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  1. An interesting description of how the RAV4 hybrid transmission works by Professor John D Kelly. https://youtu.be/O61WihMRdjM
  2. OK, they replaced the broken trim piece, and gave me the foam cushion for the joint from the dashboard to the winspdscreen. The foam has an adhesive edge with peel off paper strip, so I left that on and pushed the foam into the gap neatly. The saga ends here I hope. I hope all the information from my experience has been helpful to others. if anyone has a smearing patch across the drivers view then get a professional to check the glass for distortion.
  3. Between the dashboard and the screen there is a foam strip called a cushion. They have fitted it to low so there is a gap. I’m not having them take the screen or the dashboard top to fix that so have asked them to order me a new foam strip and I will fit it in the gap. Tiresome !!
  4. It gets worse. Driving home I now have bad rattling from the dashboard where it meets the windscreen. Lightly thumping the dashboard it rattles badly and feels loose. What the hell has this fitter done to my car. It used to be rattle free. At a guess I would say that the fitter has left out a seal across the bottom. I cannot believe I am having all these problems. I know where the screen and other parts were ordered from, which is the same dealership as where I bought the car but different location, so I will find out what parts were ordered and tackle the windscreen fitting company th
  5. Could I ask a favour please. After the windscreen was fitted, I noticed this space where the offside bonnet hinge is. I don’t remember how it looked before but it looks like there should be something to fill the space. Is this how it looks on your 2019 RAV4 looks?
  6. So I had my windscreen replaced this morning. It now does not smear or leave a lattice pattern across the drivers view But, the fitter broke a trim piece at the bottom offside of the screen. The clips have all been broken off the back of it. I despair at the quality of these people, not that he accidentally broke the part but didn’t own up to it before I saw it. So, if you have the screen replaced check these parts are still intact... you ca see the offside part is detached.
  7. Latest update on my windscreen problems. The windscreen company agreed to replace the windscreen due to the deformity in my replacement screen. I was booked in for last week but Toyota couldn’t supply the screen. I was then booked in for Friday this week, but just had a call to say Toyota can’t supply the screen as there is no stock in Europe !!!!!! I have called Toyota Customer Relations to complain about screen availability and they are going to check and get back to me. The don’t fill me with confidence that they will phone back. Watch this space. Dont break your windscreen girl
  8. The dealers are no experts on glass /windscreens. Take it to a windscreen specialist and get a report on the problem then tackle Toyota for a replacement.
  9. The latest update on my smearing windscreen wiper. As a reminder, the centre of the long blade was smearing in different ways depending on temperature. Moshing it would leave a ‘lattice’ pattern on the screen and others times a stream of water. See photos. I tried everything to clean it and 2 new blades, and the blade off my wife’s Lexus. Lexus blade falls on RAV, Toyota blades ok on the Lexus. Measured spring pressure with Lexus, the same 2kg. Cleaned the screen with everything mentioned on forums. So I called the windscreen fitting company and the area manager of the came to my hom
  10. COVER SUB-ASSY, INSTRUMENT PANEL UNDER 5560742090 https://partsouq.com/en/catalog/genuine/unit?c=Toyota&ssd=%24*KwHj18bzmam4tKi5u7rt17uvj4iW5-jl5Pbo2qryo_Tr8o33pKT58-rkq6-lvrHI_biyubP06-P79-7v_vPq9ePk5eb3pKTzv_Lt9OTl4-extNvzramguLSXrqrl-fPq9_Tn5uXnvba4_fD1v6Xy7fWq1tuDkZr0_fD1uOukoPHylo6QmOLh2qvbn4iQlIby-_Wq8Pnz6vf05uLmgqqquvO2vrLz6vfguvsAAAAAd594Ug%24&vid=0&cid=3&uid=261787&q= This is based on my 2019 Excel so you may have to go back on the website and enter your actual model.
  11. I asked my dealer about the Moose Test software and they said it wasn’t being installed in the UK. The best people to ask is Toyota Customer Service I guess. I pointed out that it is a safety issue but no response.
  12. Apologies, yes my vehicle is a 4.5. Thanks for the correction Frosty
  13. Yes I have a full size spare in there. Remove the space saver, the polystyrene packing piece and importantly the small square rubber packing piece at the front of the well. The spare fits perfectly with the original tool tray inside it, but you cannot lower the floor pane to the lowest position with a full size spare.
  14. Booked my Rav4 in for its first service in June and asked them to install Apple CarPlay and android Auto as its only £50 with the service. They advised that the Availability date has been pushed out to July now and as it won’t be with the service it will be £150.
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