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  1. Both sides, rear of the roof gutter where the seam weld is that is Visable when the boot is open. I used sikaflex 512 sealant.. wasn't cheap at £14 a tube but it's worked a treat.. no pics I'm afraid but I'll look at tryin to get one took next few days..
  2. Sorry for the lack of updates, sealing those 2 hair line cracks in the roof gutter has cured it. The water was getting past and goin down between the 2 body panels and coming out where the light cluster sits, hence me thinking it was the seals.
  3. Think I've found it. Had friend pour water over back end when I'm sat in back with insides stripped, can see the water coming from between the inner and outer rear panels. Traced it to the top of the car, the weather strips that run in the roof gutters.. at the back of the car both sides, is a small crack in the joint where the roof meets the rear panel. Dried it all. Ran water over it and it came out round the inside of the lights.. gonna take the weather strips off and clean it all up and reseal..
  4. I'll get neighbor to pour water over back when I've stripped it and I'm In the back.. hopin I'll find it quick. It's more an annoyance than owt but I won't rest til I find it and stop it!
  5. I know. Just a pain sitting in back bein I'm 6ft 2 n it's a 3door lol
  6. When you say the 2 little stops at the corner of the boot what exactly do you mean? I'll pull the high level light tomorrow and check it but part of me is thinking how can it be the light as it's mounted inside/behind the rear window and the water seems to be running down the rear pillars above the light cut outs along the seams of the body, but saying that water tends to find the smallest gap.. I'll try any suggestions so fingers 🤞
  7. It's Def not the high level brake light. Cud be the seal for the rear washer pipe.. it does rotate, however it's not washer fluid that's leakin. I'm gonna have to strip the inside trim and act be in the car and get someone to hose it down from Outside I think to locate it..
  8. Well new boot hatch seal and light cluster seals arrived. Fitted.. and it still leaks! I'm starting to tear what little hair I have left out now. Seems to be coming down the seam where body panels are welded behind the lights..but I can't for the life of me trace the origin. Don't wanna start using sealant with the new seals if I can avoid it..
  9. Well had the boot stripped earlier. Spare wheel well was almost 1/4 full of water!! Drained it an cleaned and dried it. Took side trim panels off and it seems to be coming down from the top and round the boot latch. The boot seal does seem distorted. Got new one ordered from my Toyota dealer. £95+ vat and new light cluster seals, £42 Inc vat for the pair. Here Tuesday.
  10. Mainly facing down hill.
  11. Only when it seems to rain. It happens if it's parked on the flat or on a hill. It is Def clear water and not screen wash. The rear washer works fine tho.. Ill check the rubber grommet for the wiring as not looked at that yet. And when weather improves I'll prob remove some trim to try and trace it. As for new seals for rear lights I dread to think how much they'll be but might invest in a pair. Thanks.
  12. This has prob been asked before but just found out my 06 MK2 3 door is leakin water into the boot. It's coming from behind the light cluster grill that u pop out when changing bulbs. I've had both rear light clusters out but the drivers side is the worst. Sealed the round the foam seal they come with. No joy. Had the boot seal off and it looks fine no tears or owt.. and under it is dry so doubt it's leaking via the boot seal. Anyone have owt similar? And if so what was the fix.
  13. I'm after a set of seat covers for my MK2 3 door Yaris, 1.0 T2.. mainly after covers for the front seats but if I can get a matching front an rear set even better. Has anyone got any suggestions for where to buy them. I've looked on eBay and not had much look, same with Amazon.. Cheers
  14. As above post says, that's what they are for long as u are using the correct jack and it's aligned properly so it doesn't crush the sil.. you'll have to jack it higher as the suppension will extend fully before the wheel comes off the ground so the wing will move before wheel does. Again like above posts say you cud use the lower control arm to jack up. I did my front brakes using the sil jack point and it was fine. Just make sure to chock the car and use axle stands as extra safety.
  15. I'm axt very impressed with the response someone from the Sheffield branch rang me. Apologised.. assured me they will make changes to the car park layout and the service dept. Offered me a 10% discount on my next service or spare part purchase I make. Gd to see a company that act show care.