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  1. it Is just a web site error. The actual contents of the package are listed in this price list attached here
  2. Toyota have modified the options in the protection package but not for the good. It now shows 3 of the 5 options where it was showing 4 of the 5 . I have contacted Toyota UK CS
  3. The response from Toyota followed my email to which is Toyota UK Customer Relations. They respond in a reasonable time.
  4. I contacted Toyota UK and this is their reply... I do apologise that there is an error on the website, the protection pack for the New RAV4 includes a 5th element of Aluminium scuff plates on the door entry. These alone are £207.46, bringing to overall total if bought separately to £605.10, a saving of £55.10. I am so sorry that an error has occurred and have brought this matter to the attention of our web team. Thank you making us aware and for contacting Toyota. Kind regards Berni
  5. The previous reply is correct as the package includes scuff plates so a saving of £55 on the individual cost.
  6. Hello, I am purchasing a 2019 RAV4 Excel AWD and have looked at the protection pack on the ‘build your car’ pages in the UK. The price on the protection pack for the 2019 RAV4 is £550. Further down the page the constituent parts of the protection pack are priced separately at a total cost of £397.64 This is quite discrepancy? How many customers have paid too much for the protection pack I wonder. i will query this with the dealership today .