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  1. Booked my Rav4 in for its first service in June and asked them to install Apple CarPlay and android Auto as its only £50 with the service. They advised that the Availability date has been pushed out to July now and as it won’t be with the service it will be £150.
  2. Although the spare is 17” and the wheels are 18”, it’s the tyre profile that makes the difference. Even thought the spare profile is larger overall the spare diameter and therefore circumference is smaller. See the diagram here...
  3. The windscreen fitters were less than professional so I will take it to the dealer as it’s a genuine Toyota replacement windscreen.
  4. I tested the spring pressure towards then screen on the Lexus and the RAV4 and they are identical, which is 1kg at the point the blade clears the glass.
  5. The main problem is smearing in both directions. Only when the temperature is low is it worse on the return. Note that my wife’s Lexus has exactly the same wipers which do not smear on the Lexus but do smear on the RAV when swapping the blades between the vehicles. This a windscreen problem. It’s a new Toyota and Toyota screen. The screen has been cleaned many times and in many ways all to no avail. I don’t think I should be having to bend or twist wiper arms on a brand new car. It’s interesting, PMW, that you have the same issue. Have you asked your dealer about it?
  6. Thanks for the reply. RainX cleaner and water repellent... This is the ideal product to use when Rain-X Rain Repellent needs to be re-applied to a pre-treated windscreen. I have already treated with RainX after thoroughly cleaning the glass. I could keep buying products that don’t fix the problem so I am looking for someone who has had the problem and solved it and what they did to solve it. I shouldn’t have this problem with a new car and new windscreen but can’t take it to the dealer at the moment for obvious reasons. Thanks for the ideas, please keep them coming.
  7. Hi, I have tried everything I can find in forums etc to stop my front wipers smearing water. I have replaced the wipers with Denso wipers. Denso manufacture wiper blades for Toyota and are exactly the same as my original blades. My wife’s Lexus CT200h has the same blades so I tried them with the same problem. My RAV4 blades on the Lexus are fine, no smearing. i tried A Bosch blade on the drivers side, still smearing. So, I can safely say that it isn’t the blades. The windscreen was replaced with a genuine Toyota screen after I had the car 6 weeks. I can’t remember if it was smearing before the screen was changed because there was little rain. I have cleaned the screen with the finest grade wire wool, screen glass cleaner, toothpaste, washing up liquid, and also vinegar. I applied RainX but it’s still the same. I was checking today and the outside temperature was 8 degrees. The smearing is worse when it is colder but only worse on the wiper return. The smearing is sometimes like a water ’lattice’. I pumped out the screenwash and filled it with new, no change. I was beginning to think the new screen had a very thin plastic film on it that the windscreen fitters didn’t remove but can’t see any signs of that. Does anyone have any ideas as to what may be causing this problem? BTW the Denso wiper blades are available from CarParts4Less or other suppliers. The cost for both blades was around £25 which is a lot cheaper than the Toyota dealer. These are the CarParts4Less details at the time I purchased them. also have them. 1 485778266 Denso Hybrid Blade 26 Inch Toyota Rav-4 2.5 2019 SR19FEF £17.37 1 485778166 Denso Hybris Blade 16 Inch Toyota Rav-4 2.5 2019 SR19FEF £7.27
  8. Denso manufacture wiper blades for Toyota. I ordered spares for my 2019 RAV4. The new blades are exactly the same as the original fitted blades, and a lot cheaper than Toyota dealer blades. i purchased the blades from CarParts4Less and these are their part numbers and prices for the RAV4 1 485778266 Denso Hybrid Blade 26 Inch Toyota Rav-4 2.5 2019 SR19FEF £17.37 1 485778166 Denso Hybris Blade 16 Inch Toyota Rav-4 2.5 2019 SR19FEF £7.27
  9. A map update will not fix the map orientation problem. The Toyota response is incorrect in stating a map update fixes the problem, as it is a firmware update that fixes the orientation issue and is covered under warranty and installed by the dealer.
  10. There is a free navigation firmware upgrade to fix that issue. Check with your dealer. There is a previous topic on this subject
  11. Tomfromfife


    Oops, I didn’t spot that. Apologies.
  12. Tomfromfife


    Did Autoglass recalibrate your safety camera on the windscreen?
  13. If anyone needs a PT30 I have 3, which have only covered 300 miles. The 4th PT30 is on my full size spare as I have 4 cross climates, which are directional, the PT30 isn’t directional so can be used either side. A directional spare can only be used safely on one side. Sensible offers if you need one just DM me.
  14. Afer the 2019 RAV4 failing the moose test, Toyota have a firmware upgrade to improve the stability. The upgrade should be available to owners in Q2 of 2020 but has to be requested by the owner. This appears to be a US test. Does anyone know if the upgrade will be available in the U.K.? The article..... That’s much better. Back in September, the all-new Toyota RAV4 – redesigned for the 2019 model year – failed Teknikens Värld's “Moose Test.” The publication noted the Toyota exhibited “dangerous behavior” because the vehicle’s electronic stability control was engaging very late. Toyota fixed the system’s late engagement through a software update. Teknikens Värld retested the RAV4 with the software update, and it now earns a passing grade from the publication. Toyota recalibrated the RAV4’s Vehicle Stability Control system, which now allows for much more braking from the system, keeping the crossover planted through the evasive maneuver test. The software update was the only change Toyota made to the vehicle. Teknikens Varld said the Toyota passed the test at 45 miles per hour (72 kilometers per hour). That’s better than the top speed it could reach before the update. Before, at 42 mph (68 kph), both the gas-powered and hybrid models, loaded to the manufacturer’s test limit, leaned up onto the outer two wheels through the test. The improvement is welcomed. Safety is at the front of a lot of shoppers’ minds when looking for a new vehicle, and an unstable crossover won’t win them over. Thankfully, Toyota is making the software update available during the second quarter of 2020; however, customers will need to request it. There’s no recall to update new RAV4s already in the hands of customers, and it won’t be applied during regular servicing.