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  1. Hi the sensor button turns off the interior sensors off so can leave your sunroof or windows open etc
  2. Hi the hardwire kit comes with a piggy back fuse so no cutting of wires . And you only need 1 micro sd
  3. Hi the nextbase 522 should be fine if use it with the nextbase rear camera which as a long cable to reach from the windscreen to the rear. You will also need a nextbase hardwire kit and a micro sd card. The fuse box is under the glove box and you piggy back off the power socket fuse. The rear camera is powered from the front camera.
  4. Hi yes the warning stops if you close the door
  5. Hi you can't add a rear camera to nextbase 380GW
  6. Hi i have a 2.0 hybrid hatchback with a spare wheel kit which fits no problem.
  7. Hi why are removing the pillar trim to fit a dashcam you don't need to remove the pillar trim to run the wire from the dashcam to the fusebox under the glovebox.
  8. Hi all you need part remove the door frame rubber seal and remove the end cover from the passenger side of the dashboard which just clips off and you see the fusebox.
  9. Hi you can only fit a space saver wheel in the Corolla which is still better than the tyre repair kit. Plus don't forget you will need a jack and wheel brace as well a spare
  10. Hi it looks like a engine knock sensor
  11. Great news I hope enjoy your new car
  12. Hi if your battery is dead in the 2 litre. You need to unlock the drivers door with the emergency key then open thebonnet and open the fuse box next to the air filter box and you will then need to lift the red cover and then attach the positive jump cable to the metal terminal and attach the negative jump cable to a unpainted metal which is away from any moving parts. These instructions can be found in the owners manual on pages 180 / 181 and 182 there is no need to fold down the rear seats to get to the battery in the boot to jump start the car.
  13. I was looking MY Toyota app and last week it shown a short trip of 566 yards ev score of 99 and 1463.3 mpg. These figures can't be right for 2 litre hybrid on long runs about 80 miles mixed driving its saying we are averaging 64.2mpg
  14. I think i will wait for the corolla cross suv which comes out next year
  15. The drain on the 12v battery is possible to do with telematics which the Corolla has linked to your My Toyota app as it works similar to a vehicle tracker which also puts a drain on the 12v battery
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