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  1. Received reply from Samantha Betts (Specialist Case Manager) saying that there has been a specification change in the bushes since my car was produced and they do not expect this issue to recur on my vehicle. Perhaps worth noting. LMM 😊
  2. Received e-mail on behalf of Agustin Martin and as expected they aren't interested in the corroded brakes. Won't repeat myself - very disappointed in the quality (oops - just have). However, they did shed some light on the rear trailing arm bushes - will update that thread. LMM 😊
  3. A bit confusing as the only settings I could change related to economy - MPG, litres/km etc - you know the thing. But, I toggled through them and it has reset the speed warning to normal. Many thanks... LMM 😊
  4. I have the same issue. The local dealer eventually have been told by Toyota to do a 'Hard Reset'. Sounds like disconnecting the battery and reconnecting - am I wrong to think that? Not put it back to them yet. LMM
  5. Asked Toyota Customer support for assistance. Basically said on yer bike (at least its brakes are good!). Was told that none of Customer Support are technical - he said they relied on the dealers for technical advice (what!). So asked if it could be escalated to a technically qualified manager. That was three weeks ago - no reply, nothing! Have written a letter (old-fashioned) to the new President and MD of Toyota GB (1st September) Agustin Martin asking for his intervention. Sent first class and signed for. To have your correspondence ignored is the worst case of customer suppo
  6. Given the poor performance of the rear pads and discs (see rear brake disc corrosion) can anyone advise: Who manufactured the discs on my RAV4 and to avoid fitting them again... What brand would be recommended to avoid this malady. As an aside I have never had such a poor performance from rear discs on any of my previous vehicles (all non Toyota). Thanks in advance. LMM 😊
  7. Always willing to learn. Why is the non-hybrid less interest to them? Cheers, LMM 😊
  8. No, it's used regularly. 14 miles (part dual carriageway) in the morning and the return in the evening. Going back MANY years I remember when the discs could outlast the pads by a factor of three (the cars that had discs 😊). Then they thought it a better idea to remove the asbestos (not good to kill the mechanics) and used sintered metal in place - goodbye long-life discs.
  9. Thanks for your feedback Alex. That's quite disappointing. LMM 😊
  10. Absolutely. Not be able to purchase a Mitsubishi for much longer though. LMM 😊
  11. Corrosion across whole disc - the outer edge is normal. It is the contact area that is the concern. Don't live on the coast. My post was to see if this was prevalent or not. Thanks for your reply
  12. Ford had the Nissan Terrano II rebadged as a Maverick. Despite being the same vehicle the Maverick was a poorer car due to the servicing/maintenance habits of Ford owners v. Nissan owners. LMM 😊
  13. Run-out 2018 Hybrid Design. Following on from my post regarding the rear suspension, it was reported at the service (2 years - 16.5K miles) that the rear discs were corroding and required renewal. Corrosion was noted at 1 year old and 9.5k miles. They have now deteriorated further. Light corrosion on front discs and a reported wear of 20% - 25% wear on front pads. Rear pad wear 10% - 15% and heavier corrosion. My days of driving spiritedly have long gone and prefer a much calmer side to my driving hence the low pad wear rate. However, surely this suggests that the pad material
  14. Just had my run-out RAV4 (Gen.4?) serviced (2 years & 16.5k miles). I was staggered to learn that the rear trailing arm bushes were splitting. Anyone else any knowledge of this failure? They will be replaced under warranty but that short life is a concern. I will start a new thread about the brakes. Thanks for reading. LMM 😊
  15. Thanks Scott The Skoda (as many VAG products) can be coded to do many things. The mirrors will fold with the central locking key fob or by coding it to automatically fold when locked. They always unfold with ignition on. It was quite a shock moving off to see the mirrors still folded. I thought that would be a no-no on safety grounds at least - whether they unfolded as speed builds up I cannot tell as I didn't hang about and pressed the button. Cheers, Bill 😊
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