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  1. Thanks Scott The Skoda (as many VAG products) can be coded to do many things. The mirrors will fold with the central locking key fob or by coding it to automatically fold when locked. They always unfold with ignition on. It was quite a shock moving off to see the mirrors still folded. I thought that would be a no-no on safety grounds at least - whether they unfolded as speed builds up I cannot tell as I didn't hang about and pressed the button. Cheers, Bill 😊
  2. Oops, back to the drawing board - not the first time I've picked things up wrong. Bill 😳
  3. After 2 Skoda Yeti's can I ask the all-knowing forum if: The RAV4 (2018 Design) can be configured to auto-fold the door mirrors (and unfold!) and As mine was registered in October 2018, would it have had a Gasoline Particulate Filter fitted - or did Hybrids have exemption? I'm sure I'll have more questions later.. Thanks in advance Bill 😊
  4. Hi Guys, newbie here. I bought the runout Rav4 Design AWD (coming from a Yeti L&K 2.0TDI). I could not ignore the savings - cost me £28,498 pre-reg with 8 miles on the clock. One dealer suggested I wait for the new model which was the same price as the run out. Having compared spec. i noticed they had dropped a lot of kit from the new model and of course no discount. I now have 2,000 miles on it now and love it. The roar of the engine on full whack makes sense when you understand the drive mechanism with MG1 & MG2 coupled to the Power Split Device. In essence the engine is not physically connected to the transmission but drives Motor Generator 1 which in turn drives the epicyclic transmission - a very neat solution and simple gearbox. All in all very impressed. Bill 😊