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  1. My wife’s Lexus has the same flexible plastic on the steering column.
  2. Mine is like that but I didn't notice it until I saw this post. It folds as the steering column is adjusted in and out or up and down. If the steering column is right out and up (for long legged drivers like me) it is taught and not so noticeable. If the column is right out and right down there are some large gaps at the sides. I haven't see anything like that on any car I have owned (mostly BMWs). Toyota could have done better with the design in that area. I had a survey for the new RAV4 from Toyota (through some other company) yesterday and completed it online. Shame I hadn't noticed the flappy bit or I would have commented on it.
  3. I have written on another topic on this forum regarding the replacement of the windscreen on the new 2019 RAV4. My RAV4 was 2 months old when a stone hit the windscreen on the 11th August causing the usual damage but also cracks across and down the screen. One crack was in the drivers view which means the police could charge with dangerous condition. If you are involved in an accident the situation would be a lot worse. The windscreen companies that Saga uses are Auto Windscreens and National Windscreens. Both have poor reviews on TrustPilot which are much worse that Autoglass. I was pushed into Auto Windscreens (AW) carrying out the work. So today, the 10th September, 1 month later the dealer completed the work. Here’s why.... 11/8 .. Damage registered with Saga on their windscreen damage phone number who is actually AW call centre. They found that they had to use a genuine Toyota Windscreen as no other companies make them. I checked with the dealer and the screen was available (~£275) on 2 to 4 days delivery and in stock in the UK. AW gave me an appointment date of 20th August. It takes them 9 days as the screen has to come from their central office in Birmingham and they source the screen through a Toyota dealer, then send it to Scotland. 20/8.. I took the car to the depot and received a call 20 minutes later to say collect the car as they need a trim for the top of the screen. Then given another appointment for 30th August. Again because of AWs logistics system sourcing the part through their system, Toyota dealer and Toyota logistics. 23/8.. I checked with the dealer on the availability of this top trim part (£140) and found it could be sourced in 2 working days. AW take 10 days. The dealer advised that it is not only the top trim that is needed as there are a number of parts which Toyota define as not reusable. See the attached diagram with the parts highlighted yellow and note the legend in the bottom left of the diagram. So rather than let AW discover they need more parts and waiting another 10 days, i ordered the parts (£120) and informed AW that I would take them along. AW manager advised they would remove the other parts from the old screen and fit them to the new screen. That is not possible! The dealer advises that some Toyotas have been I their workshop with the parts needed for the bottom of the screen missing after a screen replacement (screen fitters unknown). 30/8.. Took the car to the AW depot for screen replacement and TSS ADAS camera calibration. Went to collect the car, screen replaced but they said it doesn’t need calibration as the option does not show on their diagnostic gadget. The fitter drove it around and it recognised white lines and speed limits and said it is ok. The fitter actually didn’t have the software or it was out of date. I looked at the trim/ seal from the bottom of the screen and it was wrecked and total not reusable. I booked the car into the dealer straight away for calibration but as on holiday for a week booked in for today, 10th September. 10/9.. The dealer calibrated the camera. Time taken 1 hour so cost was 1 hour labour. So be warned if you have a broken windscreen. Make sure all the relevant parts are replaced by the fitter and use a reliable fitter or the dealer. Ask the insurance company to use a genuine Toyota screen and make sure the camera is calibrated statically. It isn’t dynamic calibration on this car by driving it about for an hour or so.
  4. Here is a fix for unable to set memory seats from a US forum... Here is how to make your memory seat work on 2019 Rav4 1. move your seat forward much as you can. 2. move your seat higher much as you can. 3. incline your seat much as you can. 4. hold the set button and press 1. 5. move driver side seat to the desired seat position. 6. hold the set button and press 1.
  5. I purchased a full size spare, which fits in the well fine after removing the space saver and it’s packing pieces. The space saver is alloy, powder coated black. It is languishing in my garage, never been used and 3 months old. If anyone wants to buy it then make me a reasonable offer by direct messaging. I think someone mentioned they are £400 from the dealer but I can do a lot better than that. The jack etc won’t be included.
  6. This site may be interesting regarding ADAS and calibration. Not all sections are up to date for 2019 RAV4 It refers to DTC and MIL, diagnostic trouble code (DTC) or turn on a malfunction indicator lamp (MIL).
  7. I have driven about 40 miles and the lane detection and speed speed limit detection work ok. The fitter tested the collision detection and he said it worked fine. I’m glad it worked or I might have a broken car. i also asked the question on the US RAV4 forum and they say that they get the calibration done by the dealer. i will write a more succinct topic on windscreen replacement soon so that others don’t go through the same pain.
  8. I had my windscreen replaced today. It was also supposed to have the camera on the windscreen calibrated following the replacement. When I collected the car, the Auto Windscreens fitter said that the calibration was automatic so didn’t need calibrating. He decided this because the diagnostic software on the gadget that he connected to the car did not have an option to calibrate the camera. I of course asked if his diagnostic software was up to date to cover the new RAV4 and he assured me that it was. I also called Autoglass and their system said it did not need calibrating. I then went to my dealer and the person on the service desk said it would need calibrating. I called Toyota customer services who were no help and referred me back to the dealer. They did give me a technical help line number which is £1.50 per minute, so I won’t be using that. So, does it or does it not need calibrating. Does anyone have access to any Toyota documentation that states that calibration is necessary or not? I don’t distrust the dealer so I booked it in for calibration but as it is a new model maybe it is clever enough to auto calibrate, but not sure how it could do that. Thanks
  9. Biggest gripe at present is the map orientation changing back to north up every time the car is restarted. As mentioned no Apple Car Play. Sat Nav not up to Garmin and TomTom quality.
  10. The car isn’t strictly legal to drive as a crack goes down some distance into the drivers view. The cops could charge with dangerous condition and if I were involved in any accident they would be all over me like a rash. Hence I am not driving it except 13 miles to Dundee to have it fixed. By the time it is fixed, I hope, on the 30th it will have been 19 days. Auto Windscreens need to smarten up their logistics as well as their knowledge of new cars. Customer satisfaction is lacking somewhat. A learning curve for all. One of the parts, 56153c, is £80 +VAT so £96 in the UK and £72 before tax in the US so about £77.
  11. It gets worse. The windscreen fitters are still waiting for the windscreen trim that is required when the screen is replaced, but, on talking to my spares man at the dealership, there are other parts required for screen replacement. The parts diagram attached shows the part numbers for the windscreen area and those part numbers with a black dot are not re-usable. These parts need to be ordered along with the windscreen. Unfortunately the windscreen company did not order any of these parts. So, rather than them finding out they need them and keep me waiting another 10 days, I ordered them through the dealership with a few days delivery. The cost of the top trim, which the windscreen company have ordered is around £140 and the rest of the parts, which I have ordered is around £120. I’ll tackle the insurance company to get that money back but won’t hold my breath. The dealership have noticed that C-HRs which have had the Windscreens replaced have the parts at the bottom of the windscreen missing because the windscreen fitters have not replaced them. The parts that are not reusable when the screen is replaced are.. ( on my AWD Excel) Top/side trim 75533g, Lower screen trim and parts... 56117a, 56153c, 56165. Spacers... 56115a, 56116c Why don’t Toyota just provide a windscreen replacement kit? Interesting that the price of these parts in the USA is much lower than the UK.
  12. So, took my car in this morning at 8:20 for my windscreen replacement. At 8:50 got a cal to say they can’t replace the screen because it didn’t come with the trim along the top and down the sides. Apparently on earlier RAVs the trim came with the screen? The trim is held on with double sided tape and removing the old trim and refitting is almost impossible to get it looking like new. So collected the car while they sort it out. Called the windscreen company at 10:20 and they have the trim in order through the dealer and Toyota have UK stock. So waiting for new appointment. if any of you 2019 RAV4 owners need to have a replacement windscreen, make sure they order the trim!
  13. I have Michelin Cross Climates on my 2019 RAV4, also my wife’s Lexus and previously on my BMW X3. much quieter than the standard tyres and excellent in the wet.
  14. I asked my Toyota dealer if they can calibrate the camera and they can. Cost around £90 so if there are any problems I will let them re- set it up. To buy a new screen through a dealer is around £280, so I wonder why Autoglass charge £1171 to replace the screen, and that doesn’t include the calibration. The windscreen on the Excel and above has the the wiper de-icer element in the lower part of the screen, so I made sure they are getting the correct one. My car is going in to Auto Windscreens next Tuesday the 20th. I spoke to their depot in Dundee today and the guy was very helpful.
  15. Thanks for responses. i called Auto Windscreens today to ensure they source the right windscreen as it has the wiper de-icer element along the bottom edge on the Excel. Lots of photos will be taken before they get their hands on it. They have to recalibrate the camera on the windscreen which is a bit of a task.... this is for Lexus and Toyota