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  1. There is another vehicle carrier, DAEDALUS LEADER, coming from Nagoya, Japan due to dock at Avonmouth on the 25th May
  2. I ordered my 2019 RAV4 AWD in February and quoted May/June. Last week Toyota customer services said it was on a Vehicle Carrier ship heading for the UK with the port arrival as 23rd/24th May. The RAV4 I believe is manufactured in Nagoya in Japan, so looking at the shipping tracking sites there is a vehicle transport ship coming from Nagoya to Avonmouth, which is where Toyotas land in the UK, via Barcelona. The ship is the Altair Leader and is currently passing southern Spain heading to the Staights of Gibraltar. Enter Altair Leader in the search box Or Once it arrives at the the UK port the cars go to the Toyota area and have any packages fitted that are installed at the port such as the Protection Pack, then transported to the dealers, by road I assume.
  3. Does anyone have the wheel offset size for the full size 18” 2019 RAV4 wheel? possibly ET35 or ET45 stamped on the wheel somewhere.. I can’t find the offset online or in the online manuals.
  4. Hi, I have a 2019 RAV4 on the way with delivery in June. Can I ask, at what stage do you pay the dealer? i have got to 70 without ever buying a brand new car as I had company cars most of my life, or bought demonstrators or manufacturer management cars. I guess they won’t register or tax it until they have payment, but I feel uneasy handing over all they money without actually seeing it. whats your advice ? Martin
  5. I ordered my 2019 RAV4 Hybrid Excel on 28th February. The dealer said recently that I would be available 10th to 15th June. While I was talking to Toyota CS about a package problem on their web site I asked if they could give me an update and they said that my car is on a boat on its way from Japan with arrival in the UK on the 23rd May, along with many other RAV4s I would guess.
  6. Here’s a 2019 getting a vinyl roof wrap. Who in the UK can do vinyl wrapping ?
  7. This is a comparison between the temporary spare and a full size wheel. the full size wheel and tyre diameter appears to be 1.2” larger and 2.4” wider.
  8. Hi, i am still waiting for my 2019 RAV4 AWD. Does anyone know if the spare wheel well in the boot will take a full size spare? Some advertising some time ago stated that it would have a full size spare, but the spec states a space save wheel. I notice that the boot floor panel can be lowered so there is some space there but enough for a full size wheel and tyre? Thanks
  9. I enquired about a service plan for 3 and 5 years and was quoted around 14% discount to take out the plan and could also pay monthly by direct debit. Toyota have just raised there service cost but only by £5 per service. Taking out a service plan future proofs the cost as there would be no increases for the length of the plan. I will be taking out a 5 year plan with the discount saves £180. The 3 year plan saves £128 with discount.
  10. Ordered RAV4 Hybrid AWD Excel on the 12th March with a delivery date of 19th June
  11. I found something that states that the width with mirrors out is 7 feet, or 2.133 metres. Strange that Toyota ‘Overall Width’ as 1.855 metres or 6 feet 1 inch. That’s with mirrors folded. Lexus widths are measured the same way
  12. Hi Does anyone have the width of the 2019 RAV4 with the mirrors folded? Or a web link I have seen the overall width is 1.855 metres or 6’1” but cannot find the width with folded mirrors. Space is tight in our double garage Thanks
  13. it Is just a web site error. The actual contents of the package are listed in this price list attached here
  14. Toyota have modified the options in the protection package but not for the good. It now shows 3 of the 5 options where it was showing 4 of the 5 . I have contacted Toyota UK CS
  15. The response from Toyota followed my email to which is Toyota UK Customer Relations. They respond in a reasonable time.
  16. I contacted Toyota UK and this is their reply... I do apologise that there is an error on the website, the protection pack for the New RAV4 includes a 5th element of Aluminium scuff plates on the door entry. These alone are £207.46, bringing to overall total if bought separately to £605.10, a saving of £55.10. I am so sorry that an error has occurred and have brought this matter to the attention of our web team. Thank you making us aware and for contacting Toyota. Kind regards Berni
  17. The previous reply is correct as the package includes scuff plates so a saving of £55 on the individual cost.
  18. Hello, I am purchasing a 2019 RAV4 Excel AWD and have looked at the protection pack on the ‘build your car’ pages in the UK. The price on the protection pack for the 2019 RAV4 is £550. Further down the page the constituent parts of the protection pack are priced separately at a total cost of £397.64 This is quite discrepancy? How many customers have paid too much for the protection pack I wonder. i will query this with the dealership today .