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  1. On my RAV4 PHEV there was (is) a 'wheel' that allows you to close the vents. As you drive - even with everything on the controls 'off' air still flows through the vents unless they are shut off by the 'wheel'. However, on the YC there is no such wheel making it necessary to slide the vent lever to the side to close off the vents. This is annoying as when you wish air again, on opening the slide you need to fiddle about momentarily to select the correct direction. But that is a less expensive option to manufacture rather than the RAV system.
  2. In the eighties I worked for a large Audi/VW dealership and we had issues with Bosch K jetronic fuel systems. Audi sent a couple of engineers over and eventually decided it was the poor fuel in the UK. Our reply was if they knew this then their engines should be engineered to accept the fuel available in the UK. They didn't agree. I don't know if it is a German thing but we deal (different trade) with the largest Chainsaw manufacturer in the world. They won't supply brushcutter face & ear protection with a hard hat. Why not? They say nothing will fall on your head when using a brushcutter. We pointed out some operators need to work in hard hat areas. They remain unmoved. When someone's mind is set it is very difficult to change.
  3. Does the number plate have the details of who supplied it? Unlikely the clone would have the same supplier of plates.
  4. When I need power I ain't concentrating on the noise..............
  5. The resolution of the screen is far clearer for text - glad I didn't opt for the City Pack. Although I was tempted by the Dynamic reversing lines and the low cost (the PVM didn't interest me - although RAV4 owners REALLY wanted the option)..
  6. yes, it does add the 360 camera thingy........
  7. Listening to DAB Radio 2 the other day and it just switched to Bluetooth reception. I had Radio 2 on BBC Sounds on my iPhone - but not playing. Despite selecting DAB again it quickly reverted to Bluetooth. I changed the setting on my phone to another BBC Sounds channel - but not playing. I then started my car with Radio 2 on DAB but very quickly it changed to Bluetooth - with the other channel playing. Only thing I could do was to delete the BBC Sounds app. Anyone else experienced this?
  8. My circumstances have changed and my potential annual mileage is set to double to 24K. My policy has just been active for 18 days and it has cost me £282 to change cover to the higher annual mileage.
  9. Wait until they publish spec's and option prices. Just checked the UX and the price to spec something agreeable (i.e. not poverty spec) is eye-watering.
  10. Yes they do. The City Pack (Yaris X) (£100) downgrades the tech and the size of the screen but does give dynamic guide lines.
  11. Darkness arrives later up here and only recently experienced the headlamps. I thought dip beam to be very good but full beam added little to the experience. Within 20 minutes I had been flashed by oncoming traffic about 4 or 5 times. I dropped the lights from 0 to 1 and immediately there was more definition to dip beam and full beam did now add the improvement which had previously been lacking. Tyre pressures 2.2 bar front and 2.0 bar rear. Have not had any issues with oncoming traffic since and Auto dip/high beam works very well (better than my RAV4 PHEV and about the same as my previous 4.4 Hybrid RAV4).
  12. How often do they calibrate their equipment (and their staff).
  13. And we don't have many motorways and the ones we do are chokka - which helps economy 😂
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