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  1. I have Michelin Cross Climates on my 2019 RAV4, also my wife’s Lexus and previously on my BMW X3. much quieter than the standard tyres and excellent in the wet.
  2. I asked my Toyota dealer if they can calibrate the camera and they can. Cost around £90 so if there are any problems I will let them re- set it up. To buy a new screen through a dealer is around £280, so I wonder why Autoglass charge £1171 to replace the screen, and that doesn’t include the calibration. The windscreen on the Excel and above has the the wiper de-icer element in the lower part of the screen, so I made sure they are getting the correct one. My car is going in to Auto Windscreens next Tuesday the 20th. I spoke to their depot in Dundee today and the guy was very helpful.
  3. Thanks for responses. i called Auto Windscreens today to ensure they source the right windscreen as it has the wiper de-icer element along the bottom edge on the Excel. Lots of photos will be taken before they get their hands on it. They have to recalibrate the camera on the windscreen which is a bit of a task.... this is for Lexus and Toyota
  4. What a bummer. A car travelling the opposite direction threw up a stone and smashed my windscreen (maybe). Saga insurance use Auto Windscreens. Booked in for 10 days time, and that’s if they can get a windscreen. The reviews for Auto Windscreens are 2 star so I am not that happy. A quote from Autoglass, who I would prefer, is £1176 ! Saga won’t use Autoglass but said I could use Nationwide Windscreens who are in Dundee or Inverness. Apparently the car has to go to them because the camera has to be calibrated on this vehicle and it’s not something they can do on a home replacement. Strange thing is that when I looked at the dash-cam video at the point something hit the windscreen, the car going the other way was 10 metres in front of me, and there were no stones on the road. !
  5. If the screen is ok on everything else and it’s only the view in reverse that’s a problem, I would have thought they would have replaced the camera first. Some analytical troubleshooting techniques (ATS) training would be useful to the mechanics/engineers. If the diagnostics don’t have an answer then ATS is useful.
  6. My KwikFit dealer in St Andrews, Fife, is very good. I have a good relationship with the 2 managers. Toyota state that they will price match with local tyre suppliers, not online suppliers. If you order online from KwikFit you get a much better price than from the local KwikFit, but Toyota don’t have to match that. I ordered 4 Cross Climates through KwikFit and they took a lot of care with the TPWS sensors and the polished wheels. They also put one of the original tyres on the new spare wheel for free. No TPWS sensor on the spare as although it is full size it is still temporary. The reason is that Cross Climates are directional so if the spare was a Cross Climate I could only fit it to one side. They aren’t safe to have rotating the wrong way in the wet as they aquaplane. i had a lot of trouble with small tyre fitters scratching the wheels and centre caps on my BMW X3. They were removing the centre caps with a screwdriver instead of pushing them out from the inside....numpties. The KwikFit guys also said that if they damage a wheel they will have it repaired or replaced and also replace a TPWS sensor if they damage one. An alternative is to order the tyres from Black Circles and have them delivered to your home, then use any fitter you like. I guess that won’t apply if you have a lease car.
  7. I was curious as to whether 2 sets of TPWS valves can be registered on the 2019 RAV4. I thought the answer may be useful to others.... Every tire pressure warning valve and transmitter has a unique ID code. In addition to the set of tire pressure warning system sensor ID codes initially registered to the vehicle, a second set of ID codes can be registered. A second set of tire pressure warning system sensor ID codes can be registered by any authorized Toyota retailer or Toyota authorized repairer, or any reliable repairer. When 2 sets of ID codes have been registered, either ID code set can be selected. From the manual to select the alternate TPWS set, use the Change Wheel setting.... TPWS” (Tire Pressure Warning System) • “Set Pressure” Select to initialize the tire pressure warning system. • “Change Wheel” Select to change the tire pressure warning system sensor ID code set. To enable this function, a second set of tire pressure warning system sensor ID codes must be registered by any authorized Toyota retailer or Toyota authorized repairer, or any reliable repairer. For information regarding changing the registered ID code set, contact any authorized Toyota retailer or Toyota authorized repairer, or any reliable repairer.
  8. In my new RAV4 you can set the volume in Setup
  9. I managed to get along to the dealer and check the gap on the showroom RAV4 and the gap is the same. No surprise since they are Hand built by robots. Still a large gap compared to images of cars online.
  10. Hi, The gap between my tailgate and the roof on my 2019 RAV4 looks too large. Measuring with a micrometer shows the gap is 10.4 mm at the centre in,one with the sharks fin. This is affecting the amount of pressure on the rainwater seal between the body and the tailgate. When placing a piece of paper on the seal, and closing the tailgate, it takes very little effort to pull the paper out once closed. Does anyone else have this size gap on their RAV4 tailgate to roof? Photo attached. Ignore the lines across the roof, it’s the garage door reflection. Thanks
  11. Sorry, I didn’t put the price on the ad THE PRICE PER TYRE IS £150
  12. I have 3 x Dunlop Grandtrek PT30, Size 225/60 R18 100 H They have covered 280 miles only Taken off of a brand new 2019 Toyota RAV4 Manufactured week 14 2019 (around 1st week of April) These tyres are rare and cost over £250 if you can find them. There are only a few in the country. PRICE IS EACH TYRE BUYER COLLECTS OR ARRANGES COLLECTION.
  13. I used cross climates on my BMW X3 and they were fine. My wife has them on her Lexus and I have fitted them to my RAV4 AWD Excel. They are quieter, more comfortable, and excellent in the wet.
  14. The spare will be a black alloy space saver. If you buy a full size spare it fits ok after removing the packing pieces under the space saver. if your car has Dunlop Grandtek PT30 tyres then a new matching spare tyre is very expensive. Stapletons are a tyre wholesaler who have limited stock of these tyres for shipping to Toyota dealers only but I beleve around £250 each. Your dealer may let you have one at trade price at about £170. If you need 1 for your spare I have 3 available to buy with only 280 miles use as I had them removed from my AWD Excel and fitted Cross Climates.
  15. Yes. The tyre has ‘outside’ on one wall so that it is fitted correctly on the wheel so wherever the wheels are mounted they will be correct.
  16. Vredestein Quatrac 5 are all season but are asymmetric. Why not asymmetric as they can be swapped to any position on the car, where directional cannot. or fit 4 x Michelin Cross Climates and a Quadrac 5 as the temporary full size spare as it can be fitted on any corner.
  17. Wow, that’s some price. Here is another ad for Speedy Wheels £277
  18. I looked at my new alloy wheel for my 2019 RAV4 and stamped inside the rim on the back of a spoke is 35 BKR so I guess the offset is 35.
  19. Just had a call from my dealers parts department. They will have a Dunlop Grandtek PT30 225/60 R18 100 H in stock tomorrow although it is expensive, probably around £200 but the buyer will need to ask the dealer. The dealer is Struans in Dundee. Also, the tyre wholesaler, Stapletons, have ordered 30 or so Dunlop Grandtek PT30 225/60 R18 100 H tyres from Japan with a lead time of around 3 months, for the Toyota dealers. These will also be expensive. It appears that raising the issue with Toyota, Stapletons and the dealers may have pushed them into action. I have committed to Michelin Cross Climates now so won’t be needing one myself. As an aside a new full size spare wheel with no centre cap and no TPWS valve is around £350. Mine has just arrived in stock. Selling 4xPT30 tyres that come off the car and the space saver wheel will offset some of the costs.
  20. Exactly what I will probably do
  21. OK folks, this is it on the PT30 tyres. i had a call back from Toyota Customer Relations. See my previous post. I went to my dealership and spoke to the parts department and explained what Toyota CS said. He phoned Stapletons Wholesale Tyre Division who called Dunlop/Goodyear. There are no PT30 tyres available in the UK but they can be ordered. The lead time is over 3 months and the rough cost will be £170 plus VAT so around £204 each ! Stapletons explained that the PT30 tyres are called ‘warranty tyres’ . As far as I understood that means that the tyres are warrantied for as long as the vehicle warranty for manufacturing defects. You would still have to wait over 3 months for a replacement. They also said that if a tyre has an unrepairable puncture or damage, then all 4 tyres need to be replaced as tread patterns will be different if a different tyre is fitted. If you buy a full size spare then you cannot buy a matching tyre without paying a lot of £££ for it and wait. This is a poor situation. i noticed that the RAV4 in the dealership showroom has PT30 tyres. It doesn’t seem right that Toyota customers are put in that position but I am not sure of the legal position. I will raise a complaint to Toyota head office in Japan. I don’t think they want this hitting the motoring or wider media. I will post the email address if I can find it.
  22. I just had a response from Toyota Customer Services regarding the unavailability of Dunlop Grandtek PT30 tyres for the 2019 RAV4. I was told that this is how you can order the tyres. Go to your Toyota dealer’s Parts Department. Ask them to order the tyre giving the type and size details. In my case Dunlop Grandtek PT30 225/60 R18 100 H. Tell them that they need to order the tyre through STAPLETONS WHOLESALE TYRE DIVISION. The parts person may not understand so ask to talk to the Parts Manager. If they don’t understand then tell them that this information came from Toyota Customer Services. The guy I spoke to was Bernie. Do not go through Sales or Service. Go to the parts department. Apparently Stapletons import these tyres from Japan for sale to Toyota Dealers and is the only source for these tyres. The guy at Toyota appeared to be sure of this procedure to obtain the tyres and spent some time researching the issue.Let this forum know if anyone obtains these tyres this way.
  23. I am going to buy a full size spare wheel. In the owners manual it implies that the TPWS system can monitor 5 wheels but I can find no other information. The owners manual states... Situations in which the tire pressure warning system may not operate properly..... If the spare tire is in a location subject to poor radio wave signal reception.* • If a large metallic object which can interfere with signal reception is put in the luggage compartment.* *: Vehicles with full-size spare tire only Has anyone have experience of TPWS on the full size spare? Thanks