-in is a lot more economical than the normal hybrid - thanks for the information but do you have to have a special charger point or simply plug into a 13 amp socket (eg in a garage on on an exterior wall)? Any idea how much it costs to charge via plug-in on your electricity bill? Geoff.
  6. My Prius Gen 3 Hybrid - not plug-in - gives me about 50 to 55 mpg now in the winter and was giving me 60 to 65 mpg during the summer. Most runs are over 10 miles (unless I am popping down to B& Q that is!) and some upwards of 120 miles each way Average I suppose would be 20 to 50 miles each time. It seems to have a good battery even though it is now seven years old - with - touch wood, no problems. Not having heated seats I have purchased a pair of 12v heated seat cushions (base and back) at the cost of £16.95 the pair, high and low heat controls as well as off with a single 12v plug Works very well. I have changed the wheels from 17" to 15" with corresponding correct new Avon tyres - much more comfortable and a lot quieter on the road as the deeper side walls absorb the bumps and the noise. Little things I wish it had - auto folding wing mirrors when you turn off the ignition, front parking sensors (although I have fitted my own) and decent interior foot lights (although again I have fitted my own), headlights that come on when the wipers are working and dual air con - but you cannot have it all I suppose although my previous Citroen C5 (2010) had all these things but it was Euro5 diesel and the tax was high! And yes I have informed my insurance about the changes and additions. Geoff.
  7. Thank you all - I have noted that the earlier Gen 3 Hybrid and the Gen 1 Plug in Hybrid are now about the same price secondhand. Mine is a Gen 3 Hybrid 2012 with only 30K on the clock (genuine mileage) so doubtful if it is worth while changing to a Gen 1 Plug-in as I do a mixture of mileage but probably more distance than just local (I live in a rural town not in a city) although, I must admit, a Plug-in appeals! Geoff.
  8. Just of interest - can anyone tell me if there is a difference between the Prius 3 Hybrid battery and the Prius 3 Plug-in hybrid battery other than the fact the plug-in allows charging home or similar? Is it a different type of battery or just the same? Geoff.
  9. Sorry but the Prius wheels and tyres are now sold - via E bay. Geoff.
  10. I have a full set of four 17" alloy wheels and almost new Dunlop tyres for a Prius 2009 to 2016. These have come off a 2012 car - not damaged or scrapped. Wheels are in superb condition, done about 28000 miles and tyres have between nearly 7.5mm left on the tread having only done about 4000 miles, fitted earlier this year - also new valves. Comes with 20 wheel nuts and 4 locking wheel nuts plus spanner. See photos. Offers in access of £300 miles please. Collection from Bradford on Avon in Wiltshire. Cash on collection. Also advertised elsewhere. 01225 865588 or Geoff.
  11. Just to say Hi as I am a new member. 2012 Prius T Spirit - just purchased with just 24K on the clock in a very very deep red . Geoff - in Wiltshire