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  1. Alright, thanks for the replies. I will try to use non-E10 for as long as possible. Too bad Euro95 is no longer available here at all now, which means we will have to use the premium fuels like V-Power from now on, which is 20 cents per litre more than regular fuel 😞
  2. Hello, nice journey 😉 I'm in the process of fixing up my Carina as well. If you still have the original radio and are planning to get rid of it, I'd appreciate selling it to me. The one in there now is terrible aftermarket crap haha
  3. Will the Carina E run well on E10 ethanol fuel? And also run without engine damage in the long run, engine wear, corrosion of the fuel lines and rubber seals, or high fuel consumption. I have checked various sources, including the E10check websites and the Toyota dealer, but none are conclusive. The websites say Toyotas from '98 up will be fine, but mine is a '94. The dealer said he wasn't sure, his manuals don't mention alcohol.
  4. Nobody? Small update, coil and leads seems ok, changed plugs, changed distributor cap and rotor, compression test shows no problems there, MAP sensor seems ok too. Any idea why the car might be running so poorly and where the total lack of power comes from?
  5. Nobody any idea? Also wanted to ask if anyone knows why the distributor only has three connections inside the plug (+ 0 -), rather than four, which is in all the manuals (NE, G1, G2, G-) and what are their resistances supposed to be?
  6. Hi, I have a problem with my Carina E and was wondering if the technicians here would be able to help out a bit. I drove my car for over an hour today, no problem. Parked it. Moved it a few parking spaces, still no problem. Started her up an hour later and drove off. Then at the first traffic light it started running and sounding rough, massive loss in power, smell of fuel in cab. No check engine light, but running rough. Vibration at idle and popping sound from exhaust at even intervals. Checked HT leads, and coil, seem okay. Any idea what the issue might be? It does seem they put in the coil setup from the lean burn version with seperate coil and distributor cap and rotor last time they changed it, but this has worked alright for years. Any suggestions as to what changed today? Could the distributor cap/rotor be worn causing the issues I mentioned? Or is it something more serious like the timing belt having skipped a tooth? Thanks heaps for any help. Cheers, Dominic