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  1. Whilst cleaning my 2019 Corolla a couple of weeks ago i noticed 2 small slits and 2 square indentations in same place of door frame seal near the sill. The car at the dealership to investigate why this is happening. It is possible there is 2 square lugs under the driver's door which line up with the damaged to the seal
  2. My car is at the dealership tomorrow for a warranty issue i will ask them to check as i also have problems with water running from the trim.
  3. I am having the problem with the windscreen flogging up in front sensors behind the interior mirror which i never had with ford. Is anyone having the same problem.
  4. I had the same problem it showed me my was parked at home when it was at work with me also it shown my car in kilometers. So I had to uninstall the app then reinstall the app and it now shows me if the car is moving or where it is parked
  5. This the home page on the My Toyota app which i downloaded this weekend the app you have is the old My Toyota app
  6. The new My T app gives you hybrid ev percentage MPG average speed and distance etc
  7. Hi if download the new My Toyota app on your phone or tablet it will give you EV percentage MPG etc plus it also tracks your car on the move plus where your car is parked. If have got the old app on your phone or tablet you will need to uninstall the app then reinstall the app.
  8. We have the 2.0L Design hatchback pan roof which we have had for a month. My thoughts of the car its comfortable and handles well it is saving me more than £10 a week in fuel against my old 1.5L Ford focus st line. The wife loves driving it because its so easy to drive. I like most of the features of the car accept the lane departure which i turned off after the first couple of days the steering wheel was tugging all the time. The speed recognition is not working properly. I do like the like My T phone app which you can locate where your car is parked and how you have been driving but it doesn't show your fuel economy. Overall we happy with the car.
  9. yes the 15amp marked p/outlet which is connected to the power socket in the armrest
  10. HI you need to tap into the 15amp fuse which is the blue one to the power outlet but you will be unable to use the fuse box cover and to connect to the cars earth which you need to remove the door frame seal near the end of the dash and the end panel of the dash with the air bag switch on it unclips and you will seen a metal bracket which earth too.
  11. You can tap in to power outlet this powers down when the ignition is turnsd off. But if you are using a piggyback fuse connector you will not be able to put the fusebox cover.
  12. The fuse box is not behind the glovebox its under the glovebox you need to remove the panel and the fusebox is on the left hand side
  13. I have a 2.0 Design hatchback and most of the time i average about 54.mpg but the car best up to now average 60.4 mpg but my worst as been about 44.mpg the car as done less than 600 miles.