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  1. Dave 1981

    Oil and filter recommendation

    It's the 3 cylinder vvti yes.. I'll look around more for a manual. N goto local dealer n get a genuine filter cheers for all the help.
  2. Dave 1981

    Oil and filter recommendation

    Hope so, I did think of getting the manual for the 2005 model as it covers the 1.0ltr just not sure if it's my engine lol. But sayin that it isn't the most complex engine I've worked on !
  3. Dave 1981

    Oil and filter recommendation

    I've looked for a Haynes but either I'm lookin in wrong place or can't find one for my engine n yr! Can get one for the 2006-2011 but it doesn't cover the 1.0vvti
  4. Dave 1981

    Oil and filter recommendation

    Hi all, wanting to change the oil on my recently acquired 2006 Yaris 1.0 vvti.. Are there any brands of oil to avoid? Or to actively search for? Also, is it better I go OEM fitler or is a 3rd party one ok? The car has a full service history and has only done 35k. Am I right in thinking it takes 3.1ltr of oil btw ? 5/30 semi synthetic? Cheers.
  5. Dave 1981


    Quick hello to everyone, just collect my 2006 Yaris 1.0 vvti TR2, 35k on the clock full service history. Based on Sheffield. Liking the car so far, big change from my previous, 2010 insignia 2.0 cdti. But that was totally unreliable! Anyway hope to enjoy the Yaris and get to know you all Dave