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  1. I see no expert has responded. I've got the same problem,and I've had the brake master cylinder replaced, a new rear brake caliper and a full brake bleed, and new pads all round. Brakes still mushy and **** . I think Toyotas so called reliability is a myth I
  2. I like the sound of this solution, as I'm so frustrated with the job. I know my limits, though, and will hold this very satisfying method as a last resort.
  3. Thanks Mike, I did see these bolt holes and I did try putting a bolt in, but just stripped the threads on the bolt. I will get better quality bolts and try again, but my last resort is getting a huge masonry hammer, but I am worried about breaking the disk and having a shard of metal instead of a disk!
  4. I have abandoned a front brake disk renewal. The reason is I cannot remove the disk which is rusted in place, due to the unusual large "hat" with this disk shape. The hat is full of rust. I have damaged the face of the existing disk by using a hammer, but controlled myself to stop the job and put the wheel back on Any suggestions how to rid the old disk as I've never had this happen before.?