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  1. fugly

    conrod bolts

    having a problem locating conrod big end bolts part no 13226510020 looked everywhere any ideas?
  2. fugly

    pcv valve

    looking for a pcv valve for a 1.3 corolla 12 valve 2 e engine can't find one anywhere, is there a alternative?
  3. Thanks good idea! the curve is only in one direction, I have fitted some perspex can't tell really, so that will do until I come across one eventually
  4. hi it could be valve stem oil seals
  5. thanks I have tried most of the glass companies and salvage yards the problem is the glass is curved I am currently looking further afield nz is littered with old corollas if I can get them to post!
  6. hi anyone any idea where I can get an offside rear door quarter glass? looked everywhere to no avail.
  7. 1991 1,3 estate corolla