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  1. Yes i tried Adrian Flux they wanted ove £600 I have got my renewal for £325 for the same cover as them
  2. Hi my car insurance is due the end of this month and I have found the insurance company going to use. But i did have problems getting quotes with some insurance companies the reply was we are unable to cover my Toyota Corolla 2 litre design Hatchback one insurance said it wasn't me it was the car but no reason given Anyone else had similar problems getting cover
  3. Hi I have a look today and yes my car as the same fine line mark near the dual nob but no crack or scratch on the surface
  4. Yes you could possible void your cars warranty. My Toyota dealer programmed my windows and panoramic roof to open and close via remote free of charge it took them less than 10 minutes
  5. My cable to the rear camera goes down the driver's side above the doors then though grubber duct to the tailgate without any issues of with dab or satnav.
  6. Hi i have a front and rear dashcam fitted to my Corolla hatchback and i have no problem with the dab radio or satnav signals. The dashcam is a Nextbase 422GW and a nextbase rear camera. The front camera is hardwired to the fusebox under the glovebox using the 12v power socket fuse and the rear camera is powered by the front camera. I did try a Blackvue dashcam but i had problems with the camera taking 10 to 15 minutes for the camera start recording. Which Blackvue said it was a common problem with hybrid.
  7. With a bit of luck the wait will be over soon as Toyota at Burnaston Derby will be starting back on the Tuesday 26th May 2020 But before work starts the staff will have training for Health and Safety and social distancing at work.
  8. My car is a Toyota Corolla 2.0 Design and it a UK model and my dealer found the option to remote open and close the windows and sunroof with no problem. If your dealership is telling it can't be done I would contact Toyota customer service and they will contact Toyota technical services and they will tell you and your dealership it can be set up.
  9. My dealership set my Corolla Design to open and close the windows and pan sunroof via the remote which took them less than 15 minutes and it was done for free charge while I waited
  10. Today i have received a email from Toyota saying that my breakdown cover as been extended for 3 extra months at no extra cost so instead of the my breakdown cover ends in September it now ends in December.
  11. It seems to be a problem with Samsung S series phones
  12. I had the same problem with my Samsung S9 on my Corolla and my Ford Focus i tried everything clearing the data and the cache which cured the problem for a couple of days so i reset the phone back to factory settings which cured the problem for a week or so but when the phone did a system update the problem was back. My wife as a Samsung J4 PLUS and as no problems with both cars. I have now changed my phone to Samsung A71 and i have no problems with the bluetooth connection at the moment.
  13. Hi yes you can use a piggyback fuse holder and you need to use 15 amp fuse which is marked P/OUTLET on the fusebox under the panel below the the glovebox. The only downside using a piggyback fuse holder is that you can't put the cover back on the fusebox
  14. Pictures of Nextbase 422GW dashcam and rear camera the front camera sits below the sensor box and behind the interior mirror and it doesn't obscure the drivers or passengers view. The rear camera sits at the top of the sweep of the rear wiper and doesn't block your rear view. Also the front and rear dashcam doesn't interfere with the DAB radio or the SAT NAV which some dashcams can do.
  15. My RSA is a waste of space it doesn't seem to read the signs on a road near me which as 30 mph speed signs and variable speed cameras my car shows the speed limit is 60mph.