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  1. Greetings All, New here so I am bound to make posting mistakes. (In U.S.A.) Have encountered two "unusual problems".... 1996 Toyota Camry 4-door, 4 cyl. While driving to a friends' home, my ABS light came on. Made it to friends' and parked car and turned off but, still heard something running/buzzing under the hood....I opened the hood and heard the ABS pump running with the car off! I took a screw driver and lightly banged on the ABS pump and it quit...When I started the car a few hours later, all was well with no ABS lights and braking was ok too.... Yesterday (night-time), I started car and backed out of driveway and the "f-ing" light came on and, while I was driving less that 30mph, I felt that the brakes (or the ABS pump) appeared to be "pumping" (felt car as if someone was pumping the brake pedal) and was seemingly flickering my lights (headlights/dash/etc.were on). For the record, about a year ago, I replaced the drivers CV joint w/out any issues. Does anyone have any ideas?... I realize that I will probably have to pull the wheel on the drivers side CV joint to check things out again but, in the mean time, can anyone tell me where the abs relay or fuse is so that I can disable it? Further, should this mean anything; I have noticed in the past month that the stock radio will turn off momentarily and come on again. ALSO, I have a V1 radar detector (not a cheap one either!) plugged into the cigarette/power socket and when I hit my directional signals, 9 out of 10 times it will turn OFF the power to my radar detector for a split second and cause the detector to go through it's start up self check which bugs me to no end...I am not sure if this is electrically related.