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  1. Hi have used ala gap insurance for many years and they are alot cheaper than the dealerships at guess you pay about the £200 for gap insurance. Plus if do a quote online use a promo code ALA22 to get a extra 10% off
  2. I fitted a Nextbase 422GW dash cam with a Nextbase rear camera and a Nextbase hardwire kit which used the power socket fuse which was piggy back at the fuse box which is located under the glove box. I had no problems with the dab radio etc. I did have a Back Vue dash cam at first but I had problems with it which was due to low voltage with the Corolla on start up. I have been happy with the Nextbase which I have removed it and it been fitted in my new CHR and it is working a treat still. I also inform my insurance company and I have not had a problem as the dash cam works as the silence witness for the insurance company.
  3. I had the same problem on my corolla hybrid with a panoramic roof rattling when it was I the tilted position I sprayed silicon grease on the mechanism which reduce the rattling . It took alot of practice to get the roof in the correct position to tilt the roof before it slid back.
  4. I think I would be getting in touch with Consumer Direct and when I know my rights. I would take the car back to the dealership unannounced and I asking them to look at the problems you have with the car and ask them to fix the problem or you would like a refund. You must give the dealership time of essence of essence to put things right. You have tried the soft action way by sending emails and you are getting anywhere. Don't phone them just walk in unannounced and speak to someone face to face.
  5. I was told by the dealerships if you take out a service plan it cover any price increase during the term of the plan
  6. I didn't want the RAC breakdown cover with my insurance as I have Toyota breakdown cover until mid July 2023 but there was no option to remove it. As the NFU car insurance policy comes with breakdown cover. I usually when my Toyota breakdown cover ends I go with Green Flag with home start etc for under £50 which is cheaper than Toyota breakdown cover.
  7. Hi I have just renewed my insurance with NFU Insurance today the gave me free basic RAC breakdown cover free of charge plus they offered me 12 months interest free plus I was informed there was no administration fee for any changes.
  8. Great news about delivery date. I only ordered the parts for the space saver I used my rubber mats from my old Corolla hybrid hatchback
  9. I changed my tyre on my Corolla hatchback which had the same size tyres 225/45/17 and I had the same problem with noise at the and I changed the tyres with primacy 4 and it cured the noise and the grip was also improved in all weather's and conditions.
  10. Hi some of car wash places have been known to use harmful chemicals ie brick acid for wheel cleaner.
  11. The ship is usually The SPICA LEADER it takes nearly 2 weeks to get from Turkey to the UK. It usually goes from Turkey to Greece then 2 stops in Spain then Germany then Belgium before ending up a the docks at Bristol. The cars end up at Derby for the final checks before it transported to the dealership.
  12. I looked at Dail Direct insurance they gave me a good price but I was put off by the poor reviews. I never always go on price
  13. I ordered my Chr GR SPORT 2.0 early March 2022 I was told delivery was due end of August / September. In April my car was in build and I took delivery mid June
  14. Hi I have had a 2019 Corolla with panoramic roof and I have got a Chr Gr Sport which have been supplied by 2 different Toyota dealers and both have programed both cars to global open and close the windows and panoramic roof plus both have asked if I wanted other features ie auto lock when the vehicle starts to move which I decided. Your dealer seems to be can't be bothered.
  15. Yes the Chr is bit like Marmite. But the service cost is lower than Lexus ux which is the same car with a different body. Toyota chr 10,000 miles £190 Toyota chr 20,000 miles £340 Lexus UX 10,000 miles £270 Lexus UX 20,000 miles £455
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