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  1. After driving some distance at night I have noticed that the right hand headlight is very low on dipped beam. I understand that it may be lower so that it doesn’t bind oncoming traffic but mine is very low. I was curious to know where the headlight adjusters are but couldn’t find anything in the forums. The US forums showed the adjusters in a different position. On the plastic above the headlights there is an indication of which adjuster is left/right and which is up/down. Attached images show the adjusters. Fourth image is the adjustment info on the drivers side, third is the plastic up/down adjustment, the second is the metal left/right adjuster and the first is the near side adjusters. I will be taking my car to the MOT station to have them set up correctly, and if they are badly adjusted I will tell the dealer as I would guess these should have been set on the PDI. The headlights are self levelling but they need to be set correctly in the first place.
  2. Hi, The purple lines on my map were becoming annoying and they were much thicker than the roads. I’m sure others are familiar with this but none of my BMWs had these. Turns out the lines are recent routes called called Breadcrumbs. To remove them go to Setup, Navigation, Map. Go to near the end of the settings and set Save Recent Route to Off.
  3. Interesting video. That’s the Toyota St Petersburg plant in Russia according to the Toyota sign at the end
  4. Had the firmware update today on the Touch 2 head unit. The map orientation appears to be fixed. I asked for a list of fixes that have been applied in the update but I was refused a copy of them. Does anyone have a copy of what other fixes have been applied by the 1530 update? i still do not receive traffic announcements when listening through DAB.
  5. Had the firmware update today on the Touch 2 head unit. The map orientation appears to be fixed. I asked for a list of fixes that have been applied in the update but I was refused a copy of them. Does anyone have a copy of what other fixes have been applied by the 1530 update?
  6. I had confirmation from my dealer that the upgrade will be available in May 2020.
  7. You can’t remove Sat Nav from the home screen although the 2 boxes on the left can be changed. Unless there is a hidden setting. This seems to be another oversight with this head unit as other Toyota head units can be changed. Maybe the upcoming firmware bug fixes will change it.
  8. The problem was that the screen would flip back to the home screen after 20 seconds when displaying the DAB radio screen. It did not do that on FM. Turns out that there is a setting in Setup...General...Auto Change to Screen. From the manual... Auto change to screen Select to set automatic screen changes from the audio control screen to the home screen to on/off. When set to on, the screen will automatically return to the home screen from the audio control screen after 20 seconds. I set it to off because the home screen sat nav section is irritating. But why does it affect the DAB radio screen and not the FM radio screen? Another bug maybe.
  9. I don’t know how different tyres affect the RAV4 4x4 system but it was a big no no on my BMW X3s The 4x4 system detected different grip characteristics on the different tyres front and rear and would hesitate and shudder on acceleration. Could the 4x4 system on a RAV4 do something similar.?
  10. Could you share the phone number here please. My Touch 2 keeps going back to the home screen from whatever screen I am on. I noticed that the satnav goes back to north up in the home screen as well so maybe some kind of reset. It happens every few minutes. I am also not getting traffic announcements. I noticed it was only set for DAB announcements so turned that off and set FM announcements on but still no announcements.
  11. Hi, a good tip from an owner in Montana on the USA forum. When driving in snow or ice, turn off LTA , Lane Tracing Assist- Lane Centre and Steering assist I could imagine they may cause problems in slippery conditions. Not had any snow in Fife yet but sure to come as I am 500ft up.
  12. If you search the RAV4 forums there is information on DAB traffic announcements in the U.K. Basically there aren’t any if I am reading the other topics correctly From FROSTYBALLS on another top is entry...”As far as I'm aware the only traffic announcement service on DAB in the UK was closed down in 2011 due to cuts in the Highways Agency budgets. Nothing has replaced it so far. ” reading some other stuff on Google, they suggest turning DAB announcements off and FM announcements on. Then listen to DAB and see if you hear announcements. If not then turn both on and see if that works.
  13. Ok, checked my car and the DAB traffic announcements are ON and the FM traffic announcements are off. I cannot remember ever hearing a traffic announcement in the car. If I had heard one I would be looking for where to turn off irrelevant info.
  14. There is a setting to turn on/off DAB traffic announcements in Radio Options....DAB